Friday, September 28, 2007

10K Contest


Have you read or heard about Honk! If you're Malaysian? If not, it is a book about Malaysian, written by a popular Malaysian writer, Lydia Teh.

This book is selling like hot cakes and in less than 10 months, it has already been sold printed for 10,000 copies! Yes, 10K! In order to thanks the readers, Lydia Teh decided to organise an easy-to-participate-contest.

How to enter?
Just leave your name in the comment box of Lydia's post on "10K Contest". If you have a blog and put a link to her "10K Contest" post, you'll double your chance on winning.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate, as long as the winner can provide a Malaysian address for the prize to be mailed to.

What are the prizes?

1st - RM100 voucher

2nd - RM50 voucher

3rd - RM30 voucher

Winner can choose any kind of voucher they like! I personally would choose MPH book voucher if I was to win because I haven't got the chance to read this book yet!

So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE now to get a chance on winning the contest!

P/s: I'm still in hiatus mode....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Crucial Month...

I want a life like a bird!

This morning, I was in the computer lab until 5a.m. to finish up one of my assignments. I think, this life is going to continue for this one crucial month.

Things to complete:
  1. Thesis (my main concern)
  2. Few lab reports
  3. One assignment
  4. Final exams
All these need to be done within this one month. Therefore, I'll spend less time in updating blog and also bloghopping. I hope all of you will not forget me when I get back active again.

Till then, see you all and wish me luck!

P/s: I'll try to complete my Melbourne Day 4 & 5 as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How About a CPR?

Short Talk: I'm actually really upset about my midterm test which I sat just now. I think I'm really going to fail this time. Now, I just hope I won't fail that much. For your interest, this test is worth 35% of the unit! It's a lot! *Sigh* Don't tell me I'm not going to graduate because of this unit...

During my midterm break last week, International Student Service (ISS) of The University of Western Australia (UWA) organised a very useful and meaningful course for the students; First Aid Course. This course was conducted by Australian Red Cross.

Australian Red Cross, East Perth.

Since it's study break, I thought why not taking up this course? Somemore, I can learn something new! However, this 2-days course is not cheap. Normal price is Aud$155, but ISS managed to give us a special price at Aud$100.

First Aid Handbook.

The theoretical part of the course was nothing interesting. Everything was based on this First Aid Handbook.

Very comprehensive book.

This handbook is worthed Aud$25 (which is included in the course). In case of any emergencies (e.g. choking, poisoning, stroke etc), you can always refer to this book. It gives description of the illness/accident and also ways to provide treatments.

Kok was learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

In this course, we were also taught some basic first aids. The most important is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This is used to take advantage of the girl/guy ;) when a victim has no signs of life. No signs of life means no response (unconscious), not breathing normally and not moving.

Instructor demonstrated a head bandage.

Apart from that, we were also taught several techniques on applying a bandage. For me, bandaging is the hardest among all the skills taught.

Serious! No smiling or laughing!

Bandaging, for me, is an art. It's quite difficult to master it. You need to apply the right bandage in order to minimise the victim's pain.

Jon, WWE?

Although in this course, we need to concentrate and be serious in learning all the stuff, we still manage to take some time out to "relax". Look at Jon! He's not giving CPR to the victim, instead, he wrestled with the victim! Actually this was done during lunch time. :P

Certified first aiders.

All practical were assessed earlier. At the end of the second day, we were given a 30 multiple questions as theory test. Don't worry, it's an easy test. Everyone is going to pass that test. ;)

Not all participants were from my uni. Some of them are working adults and one is a student from Murdoch University. Therefore, don't assume this course is not useful. It'll help when you face any emergencies!

Statement of attainment.

Anyway, now I'm a certified first aider but I still need more practice!

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CPR, anyone?

Anyone wants a CPR from me? :P

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kokadoodle in German?

Before I proceed further, take a look at this two print screen.

Look familiar?

How about this?

Do they look familiar to you?

Yes! This is my previous post, Melbourne Day 3! The only difference is, it's all written in German! I got this from a blog and I have no idea why is this guy copy every single stuff of that post and translate it into German. I mean, I don't mind to let you copy, but please plagarise it "professionally"! This is like using Google Translator and translate the whole post into German and post it. What the heck?

I'm not angry actually. Looking at it positively, it's a sign that my blog is getting popular (I know it's not :P). I won't post up the link of that blog since it'll just make the guy has his mission accomplished; get a link back to his blog.

Now, how would you feel when someone actually copy your post? Would you feel the same as me?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Melbourne Day 3

I think I better finish off the last few days of my Melbourne's trip. Or else, it'll take me forever. Sorry for the delay though.

4th July 2007
As early as 6:30a.m., Danny, Siong Bing and I were already in the Melbourne City, waiting for the tour to Mount Buller. What's so special about this mountain you might ask. This mountain was the place where I had my snowy experience!

We departed at about 7a.m. and reached the tourist spot at about 10a.m. It was a dangerous drive there as the road on the way up is quite narrow. My suggestion to anyone who wants to visit is to follow a tour. They offer quite reasonable price though. ;)


The weather was bad when we reached Mount Buller. It was snowing quite heavily. That was my very first time touching snow.

Skii hire.

What do you want?


Everyone who followed the tour was directed by the tour guide to this ski hire place. The three of us decided not to skii since we wouldn't have enough time to learn and also to enjoy. So, we just hired pairs of boots to walk around.

Up the mountain.

All covered with snow.

Once we were all ready, we walked and explored the mouintain. It was still snowing heavily and it was difficult for us to walk. Imagine having sand throwing at your face. That's how it felt. Painful!

Snow fight!

Since we didn't ski, what can we do? Find something to do using those snow lah. :P

My first snowman.

