Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Need A Job!

Arghhh! I was supposed to write about the food I had in Sabah but I have to delay again. I haven't sorted out, watermarked and resized the photos. I think I'll have to get my butt off and finish off everything as soon as possible. I started to feel that I'm getting lazier after leaving uni for almost half a year. *Sigh*

Life has been pretty dull for me lately. My routine is almost the same everyday. Seriously, I am not looking forward for the beginning of each day. I can sort of predict what I will be doing every day. It seems like I really need a job to make my life more challenging. Yes, I haven't got myself a job after so long!

I have tried to look for a job but to no available. Everyday, I will check my mailbox, hoping at least one company email me and schedule me for an interview. Unfortunately, disappointment always follows.

Some might say I must be quite picky in getting myself a job. Honestly, I don't know whether I'm picky or not. I have applied to *counting my fingers* about at least 10 companies in Miri but none seem to be interested in me. Actually, yes, two or three companies maybe? Others, no reply although follow-up email has been sent.

What sort of job I am looking for, you might ask. I'm trying to get into oil and gas industry as this is the only industry which seems to be the best in an oil city. I prefer a job which doesn't require me to sit in the office and face the pc everyday. As simple as that, but still, I'm jobless.

*Sigh* Anyway, in case any big bosses from any companies who happened to stumble across my blog and want to employ a fresh grad, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment. I would be more than willing to send you all the documents needed. By the way, I'm a fresh grad in Mechanical Engineering.

Please give me a job, if not, a hope!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Uncle Chris!

Uncle Chris! Are you still scared when I shout Uncle Chris? Haha!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Don't worry. No big problem. Just that, it's your big day today. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed birthday. Have a great one, Chris! :)

P/s: Chris, I miss the time we spent in Perth!
P/s/s: Everyone, Chris isn't my uncle. Since he's older than me, I teased him with the greeting, uncle.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For A Dear Friend...

This is dedicated to a dear friend of mine whom I've met in this blogosphere about one and a half year ago...

Click to play

For you, CC, I wish you a wonderful and a great birthday. May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories and awesome moments. :)

P/s: CC's actual birthday is on the 24th of July. Since CC is based in New Zealand (timezone of +4), I have to post this on the 23rd of July 8p.m. when her time is 12a.m. sharp on the 24th of July.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mama's Birthday Dinner

Short talk: My internet connection failed for the past few days! But the technician who came over was very patient and made sure he fixed it before he went off. He came for two days for more than 4 hours! Thanks God the connection has finally came back!

Although I've lived in Miri for 23 years, I haven't tried to dine in at a lot of restaurants here yet. On the 21st of June, I decided to bring my mama to Best Western Restaurant and Coffee House (Grand Palace Hotel) for dinner. Again, without my baba this time as he went outstation. Hehe.

Quiet ambience.

It was my mama's birthday on the 23rd of June, so, I brought my mama there for a slighly more expensive dinner. In addition, I thought it's a good idea to "celebrate" my belated birthday. :P

Complimentary garlic bread.

I like the quiet ambience of the restaurant with live piano for the music. It's a great place to dine in or just to have a cup of coffee with friends.

Cold coffee.

Just before our glasses of cold coffee were served, we were given a piece of complimentary garlic bread each. The garlic bread was fresh but it would be better if more garlic butter were spread on it. As for the coffee, more ice could be added as all the ice was gone within few minutes. Nevertheless, the coffee was strong enough for my liking.

Best Western Deluxe Club Sandwich.

Since my mama had eaten a little bit at my grandma's place, she ordered a lighter meal; Best Western Deluxe Club Sandwich. It looked light but no!

So thick!

It was a six pieces toasted whole meal bread sandwich with chicken ham, cheese, beef, smoked salmon, choochoomber slices of cucumber and lettuces in between. It was served together with a bull eye egg and some crinkle cuts chips.

My mama said it was so thick to be eaten and so, she separated it into two slices each. However, she commented that it taste good with generous fillings. By the way, my mama could only finish half of the sandwhich. Price at RM24, I guess many will comment it's way too expensive.

Councillors Dish.

