Monday, May 19, 2008

Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Short note: I am without a camera now. So, all the photos on this blog are taken using my camera phone. I hope I can get myself a new camera real soon...

Tonight, my dad went for a meeting, thus, my mama and I had to settle our own dinner. Since I haven't bought her a dinner for Mother's Day last Sunday, I decided to bring her to Mr. Ho's Fine Food. It's a newly opened franchise restaurant which drawn quite a bit of attention from the people in Miri here. Why? Because Miri is a small city with not much fine dining restaurant.

What to order?

When we reached the restaurant, it was already fully packed. We had to settle ourselves at a table outside the restaurant, along the walk path. Therefore, I couldn't show much on the environment of the restaurant. Maybe next time.


For drinks, my mum's choice was a cup of cappucino. There's nothing to shout about except for the price which is RM8 per cup. Way too expensive for Miri's standard.


I know we should get ourselves a bottle of wine, or at least a beer, for fine dining. However, both my mama and I were not really into alcohol. Thus, I got myself a beer; root beer. Also beer mah! :P In the menu, it was written, Sarsaparilla.

Mr. Ho's Signature Prawn Pasta.

My mum ordered herself a serve of Mr. Ho's Signature Prawn Pasta. The spaghetti was tossed with black pepper, chilli flakes and olive oil (I think). It was served with two medium size prawns and few pieces of roasted pork. I would say it was neither too good, nor too bad. In another words, so-so lah. My mama complained it was a tad oily. She still preferred the pasta which she had at Ciao Italia, Perth. Without hesitate, I totally agreed with her.

Pork Chop & Bratwurst.

As for me, I had a serve of Pork Chop and Bratwurst. This was better than the pasta. At least, the pork chop was tender and the gravy tasted great. However, the Bratwurst sausage, which was supposed to be their specialty (they made the sausages), was not up to my expectation.

The bill.

The total damage for the night came up to be RM64.20 including 5% government tax and 10% service tax. It was a bit expensive for a dinner but for fine dining, the price was considered to be reasonable. As I have yet tried their meat specialty. So, I will return to again for more of their food.

P/s: I don't know whether they accept any reservation but it is worth to try. Their phone number is 085-413933. For more information on this restaurant, click HERE.


Clockwise said...

Expensive for what it is but good on you for treating your mum. :)

Dancing Queen said...

We were there for our anniversary the other day. Spent about RM100 over for the 2 of us. I think we overdid on the pork until I felt jelak after coming home.

I would say the pork sausage was kind of nice. The roast pork is also worth a try, but only if you have enough ppl to eat it. We ended up taking away our leftover.

When you going to belanja me again? :P

Dalicia said...

the pix came out nice! nice treat for your mum :)

mommibee said...

such a good son u are!
didnt kno bundaberg got rootbeer one :)

eastcoastlife said...

That is expensive for Miri. But it's very filial of you to bring your Mom out for dinner.

I'm surprised your Mom would go for Western food. My parents and in-laws baulk at the prices and also don't like the food. :)

I prefer Chinese cuisine too. Very ah po hor.

Zhung said...

The food looks damn digusting loh. I can probably cook better than that. Haihz...Miri oh Miri..when are you going to grow up?

So how's Miri? Got miss me or not? =P

Chev said...

root beer is also beer?

Your camera phone quality is quite good also leh :)

Kok said...

clockwise: Expensive? Oklah, once in a blue moon mah. Somemore, it's for mum. :)

dancing queen: What did you have ah? Anything nice that you had?

I find a the meat of the pork sausage a bit...rough leh. I've heard bout the roast pork. I don't know if it's really that good or not. I wanna try the pork knuckle but was told they don't have it anymore. It's only 8pm loh.

Belanja? Ermm... wait till I get a job. :D

dalicia: Actually, when you take a closer look, the quality is not good leh.

mommibee: Aiyo, belated dinner still good son ah? kekeke.

Yaya, I never realised it too. haha! And it's imported from Australia!

ecl: For that price, it's bit expensive for Miri. Filial? Nolah. If filial hor, will bring her on Mother's Day itself. hehe.

Actually my mum likes to try new food. Whereas my dad does not. My dad rather goes to Chinese food. That's why we chose it to go to this place when my dad was not around. hehe.

Oh.. it gives me a hint that I should bring ecl for Chinese meal when she comes Miri. ;)

zhung: Disgusting?? Eh, give me some face for the money I paid leh. haha!

Miri? Oklah. Same. haha! Miss you...err.. NO! hahaha!:P

chev: Not meh? Root beer is a kind of beer without alcohol mah. kakaka.

