Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lydia Teh Honks Again!

Last few months when I was in Kuching, I finally got myself one of the most famous non-fictional books in Malaysia; Honk! If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh. I wanted to get hold of this book for as long as I can remember but I just couldn't find one at Miri.


Once I got this book, I couldn't stop myself from reading it. The first day I got the book, I already read 1/3 of it which is about 100 pages. I seldom read this much at one time, not even my textbooks back in uni! Yes, this shows how interesting the book is.

6th printing already!

Honk! If You're Malaysian basically reviews the typical life of Malaysian. When I was reading the book, I thought, "How come Lydia knows what I've done previously?" Haha! Lydia is just too observant that she noticed every single bit of how a typical Malaysian behaves.

There are loads of stories in this book about Malaysian. They are all written in a humorous way. On a particular story, Lydia wrote about how Malaysians would shop. Malaysians are trying all possible ways to avoid paying a single cents when we shop. On another story, it was about Malaysians who love to procrastinate. From studying for exams to shopping, Malaysians just like to leave everything to the very last minute. While reading these, I kept nodding my head. These are so true!

This is the lady behind this book; Lydia Teh.

For a reasonable price at RM29 per book, I would strongly recommend Honk! If you're Malaysian to everyone. This is a book which deserves a place on your bookshelf. :)


Recently, Lydia Teh has won The Star-Popular Readers’ Choice contest with Honk! If You’re Malaysian being the most popular non-fiction local book as voted by The Star readers. To thank her readers who have made the win possible, she organised a contest which anyone in Malaysia can enter by posting in the comment box at her blog HERE. Only one entry per person. Winners will be selected by random draw.

1st prize : RM50 Popular book vouchers

2nd prize : RM30 Popular book vouchers

3rd prize : RM20 Popular book vouchers

Closing date: Friday, 6 June 2008

Let's hop over to Lydia's blog now to congratulate her and also, to try your luck! ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Grown Mango

Short note: Thanks everyone for your encouraging words and support. They make me keep going and I truly appreciate them very much. Hopefully there's something better for me out there. :)

My house has a mango tree which was planted by my dad just before he moved into the house.

25 years old mango tree.

This mango tree aged approximately 25 years old. It's older than me but still standing proud.

Mango flowers.

It has provided my family and I with thousands of kilos of mangoes! Hmm... maybe ten or hundreds of thousands. Yes, that much...

Growing mangoes.

However, as years go by, this mango tree does not provide as many mangoes anymore. Last time, my mama used to give bags and bags of mangoes to my relatives. Now, not anymore.

Mangoes hanging on the tree.

What's the species of this mango you might ask. Seriously, I don't know. I only know it's definitely not any mixed species like most of the mangoes in the market today.

Ready to be plucked.

Last time, this mango trees bore fruits in June (my birthday month :)) but now, there's no exact season for fruits. It keeps us guessing on when we can have mangoes.

The mango is as long as my index finger.

The mangoes are not huge. In average, they're about the grip of my palm or maybe slightly bigger. Most measure as long as my index finger.

Home mango.

Australia mango.

As comparison, the colour of my home's mango does not look as "orange" as the Australia mango. Tastewise, home grown mango is not as juicy and sweet as the Australia mango but I think the sweetness is just right. My home's mango is more towards the crunchy side and that's what I like most in it. What's best is that I don't need to pay a single cent for these mangoes! :)

Anyone wants some mangoes? ;)

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rejected Good

Short note: I just want to rant. Let me do it...

As some of you might have known, I applied for a job with Shell some time in March. Last week, I went for their Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) for their final assessment. There were three exercises/sessions on that day; individual case study, group case study and technical interview. Out of the three, I think I did quite badly in my technical interview. Done with the SRD, I was told that the outcome of the interview would be discussed within the next 3 working days.

After two days of waiting, another guy who went for the SRD texted and asked me whether I had any news from Shell or not. No was my answer. He further told me that two other people had been offered a position with Shell. That got me curious and worried. So, I texted another girl and asked if she received any phone call from Shell. To my surprise, she had been offered too!

