Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nikon D60 or Canon IXUS 970 IS?

I have been without a camera for about 3 months. I was like handicapped without a camera as I like to snap photos of every single thing. Just like my recent trip to Sabah, I could only use my handphone as a substitute. I missed out so many chances to take great photos.

Canon IXUS 970 IS.

There are two options for me. One is to go for a Canon IXUS 970 IS, a slim and compact camera which I can carry it anywhere I go. This is more convenient for me as I tend to take a lot of photos. The price is about RM1499.

Nikon D60.

Another option is to get myself a DSLR, Nikon D60, which I can take quality photos. With this camera, I can improve on my photography skill. However, it is quite inconvenient for me to take this camera to where ever I go. And also, this camera would cost me roughly about RM2500-2600 (almost double the price of the Canon IXUS 970 IS).

My initial intention was to get the Canon IXUS 970 IS first before getting the Nikon D60 a year or two later. After my uncle tempted me to buy the Nikon D60 earlier today, I suddenly feel like getting it.

Arghhh... decision, decision!


cc said...

If you're serious about photography, ,I'd suggest you go for D60. It's a great starter DSLR.

Sweet Jasmine said...

I prefer canon Ixus as it is so convenient to carry in bag and not too bulky.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

think properly abt wat u want..as a dslr user for the last year or so..here are my thoughts

the entry kit will not be enough for ur every day use..you will need more then one lens..i.e. like foodie photographers use a 50mm lens which is around 300rm..i am goin to get a 2nd hand walkaround lens and thats rm1500 (rm2100 new)

consider other brands, nikon, most people would say nothing less then a d80 or a d300..

canon 400D is now priced much cheaper bcoz of their replacement; canon 450D..

olympus although much rarer n not used by many, i have seen some photos from their dslr and it is better then my canon (i think one of their models come with 2 lens)

end of the day, although i originally spent 3k on my dslr, i hav added a batt grip which is another rm400 pls dis lens rm1500 which means its not a cheap hobby..

think hard haha and hope you join the dark side..

mott said...

I think for convenience sake, try the panasonic lumix la..i heard you can never take a bad picture with it.

but, if u serious sikit, then DSLR, but.....it will cost u more than just RM2.5k. U'll buy lenses la coz it's always never good enuff.

How about, now u get a cheap one... Then when u start earning money, u can consider getting the dslr? Then, not so painful lor your pocket!!!! hee hee hee

Somebody said...

I would say, go for the 1 you will use more frequent.

If you want to buy Dslr, you can always use mine if I am with you. Your old 1 cannot repair already?Maybe repair that, and get a dslr?

Sasha said...

halo halo, what 1 or 2 years later? By then what is d60 edi? that time dunno what D edi la..

At first it might be inconvinient la.. but u look at me? I carry my handbag, my son's thomas bag and still can bring my dslr around. When u get used to it, it will weight same as the lumix edi.

And plus u're single and young, so much time to edit the pics! Not like me, no time to take and lagi no time to edit pics.

If not i sell u my d4o la.. hahah then i can buy d60. Want or not? Cheap cheap only!

mommibee :) said...

we bought our Canon IXUS 70 several months ago at abt AU$275 I think. we chose it for convenience sake. we'll get a DSLR once the girl has grown up and we don't need to fumble through our bags anymore *LOL*

The IXUS 970 u mentioned is not cheap, must be pretty good.

piglet~ said...

hey... if u want good quality pictures and want it to be in small size... u can consider canon g9... =) i basically receive good feedbacks regarding this camera.

needless to say, dslr camera is gd bt once u have it, u'll have to spend more also. Buying those lens and misc stuff isnt cheap.

it really depends on what ur priorities are... then only you can decide

yenjai.net said...

If price is a concern, forget about DSLR

Sasha said...

yenjai very anti dslr wan ..hehehe*run away*

Eh u very eksyen edi hor? now only go to mott's blog only *jeles*


Hazel said...

wow, buying new camera soon

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