Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Short note: I'm STILL sick although getting better! *Sigh* Worse, my modem at home also sick! Hence, can't blog yet. :(

It's the day of the year again!

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Remember this Christmas tree? ;)

I am here to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Did you get any presents? I definitely want at least one from you all! ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

50 Free Printed Photos For Bloggers!

I just came back from outstation and am quite sick at the moment. That explains the slowdown in writing new post. However, I have to forced myself to write a post as I want to share with you all one news and I need to spread it fast! If not, good stuff will not be available anymore!

What is the news? Here it comes! Eoe online is giving out 50 free printed photos for 100 bloggers! This is a great news isn't it? And from the comments of my previous post (Photos Printed At Fingertips), I know some of you love online photo printing service. So, why not trying it yourself and get yourself some printed photos in front of your door?

To get the free photos, it's as simple as to use eoe online. Just follow the steps as follow:
  1. Register an account at eoe online.
  2. Play around the website (i.e. upload some photos, browse the website, know the service available and etc.)
  3. Write a review about the site (detail instructions HERE - must read!).
  4. Upload 50 photos which you want to get it printed.
That's it! After that, you'll just have to sit back and wait for the photos to be delivered to you. Not only that, the best post would get a Olympus E-520 DSLR camera with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00!

Now, you already have a Christmas gift before Christmas. Awesome hor? ;)

P/s: I'll try to write a post once I recovered...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Photos Printed At Fingertips!

It has been almost 5 years since my first digital photo and I've tons of photos sitting in my hardisk and also external hardisk. However, non of them are printed out until now! The reason for not printing it out? Too much of a hassle and of course, too expensive lah!

The photos which I would really want to print out would be these...

In front of Winthrop Hall at The University of Western Australia.

Finally graduated...

Why? Because I want to give a few to my grandpa and grandma. Even my sis has already printed out her graduation's photos and gave them to my grandpa and grandma, it's a shame for me that I haven't done so.

Since I mentioned that getting the photos printed are a little bit troublesome and expensive, what could I do? Print it using my printer? Definitely NO!

I've found a really great deal from eoe online. At promotion price now, I can get a piece of 4R photo for RM0.30 and a piece of 5R photo for RM0.50! Not only that, for orders of RM35 and above, you can have your photos delivered to your doorsteps for FREE!

That's not the end, I can save a lot of hassle! Hey, I don't need to drive, park my car, go to the printing shop, order my photos, wait for them to be printed and drive back home. Worse when some shop would tell me to collect the photos after few hours or a day or two. See how much time and money (petrol) I would waste to get the photos printed?

With eoe online, everything is at my fingertips. It's very simple to get my photos printed with just three simple steps:

After that, I can just sit back and wait for the photos to be delivered. How fast and easy right? ;)

What about the photo quality you might ask... That, I'll write another review on that after I've received my photos.

Stay tuned!:)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Mee Sua and Gong Pia

When we visit Australia, we normally get those koala bear or kangaroo soft toys as souvenirs for friends and family. When we travel to Vietnam, we might get hand made embroidery or vietnamese silk as souvenirs for friends and family.

But if we want to go to Sibu, Sarawak, what can we get for souvenirs? Let Kok tell you...

Mee Sua.

You can get some raw Mee Sua there. Not only it's cheaper than other places but it also tastes better than those we can get in the supermarket.

Dried under the sun.

For those who don't know what's Mee Sua, it's a kind of noodle. It is something like rice vermicelli but it definitely tastes different. The Foochow cooks it in chicken soup and my mama has her own dry version.

Gong Pia.

Another thing that you can get in Sibu is the famous Gong Pia. Dalicia, now you know how Gong Pia look like eh? ;)

Small and light, topped with sesame seeds.

Gong Pia is a small flat piece of Foochow biscuit. It's more towards the chewy type of biscuit and often, it is eaten with stuffed minced meat. For only RM1, you can get 5 pieces of that. That's how cheap it is!

So now if you happened to drop by Sibu, Sarawak, aparts from eating the popular Kampua (also known as Kolo mee), you can get those fresh Mee Sua or those Foochow bagles. :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Moment With My (Football) Kakiis

I first started playing football when I was in my primary school. I think it was during my Physical Education period. From then on, I always have my football kakiis (buddies) no matter where I go.

I still remember in my primary school, my football kakiis would get a tennis ball and kick around during recess time in substitute with a football. We would normally get an earful in the class after recess because we smell real bad in our soaking, wet, sweaty uniform! However, it didn't stop us from playing everyday.

That time, my football kakiis even joined the school football club. Although we didn't manage to represent the school, we still spent hours under the hot scorching sun at least two days a week to practice. That shows our enthusiasm in that sports.

In my secondary school, I was not quite active in football due to other commitment. The only time I played football was during our Physical Education period. Nevertheless, I still have my football kakiis to play the sports. That was not really a group of serious football kakiis I would say because most of the time, we would just fool around instead of playing football. Shouting, teasing, laughing was what we do for that whole period.

When I moved on to my college, again, I found myself some football kakiis. Don't play play, this group was one serious group of football kakiis. They played with full football gears, with formation and with awesome techniques. No doubt, they were way too good for my kampung level.

I thought I won't find anymore football kakiis in my uni. Who knows, there was still a group of friends who simply loves this sports. Hence, one day each week, we would gather the football kakiis in our group of friends to kick that black and white patches ball.

You all sure won't believe. I learnt most of the higher level skills in football from these football kakiis of mine in the uni. What did I learn? Beckham fantastic free kick? Rudd Van Nisterooy amazing finish? Thierry Henry wicked shot?

Oh, no no no. Those are just too simple in football. The higher level skills that I learnt are these...

The UWA'S football kakiis @ James Oval 2005.

Brian's block balls.
Jono's pinch ball.
Nathan's hold ball.
Yoong and Jason's "siam" (avoid) ball.
Henry's kiss ball.
Danny's dragon ball.

and Kok already knows how to CATCH BALLS! Hahahaha!

I have lots of wonderful moments with my football kakiis but too bad, I didn't have a camera back then to capture all those moments. The above is one of the best I had with my (football) kakiis which I managed to take a photo of.

Seriously I miss my football kakiis a lot! When can we have another match, guys?

P/s: This is another contest organised by which offers digital cameras' prizes. By the way, I didn't win the previous contest. :(
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