With 3 out of 6 people had been offered, I thought they will call me soon to let me know the outcome. However, the next day was Saturday and then, Wesak Day (holiday in Malaysia) was on Monday. I expected them to give me a call on Tuesday.

The more I wait, the more curious I was. At one time, I thought I don't have chance anymore but at another time, I thought they might not be so cruel to reject me. Afterall, I only did quite badly in the technical interview part.

Days after days, I finally received a call from Shell this afternoon. A familiar voice from one of the guy in the SRD. First, I was told about the qualities I had during the SRD and then, it was about the qualities that I have to improve on. Next on, he told me,

"Unfortunately, you didn't meet the benchmark. We couldn't offer you a position. You can apply again with Shell after 2 years."

My heart sank when I heard that. I didn't know if I should be happy or sad. Happy because at least, they called. Sad because I am a rejected good. Frankly, Shell is the only company I have applied for a position so far. I wanted to join Shell very much simply because it is a reputable company in oil and gas industry (my preferred industry) and also because it provides proper training for fresh graduates. Apart from that, I can't deny I am attracted by the salary they offer. In a small city like Miri, it's pretty difficult to find such good company.

I know it's not the end of the world to be rejected by a company. Nevertheless, I still feel quite depressed to be rejected by a company which I have always wanted to join. This is not the first time they rejected me. The last time when I applied for my internship, they also rejected me. Maybe I really have to look at the brighter side or in another words, comfort myself to make me feel not that bad.

Ahhh! Enough with the ranting! Now tell me what are you going to do with this "rejected good"? Any rubbish bin cares to take me?

P/s: If you know any rubbish bin in Miri looking for rejected goods to fill them up, please let me know. I want to prove to them I'm a rejected good which can still be sold for good money!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Short note: I am without a camera now. So, all the photos on this blog are taken using my camera phone. I hope I can get myself a new camera real soon...

Tonight, my dad went for a meeting, thus, my mama and I had to settle our own dinner. Since I haven't bought her a dinner for Mother's Day last Sunday, I decided to bring her to Mr. Ho's Fine Food. It's a newly opened franchise restaurant which drawn quite a bit of attention from the people in Miri here. Why? Because Miri is a small city with not much fine dining restaurant.

What to order?

When we reached the restaurant, it was already fully packed. We had to settle ourselves at a table outside the restaurant, along the walk path. Therefore, I couldn't show much on the environment of the restaurant. Maybe next time.


For drinks, my mum's choice was a cup of cappucino. There's nothing to shout about except for the price which is RM8 per cup. Way too expensive for Miri's standard.


I know we should get ourselves a bottle of wine, or at least a beer, for fine dining. However, both my mama and I were not really into alcohol. Thus, I got myself a beer; root beer. Also beer mah! :P In the menu, it was written, Sarsaparilla.

Mr. Ho's Signature Prawn Pasta.

My mum ordered herself a serve of Mr. Ho's Signature Prawn Pasta. The spaghetti was tossed with black pepper, chilli flakes and olive oil (I think). It was served with two medium size prawns and few pieces of roasted pork. I would say it was neither too good, nor too bad. In another words, so-so lah. My mama complained it was a tad oily. She still preferred the pasta which she had at Ciao Italia, Perth. Without hesitate, I totally agreed with her.

Pork Chop & Bratwurst.

As for me, I had a serve of Pork Chop and Bratwurst. This was better than the pasta. At least, the pork chop was tender and the gravy tasted great. However, the Bratwurst sausage, which was supposed to be their specialty (they made the sausages), was not up to my expectation.

The bill.

The total damage for the night came up to be RM64.20 including 5% government tax and 10% service tax. It was a bit expensive for a dinner but for fine dining, the price was considered to be reasonable. As I have yet tried their meat specialty. So, I will return to again for more of their food.

P/s: I don't know whether they accept any reservation but it is worth to try. Their phone number is 085-413933. For more information on this restaurant, click HERE.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Four Years in Uni...

In a blink of eyes, my four years of journey in uni have ended. I couldn't believe that I'll be going through another chapter of life very soon.

The University of Western Australia.