I decided to make my very first snowman. It's not easy to roll the snow into balls! Look at the snowman. It's very small. Who can tell me the technique of making a huge snowman? Anyway, I am my snowman is cute or not? :P


Eat fresh...

After an hour or so, we decided to walked back to the place for skii hire. There's a Subway and we thought, that's for the lunch on that day. Everything is expensive at Mount Buller. We expected that since it's a place for tourist. Moreover, all price for the stuff are increased due to the transportation fee. Luckily for Subway, it's only an addition of 2 or 3 dollars.

Coffee house.

After lunch, we continued to roam around the mountain. At times, we had to stop by some of the coffee houses along the mountain as it was snowing heavily. Like I said earlier, it's painful when the strong wind blow the snow at your face. We could hardly open our eyes!

Still, so many skiiers.

How to take photo like that?

We reached the highest stop after so much walking and stopping. Guess that's not a really good day for Mount Buller.

After that, we took a lift to the bottom of the mountain (photos later as we took the lift few times). By the way, you'll need to pay for pass to you the lift. Aud$17 for one sightseer pass. Saw the yellow pass at the photo above? You'll need that, or else, walk!

Good weather.

Clock house?

Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain, we were glad to see a clear weather. Haiyo, how I wish the weather was like that throughout.

That's the lifts.


We, then, quickly ran up the mountain again to catch the lift. The weather turned bad while we were on the lift but luckily, it became clear after that. The scenery was awesome and I managed to snap few photos of that. :)

Mount Buller.

Sleeping beauty.

No skiing, no snowboarding. How sad... Lucky we did try tobogganing. It's something like sandboarding and I think it's fun! (Sorry, there's no photos of us tobogganing. It was snowing heavily then and I don't want to spoil my cam.)

After that, without us realised, it's time to leave Mount Buller.

Goodbye, Mount Buller.

I don't know when's the next time I will see and touch the white, cold snow again. But definitely, I will remember my great experience here at Mount Buller.

After spending a whole day at Mount Buller, all of us were exhausted. We had a quick dinner at city before Siong Bing's bro picked us up. We had a hot water bath to warm ourselves before calling it a day.

Melbourne Day 4, stay tuned!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Malaysia!

On the 31st of August 2007, Malaysia celebrated its 50th birthday. For an overseas student, I actually had nothing to celebrate on that day until Tzu Yen called me. He asked me to lend him a at the Merdeka Day Celebration Gala Dinner and Ball.


Merdeka Day Celebration Gala Dinner and Ball was proudly brought to everyone in Perth by The Association Malaysians in Western Australia Inc. (AMWA) and also The Consulate General Malaysia in Perth. Of course, it was in conjuction with Malaysia's 50th "Birthday".

Wau (Malay traditional kite).

This huge and grand ball was organised at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Twin Towers standing proudly at the entrance of the ball room.

Since this might be my final year in Perth (might not have a chance to experience something new) and Tzu Yen really needed a helping hand, I agreed to take up his request.

Kok with headset.

My post for that day is Stage Coordinator Assistant. Sounds like an important post eh? Actually not. I was just helping Tzu Yen (Stage Coordinator) to ensure everything runs smoothly. He was the more important man. ;)

Before the ball starts.

The ball was scheduled to start at 6:30p.m. but was postponed to about 7.15p.m. Nevertheless, nothing could stop the ball from starting.

EurAsia Band.

While waiting for all the guests to be seated, a live band were performing to keep everyone entertained. Noticed the lady in orange Kebaya Kurung? She is the lead singer and can sing P. Ramlee's and also Mandarin song. Don't play play! :P

Welcoming the VVIP.

Then, the ball started with a group of people (mostly those who were going to perform) leading all the VVIP to the ballroom. I love the kompang (traditional framed hand drums) which was played to welcome the guests.

Speech by Encik Ahmad Jazri Mohd Johar.

As usual, some speeches by the important guests. Encik Ahmad Jazri, the Consul General, started off with a welcoming speech. Then, few others followed.

While the food was being served, there were lots of performances going on. All these kept the Stage Coordinators busy.

Silat performance.

Silat is Malay traditional martial arts but look at the kids. Eventhough they're not from the Malay origin, they still can master the arts! Impressive.

Malay dance by Malaysian Cultural Dance Troop.

Chinese dance by Chung Wah Dance Troop.

Indian dance by Temple of Fine Arts.

Borneo dance.

Out of so many dances that day, I like the Indian dance most. Very energetic, very "Bollywood". Two thumbs up!

Apart from all the "Malaysia" dance, here come the performance which I had been waiting for...

Elvis Presley by George Vegas.

Does he really look like Elvis?

Elvis Presley's perfomance by George Vegas. This Elvis can really sing. He sang about 4 or 5 songs non-stop! After the performance, I managed to have a short chat (too bad no photo taken with him) with him. He's a very nice guy.

Singing by Amanda Sierra.

Followed that, a gorgeous singer, Amanda Sierra, sang a few songs. Her singing and voice are awesome.


The ball ended with a chance for all the guests to on the dancing floor. This was accompanied by EurAsia Live Band.

There were also some performances and activities in between which I didn't manage to capture some photos of them. Most of them were really good. Too bad, I was not the guest. If not, I would enjoy the food there and also, snapping photos non-stop.

From left to right: Kok, Tzu Yen, Ash, Kaysen.

It was a tiring night. However, I learnt a lot in just one night there. It's an experience which is going to stick in my head forever. Thanks to Tzu Yen who gave me such a priceless opportunity. Seriously, I enjoy it a lot. :)

P/s: I captured some video of the performances but I didn't have time to upload them. Maybe later.
P/s/s: I'm quite busy at the moment for my final year project. That's the main reason why there's a slow down in my post.

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