As for me, I pampered myself with Councillors Dish. It was like mix grill which consisted of a mixture of grilled fillet of beef, lamb, sausage, chicken and prawn. It was served with a bull eye egg, fresh vegetables (brocolli, sweet corn and cauliflower) and baked potato.

I love the lamb most.

Among all, I like the lamb most. It was a bit crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. As for the medium cooked steak, it was of the right texture and fresh. It reminded me of the steak (not that thick of course!) I had at Hog's Breath Cafe in Perth. The prawn's flesh was not much despite looking huge. Chicken, on the other hand, was a little bit disappointing. Although it was well marinated, it was full of fat! The last but not least, the sausage was nothing to shout about. It's just a normal sausage with slices of mushroom in it.

This Councillor Dish, priced at RM60, was quite worth it as it has a mixture of everything in a single plate. First timers there should try this plate so that you'll know what to order the next time you visit again.

Medium-cooked steak.

All and all, I paid about RM110+ for everything. It was a fulfilling dinner for both my mama and me and I'm pretty sure I'll visit Best Western Restaurant and Coffee House again. They have a long list of menu which I would like to try a few of the dish listed. Before that, I have to get more money to fill up my wallet first. :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank You, MumInMiri!

Arghh! So many overdue posts in my folders. I think I better finish off those before coming up with my Sabah food posts.

I should have blogged this earlier I know. It has been staying in my folder for almost 2 months.

Dried mangoes, fresh mango and potato-chips-alike-snack!

MumInMiri gave me dried mangoes, fresh mango and a packet of potato-chips-alike-snack after she came back from a trip to Philippines about two months ago. She's just too kind and generous. :)

Philippines mango.

I was particularly interested in the Philippines mango and the potato-chips-alike-snack. Since I never taste any Philippines mango before, I was quite curious with it.

Guess how it taste like?

The mango taste a bit sourish although it was quite ripe already. I think it's just a better grade of the local mango, Kuini. MumInMiri, my mama said she'll give you some of our mangoes when she has more. :)


When MumInMiri blogged about a snack which taste almost like potato chips, I was scratching my head. Why? Because she said it's made of pork skin!

Chili Vinegar flavour.

Product of Philippines.

I think there are a few flavours for this snack just like the potato chips. I had the chili vinegar flavour while MumInMiri blogged about the salted flavour.

Pork Skins.

Once I unwrapped the package, I could see pieces and pieces of pork skins which were deep fried. If I was not told about this, I wouldn't even realise these were pork skin.

How about a piece?

How did it taste like you might be wondering? Indeed, just like what MumInMiri has described, it taste like some typical keropok (cracket) junk food! It's very crunchy and nice, just that, there's a bit of oily aftertaste. Nevertheless, I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried this before. It's something new which is not in Malaysia or in many other countries.

I gave a few pieces to my baba and he didn't realise these were pork skin! If he knew, he wouldn't have eaten it. This shows how similar these pork skin as compared to those junk food in the market.

MumInMiri, thanks a lot for all these awesome gifts which traveled all the way from Philippines. I appreciate it very much. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lutong Cafe For Brekky

Short talk: Thanks everyone for your useful opinions and advices on the camera. I really appreciate it. I think I've almost made up my mind to get myself a compact camera instead of DSLR. Now, I'm considering another brand, Panasonic Lumix. Anyone has any idea which model is more recommended?

Just before Zhi Dek went to Adelaide, Allen texted and asked me whether I would like to have brekky with him and Zhi Dek. After I agreed, like usual, I questioned the place and time for brekky.

"7a.m. I picked you up. Eat porridge at Lutong!"

Lutong Cafe.

I was like what? 7a.m.? Meaning to say, I had to wake up 6 something?

The reason why we had to go there so early is to avoid disappointment. According to Zhi Dek's friend, the porridge finished just before 9a.m.! The last time I had porridge at the kopitiam was few years back. After that, my parents seldom frequent that place mainly because we had to wait for a long time just for few bowls of porridge.


Lutong Cafe is the kopitiam I was talking about. It is located just opposite the petrol station at Lutong. If you get lost, just ask anyone there about the famous porridge. I'm very sure they'll be able to tell you.