It is still clearly in my mind that, I was so excited when I was accepted by The University of Western Australia. Finally, I was able to get out of Miri and went to a country where it is most famous with its kangaroos and koala bears.

My family and I.

However, my Baba didn't really like the idea of me going overseas to study. Looking at his friends, almost all of their sons and daughters chose not to come back to them after they're done with their studies. After a fight with my Baba, he gave me the permission to study in Perth.


Danny was the one whom I followed to Perth. He was the one who gave me a place to stay. He was the one who assisted me to settle in Perth. He was the one who brought me to the uni. He was the one who helped me the most in my studies. He was the one I would like to thank the most. Thanks, buddy!

My sis and I at Sunken Garden.

Touching down Perth for the very first time, Mian Er (Danny's sis), fetched us from the airport. That was the very first time I saw her. She's my housemate for the rest of the year besides Danny. She brought us to a Thai restaurant for dinner. That time, my jaw almost dropped when I saw the price of a plate of rice cost Aud$8. It's about RM24 per plate, I thought. I knew, I had no choice but to still eat it because I was no longer in Malaysia where a plate of rice cost only RM3.

The famous clock tower in The University of Western Australia.

After dinner, Mian Er drove us back to my first home in Perth. On the way back, Danny pointed out the uni, which I was going to spend 4 years in. It was just few minutes away from my house. I was totally impressed by the clock tower which stands proudly, at the entrance of the uni.

Reflective pond.

The next few days, Danny and Mian Er drove me to few places, to get myself some of the furniture needed. With only few hundred of cash in hand, I almost spent most. Things in Perth are just expensive...

Danny and I.

My first year in Perth was quite boring and I couldn't deny, this made me miss home a lot. I didn't eat much outside, I didn't go to a lot of places and also, I didn't have many friends. All I did was to just stay at home and try my very best to catch up with my studies. However, my results were not excellent. Maybe because both Danny and I didn't mix or have a lot of friends, thus, we didn't get enough "source" for our exams. ;)

A group of friends.

One thing I couldn't forget is how I had to wake up at 7a.m. everyday in the winter, when everyone was still hiding under their blankets, and walk to the earliest Maths lecture at 8a.m.. Thinking of the strong, cold wind blowing my face... *Shaking head* No more, no more...

Family and I.

Come to think about it, my first year wasn't that bad. I met a new friend, Robby (Mian Er's friend), who spent about a week in Perth to visit Mian Er. He stayed in our house and we travelled to some of the places, such as Swan Valley, Cohunu Wildlife Park, Mandurah and etc.. We had a great time together. I had to say, that period of time was the most happy for me in my first year.

Inside the graduation hall, Winthrop Hall.

My second year started off with only me and Danny in the house. Mian Er decided to go to Kuala Lumpur for work. Our house, once full of laughter, suddenly became very quiet. That only lasted for two or three months before Mian Er came back for good. Soon after that, I launched a "Midnight Radio". I would download all the new Mandarin songs and "broadcast" them from my room. That was our house main entertainment at night. ;)

Left to right: Chris, Wei Lun, Jeremy, Kok, Adrian, Khee Wee and Mohan.

Second year, first semester, I had some of the best memories in uni. Thanks to a unit, Engineering Design. Brian, Danny and I formed a group to design and build two prototypes for that unit. We had to carry all of our tools such as pieces of wood, hammer, screwdriver, electric drill and etc. all the way from my house to the engineering building every night. We had to spend at least few hours there to build our prototype. We also had to make sure the prototype works. If not, we might failed the unit.

Warman group mates.

This shows how tough our second year. Some days, we stayed up the whole night to finish up the prototypes. Those were one of the days when we saw the sun rise before going to bed. Sometimes, I only slept for 2 or 3 hours before going for lectures. Call me mad or crazy, yes, I was.

Graduands from left to right: Lawrence, Kok, Danny, Nathan, Kwong, Shadi and Mohan.

It was also that unit, I met a lot of friends. Louis, Mohan, Shadi, Chris, Wei Lun, Eric and etc. , just to name a few. It was one of the most fun units in the uni. Nevertheless, I still have to tell you all that, it's also a nightmare for us at the time we're doing that unit.