Noleh, when you take a closer look at the photos, the quality are not that good.

ilene said...

Wah KOK, you belly good boy lah. At least you treated your mum to a nice meal. Expensive also never mind lah coz, it's truly worthwhile.

Eh, apa model phone lu pakai ah - pictures came out very nice and clear!

squall said...

i love their Crispy Roast Pork Knuckle...must try...

+ z e | i n g © said...

I've been thr once. But I only go thr drink n eat their garlic bread. Got fresh tomatoes toppings. My fren complained too much tomato dy hence taste kinda sourish. The root beer is way too expensive, just bcoz it's imported, lol. Anyway, I think the place ambience not fine enuf la.

Sweetpea said...

bundaberg sarsparilla, my fave. bundaberg ginger ale, hubby's fave :)

Sweet Jasmine said... only you treat yr mum to fine dining...? *wink*.At least the portion looks bigger than what I had on Mother's day...
The pasta dish indeed looks so so only....maybe my pasta dish taste better woh..? (self praise)..ha..ha..

Clever son ordering root beer for 'beer' at least better than my water....(oh,gosh.. I forgot to ask for wine that day..!)

Still no $$$ to buy camera...?

Kok said...

ilene: Not good boy leh. Belated Mother's Day dinner leh. kekeke.

My phone ah? 3 years old phone liao. It's Sony Ericsson W800i. :)

squall: Thanks for dropping by.

I wanted to order that but it's out of stock. I'll try it next time round. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

tzeling: How's their garlic bread? Nice?

Yea, it's way too expensive. But what to do? All their stuff also expensive leh. :D

sweetpea: Seriously, I didn't know that Bundaberg has rootbeer. I never tried it when I was in Perth. :(

sweetjasmine: Aiyo, I got my own reason leh. My dad doesn't like Western food, so on Monther's Day, I didn't manage to bring her there. See? I only brought my mum there when my dad went for a meeting. :)

I also think your pasta dish is better lah. Told you that you're a better cook!:D

Haha! There's always next year. Don't worry bout that. haha!

Yaloh, don't have money leh. Wanna send one for me? haha! Just joking. I do have the money but then, have to save up a bit first before spending the $. I don't wanna see my bank account has less figure leh. :P

mott said...

wahh..Mr.Ho is now in Miri!!!! Not bad not bad! But like u say, it's overpriced lor!

But so sweet of u to take her out! Must ask ur mum for tips..on how to bring up good sons!

MIM said...

I would say don't bother going back!! We had the signature prawn pasta dish and curry laksa and big sandwich last weekend. The prawns were so unfresh (powdery, u know) and the pasta was wet, knotted together and tasteless. Total bill = RM100

I am going to write a letter of complaint to Mr Ho. After he left, they ditched quality control.

eastcoastlife said...

I like Chinese food and if I go to Miri, I prefer to try the local food. :)

Kok said...

mott: Next time, maybe I should come out with my own restaurant hor? Kokky Fine Foods. And then expand to Aust. haha!

Good son did I hear you? Hoh! You'll regret if your son is like me. haha!

mim: Aiks? Why you eat curry laksa there? Nice meh? Wah...seems like you have a bad experience there. haha! Go go complain! Then I'll expect better food next time. hehe.

ecl: Come come! I'll bring you go eat the famous, Sarawak Kolok Mee!:D

Shionge said...

Pasta with roast pork?? That's a big looking prawn too ya.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah the oil overflow la..thats no good..

kok, you really ned to come over to KL..bcoz Mr Ho's aint no fine dining..bcoz fine dining means ur meal for 2 can only buy u a main dish here..

anywayz so thoughtful of u..i had to fork out abit more to treat dad and sis for mothers day also!

Tummythoz said...

Why so humble about being filial? If the kid gives less housework, everyday also Mother's Day-lo. But that's just my mom having a kid like me who has itchy butterfingers.

Kok said...

shionge: Weird eh? I thought so too. hehe. How I wish those prawns were lobsters. Then it'll be perfect.:D

joe: I know I know. I have to find a time to visit you there in KL. The food in Miri is too limited!

But for everyone to be happy, fork out a bit more is still worth it right?;)

thummythoz: Not being humble leh. It's just that I don't feel I'm filial. hehe. Wah, I am not like you. I still have houseworks for my mum to do for me. :D

Somebody said...

After all, your money comes from mummy too.haha

Kok said...

If you think so...

Jackson said...

so is it worth trying?

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