Cooked using charcoal.

What's so famous about the porridge there is that, the porridge is boiled using charcoal. Although it has been boiled earlier using gas (refer to that huge pot), it still takes quite a while for the porridge to be served.

Pork porridge.

We all ordered a bowl of pork porridge each. The porridge was sprinkled with spring onions, prickled vege, pepper and sesame oil.

Add an egg.

It had a strong charcoal taste which was different from the usual porridge that we have. For RM3.50 per bowl, it came in generous ingredients and an egg. The downside is that the portion was quite small for a giant like me.

A glass of Teh-C Peng.

Down with a glass of Teh-C Peng, I had a satisfying but not a full breakfast. We had to go to a nearby market for another round of breakfast. We were conned by Zhi Dek that Lutong Market sells RM1 kolomee.

It is strongly recommended to order a bowl of kolomee or any other food at the other stall while waiting for this bowl of porridge. It'll definitely take quite some time for the bowl of porridge to reach your table. Moreover, a bowl of porridge is definitely not enough. ;)

P/s: Sabah's food soon...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nikon D60 or Canon IXUS 970 IS?

I have been without a camera for about 3 months. I was like handicapped without a camera as I like to snap photos of every single thing. Just like my recent trip to Sabah, I could only use my handphone as a substitute. I missed out so many chances to take great photos.

Canon IXUS 970 IS.

There are two options for me. One is to go for a Canon IXUS 970 IS, a slim and compact camera which I can carry it anywhere I go. This is more convenient for me as I tend to take a lot of photos. The price is about RM1499.

Nikon D60.

Another option is to get myself a DSLR, Nikon D60, which I can take quality photos. With this camera, I can improve on my photography skill. However, it is quite inconvenient for me to take this camera to where ever I go. And also, this camera would cost me roughly about RM2500-2600 (almost double the price of the Canon IXUS 970 IS).

My initial intention was to get the Canon IXUS 970 IS first before getting the Nikon D60 a year or two later. After my uncle tempted me to buy the Nikon D60 earlier today, I suddenly feel like getting it.

Arghhh... decision, decision!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Trip and Dream

I am sorry for being so quiet these days. I just came back from a getaway or rather an eating trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Thanks to my Yee Yee (mum's sis) for all the good food and also, the quality time spent together. I really appreciate it!:)

Since there're too many photos on food, I'll have to push back my posts on all the awesome food I had in Sabah. For now, I just want to write about a dream I had back in Sabah.

I had wanted this dream since last November, the day when my Gong Gong left me for a better place. Yes, he finally came to me in my dream.

That night, I slept quite early after pampering my stomach with loads of food. It's quite difficult to sleep at first but I still manage to "faint" on the bed as I was too tired then. I have no idea why I always woke up in the middle of the night while I was in Sabah. So, like the past few nights, I woke up, looked around, had a drink and back to sleep.

This time, I tossed here and there. I just couldn't get myself to sleep but when I finally did, I dreamt a lot. The one and only one that I can remember was a dream about my Gong Gong.

I was walking into a building (Gong Gong's "new house"?) when I saw an old man painting the wall of the building. I didn't pay much attention to that man until he turned around and faced towards me. He's my Gong Gong! He had changed quite a bit from the last time I saw him. He had lost a bit of weight. His face was a bit pale. His skin was fairer. His hair was like the one he had back in his 60s.

He waved at me and I was shouting "Gong Gong!". I ran towards him and hugged him. Not long after that, I bursted into tears. While crying, I said something which I couldn't remember what it was. Being the always kind Gong Gong, he comforted me and patted my back. He didn't say anything. He just hugged me tight like what I did to him at that time too. I managed to mumble something, again I couldn't remember what it was, before this dream was shattered into pieces.

I was so happy that I could see my Gong Gong once again. I haven't seen him for quite a while. Seriously, I miss him so much. Once in a while, his image would flash through my mind. Or, whenever I do something which he did with me before he left, I would remember him. I regret for not spending more time with Gong Gong.

Gong Gong, take care there and I do hope to see you in my dream again...
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