Apart from the academic stuff, Danny and I did a lot of stuff together. We came out with a once-a-week-city-day which we would go to the city and have a lunch at Taka, most of the time (will blog about this restaurant). At the end of the year, we also took a bus circle route and went round Perth for a day. We were so exhausted by the end of the day.

Mohan and I.

Since my circle of friends grew wider in second year, my activities with friends also showed an increase. Every week, we would find a day for soccer together. I also tried my first time ice-skating with a group of friends at the end of the year. That's the normal activities. Brian, Danny and I did an insane activity together; going for Japanese sushi all-you-can-eat-buffet. The first part of that activity did not include Brian. We were trying to make ourselves as hungry as possible so that we could make our money worth for that buffet. The day we were going to the buffet, Danny and I woke up early in the morning and had only a cup of milk before walking to and back King's Park from our house (about 45 minutes walk). By the time we reached home, it's already lunch time but we didn't had anything except just a snack bar of chocolate. At about 5:30p.m., we called Brian and together, we went to the city for Jaws Kaiten Sushi's all-you-can-eat-buffet. We paid Aud$20 (price at that time) and were given 45 minutes to eat as many plates of sushi as possible. Danny and I were the hungry ghosts then. Danny had about 17 plates of sushi while I had about 13 plates. Brian, who had late lunch earlier, did not lose out as he had about 10 plates. The three of us even stuffed ourselves with a McDonald Sundae Cone each. Unbelieveable? Believe it. ;) But I can tell you, it's not fun at all as our stomach felt like bursting!

Tzu Yen and I.

Another crazy activity that I did with my friends was drinking alcohol straight after our exams ended. That night, Danny and my friends came to our house. At first, only Danny and Nathan planned to drink but later on, all of us (Henry, Yoong, Jason and I) decided to join in. That was the first time I had so much alcohol though I was not drunk. Actually most of us were not drunk, just that, Nathan was the only one who kept on vomiting in the toilet!

Those were the times...

Lawrence, Kwong and I.

My third year was quite a challenging one. I had to move out from the house and live with Henry and two other complete strangers. At first, I thought it's impossible for me. But later on, I found out that living with them, especially with Chris, was quite fun and interesting as I got to do a lot of new things with them. Nevertheless, unavoidable housemate problems did occur.

The Black David and I.

Some of the first times that I experienced during that year include writing my very first blog, travelling down Margaret River, visiting casino, baking with Baker Chris, plucking strawberries, celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival overseas and eating extra-ordinary bread. Never a day I would stay in my house for the whole day. Most of the time, I would be occupied with some activities. It was indeed a year with the most activities.

Ivan and I.

I wonder why it's always the first semester of each year that's most interesting. This happened in my third year, too, when Danny, Lawrence, Brian, Nathan, Jono and I were involved in a project together. The project, construction of aircraft, was for one of the units in the uni. No doubt, we had a great time together.

ISS Committee.

My third year in uni also see me involved in more activities organised by the International Students Service (ISS) of The University of Western Australia (UWA). Some of the trips that I followed were Pinnacles and sandboarding, Yanchep National Park and Araluen Botanic Park. Without ISS, I doubt if I could visit that many places in Perth.

Kok, Jono and Kwong.

Getting to know more about ISS through the trips they organised, I signed myself into their once in a year Spring Feast committee. Apart from that, I also ran for a position as a Sports Secretary in the ISS Committee for the year 2007. A thing that I didn't expect I would do. The last but not least for ISS, I went to their Annual General Meeting (AGM) where I grabbed my very first certificate in UWA. People told me I should not just study in uni. So, there I went, became more active in ISS. Nevertheless, I guess I was a little too late to do so.

The Handsomes.

Finally, a long awaited fourth year had arrived. I would describe this year as the most dramatic and the most tiring year...

Despite living in the best house (in terms of the building condition) as compared to the two previous house, this house gave me the most problems. The worst was housemate problems which I won't elaborate here. Another problem was the location of the house which is just next to a construction site. This was quite annoying considering I always went home very "early" and tried to sleep in the morning.

Me and Professor Brett Kirk (my final year project supervisor).

