Monday, May 26, 2008

Home Grown Mango

Short note: Thanks everyone for your encouraging words and support. They make me keep going and I truly appreciate them very much. Hopefully there's something better for me out there. :)

My house has a mango tree which was planted by my dad just before he moved into the house.

25 years old mango tree.

This mango tree aged approximately 25 years old. It's older than me but still standing proud.

Mango flowers.

It has provided my family and I with thousands of kilos of mangoes! Hmm... maybe ten or hundreds of thousands. Yes, that much...

Growing mangoes.

However, as years go by, this mango tree does not provide as many mangoes anymore. Last time, my mama used to give bags and bags of mangoes to my relatives. Now, not anymore.

Mangoes hanging on the tree.

What's the species of this mango you might ask. Seriously, I don't know. I only know it's definitely not any mixed species like most of the mangoes in the market today.

Ready to be plucked.

Last time, this mango trees bore fruits in June (my birthday month :)) but now, there's no exact season for fruits. It keeps us guessing on when we can have mangoes.

The mango is as long as my index finger.

The mangoes are not huge. In average, they're about the grip of my palm or maybe slightly bigger. Most measure as long as my index finger.

Home mango.

Australia mango.

As comparison, the colour of my home's mango does not look as "orange" as the Australia mango. Tastewise, home grown mango is not as juicy and sweet as the Australia mango but I think the sweetness is just right. My home's mango is more towards the crunchy side and that's what I like most in it. What's best is that I don't need to pay a single cent for these mangoes! :)

Anyone wants some mangoes? ;)


wmw said...

I love mangoes...but never quite know how to pick good ones ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

how the mango look abit "chow pei"..wrinkled on one side..?

eastcoastlife said...

I! I! I want mangoes! I love mangoes!

Australian mangoes are very sweet but very expensive too. :(

I had a mango tree once but the fruits were always invaded by insects , so have to chop it down. No free mangoes for me. :(

squall said...

i love mango...

mommibee said...

first thing i noticed is how big your house compound is!! lucky u!
can u make rojak with the mangoes?

i only buy mangoes in Syd when they're cheap ie AU$14 per box of 16 or so. Otherwise, so expensive, eat also sakit gigi, hehehe

eastcoastlife said...

Can come for the weekend mah! You want to stay 2 weeks or one month ah? hehehe....

You good room-mate Chris is also waiting for you to come leh.

jia you on your new job!

Kok said...

wmw: Ermmm... I also don't know how to pick good mangoes. I only know how to eat! haha!

joe: Oh, I actually peeled the skin instead of "slicing" it. That's why you can see it a bit "wrinkle".

ecl: Yaloh. Australian mangoes sweet and juicy and yea, EXPENSIVE. Cannot afford unless it's the season in Australia.

Plant it again leh. Then you can have free supply of mangoes again! hehe.

squall: Wanna have some mangoes from my house? :P

mommibee: Not really big compound. I guess if you were to use the $ that you paid for your house in Australia, you can buy a much more bigger house with bigger compound in Miri. Maybe I should take some photos of the really big houses in Miri.

Can make mangoes with rojak? Maybe salad eh? hehe.

Yaya, OZ mangoes are really expensive. Can only afford once in a while. :(

Dalicia said...

i want mangoes..give me, give me, give me...pretty please :)

Lynnwei said...

i want mangoes!! ahha....if still got, i go find u when i go back! ahahha..u dont runaway when u see me! ahahha

last time my kch house also got alot!! now dont have...

Clockwise said...

Yes! So, you are going to post them to me? :)

I like home grown mango before they are ripe and dip in 'hei kor with chillies'....ah lau nuah already. *slapslapslap*

Kok said...

dalicia: Come to Miri and get! Can't send to you lah. :(

lynnwei: If my house still has extra, I'll be happy to share you some. :)

clockwise: You sure you want me to send to you? hahaha!

Nice meh? Ripe mangoes better leh. kekeke.

+ z e | i n g © said...

wah, ur house mango tree so big! u can open a small stall sell ur mangoes. I wanna lap ur mangoes lar! Long time din eat mango dy.

Sasha said...


Sweet Jasmine said...

Kok..I want..I want...when we move into our house many years has 9 mango trees and it was chopped down coz it makes my house coumpond dark and there were a lot of red ants. These reasons given by hubby coz he is not a mango fan. So what was left was only a rambutan tree providing us with 2 decades of rambutan til now.
So we exchange rambutans with mangos with our neighbours who happen to have a few mango trees...ha.ha.

Kok said...

tzeling: Nolah, now not as many mangoes already. Wait I plant new one first lah. kekeke.

sasha: Give address! Next time if got a lot, can give you lah. kekeke.

sweetjasmine: Same here. My house last time got 4 mango trees but chopped down 3 cause they made the house darker. Actually this mango tree also got lots of red ants. Have to be careful when walk under the tree. Eh, I thought rambutans also got red ants?

Dancing Queen said...

I love mangoes...! Hubby wanted to plant a mango tree but I told him no cos there will definitely be lots of red ants. So no fruit trees for us... :(

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