During that one year, I baked less as compared to my third year but I did more in cooking. Remember I conned some of you that I was eating at some restaurant when it was actually my cooking? Remember my Japanese curry? Remember the first episode of Wok With Kok? And also the second, third (invited chef) and fourth episode? I enjoyed cooking and baking, seriously. Especially when I was too stress studying, cooking and baking were the time when I could forget all the equations and formula.

Left to right: Leon, Jonathan, Anthonius, Jeremy, Kok and Reynaldo.

Since I was elected as the Sports Secretary in ISS, I became more active in it. First activity was the book fest and sausage sizzle. It was organised in a hot summer when I was sweating all over while BBQ-ing the sausages. Next up was the Swan Valley trip where we got to sample some of the finest chocolate in the Margaret River Chocolate Company, try the mini version of golf and also visit to Whiteman Park for a short tram ride. It was one of the biggest event ever organised by the ISS. Follow up is the go-karting event which was organised mainly by me. I learnt a lot from organising this event and it was a wonderful experience I'll never forget. Tumbulgum Farm trip was another trip with the ISS. It was quite different from the other trip as this trip was joined by some Japanese. It was very rare for ISS trip indeed. Not to forget, the day when I had to wake up at 4a.m., dressed up in pajamas and headed towards the uni for PROSH! Four years in uni and that was the first time I participated in PROSH. It was tiring, yet, it was fun! Nanga Bush Getaway Camp is another activity I will not forget. That's the activity which I got bruises not only on myself, but also my digicam.

As for second semester, I didn't do much in organising activities for the ISS as my commitment and focus were shifted to my final year thesis. The one and only activity that I joined was the first aid course. Although I didn't contribute much in ISS for the second semester, I was voted as the Best Organiser in ISS. It was something that I can be proud of.

The photographer, Jason, and I.

Final year in uni didn't stop me from engaging in other activities. I traveled for the very first time to Adelaide and Melbourne. I still didn't manage to travel to most of the attractive places in Melbourne. I regretted for not taking more time to travel to all the states in Australia. Besides that, I participated in my first ever marathon; 2007 HBF Perth City to Surf. I couldn't believe how I was so determined then to finish the race although I was down with flu and fever. As a Malaysian studying in Perth, I was given the honour to help out in the Merdeka Day Celebration Gala Dinner and Ball. I never knew there was such a celebration outside Malaysia. It was totally an eye opening for me. This year also sees me fishing and crabbing with my friends for a couple of times. I never know I could hook a fish up in Perth! Again, like the second year, we had a drinking night. Eating Bak Kut Teh while drinking beer instead of tea. How weird can it be? Anyway, those were the memories...

Mechanical engineers.

I mentioned earlier that fourth year in uni was quite a tiring year. What's so tiring? It's no other than the exams, projects and yes, final year thesis! Straight after I completed my thesis, I had to get ready for my exams. How stressed can I be. I still couldn't believe myself that I managed to pull it off at the end of the year. I can only say it was a miracle for me. I wish I won't have this kind of life anymore. So rush, so stress, so tiring...


Even though I had gone this far, one person didn't manage to see this. This person is no other than my beloved Gong Gong. He left me for a far far place just before I sat for my last paper. How I wish that he was still here to see all these because I know, without him, I couldn't manage to further my studies overseas. He is the one for who I am today. Thank you, Gong Gong.


Now that, everything is over. I no longer need to go for lectures everyday. I no longer need to rush for my projects day and night. I no longer need to sit for my exams at the end of each semester. I will be going through a new chapter of life very soon. I hope I can still enjoy myself just like how I did in my uni. :)

To all my uni mates, keep me in touch although I am no longer near you all. Take care and all the best.:)

P/s: In my uni, all the degree holders don't have mortarboard hats. Mortarboard hats are only available for PhD holders.
P/s/s: Most of the photos taken at night are credited to Jason Ting, the photographer for that night. Thanks, Jason!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Convocation (Preview)

A sneak preview of my convocation on the 16th of April 2008...

P/s: I am back in Miri and in the midst of troubleshooting my laptop. I will try my very best to update as soon as possible.
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