Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lutong Cafe For Brekky

Short talk: Thanks everyone for your useful opinions and advices on the camera. I really appreciate it. I think I've almost made up my mind to get myself a compact camera instead of DSLR. Now, I'm considering another brand, Panasonic Lumix. Anyone has any idea which model is more recommended?

Just before Zhi Dek went to Adelaide, Allen texted and asked me whether I would like to have brekky with him and Zhi Dek. After I agreed, like usual, I questioned the place and time for brekky.

"7a.m. I picked you up. Eat porridge at Lutong!"

Lutong Cafe.

I was like what? 7a.m.? Meaning to say, I had to wake up 6 something?

The reason why we had to go there so early is to avoid disappointment. According to Zhi Dek's friend, the porridge finished just before 9a.m.! The last time I had porridge at the kopitiam was few years back. After that, my parents seldom frequent that place mainly because we had to wait for a long time just for few bowls of porridge.


Lutong Cafe is the kopitiam I was talking about. It is located just opposite the petrol station at Lutong. If you get lost, just ask anyone there about the famous porridge. I'm very sure they'll be able to tell you.

Cooked using charcoal.

What's so famous about the porridge there is that, the porridge is boiled using charcoal. Although it has been boiled earlier using gas (refer to that huge pot), it still takes quite a while for the porridge to be served.

Pork porridge.

We all ordered a bowl of pork porridge each. The porridge was sprinkled with spring onions, prickled vege, pepper and sesame oil.

Add an egg.

It had a strong charcoal taste which was different from the usual porridge that we have. For RM3.50 per bowl, it came in generous ingredients and an egg. The downside is that the portion was quite small for a giant like me.

A glass of Teh-C Peng.

Down with a glass of Teh-C Peng, I had a satisfying but not a full breakfast. We had to go to a nearby market for another round of breakfast. We were conned by Zhi Dek that Lutong Market sells RM1 kolomee.

It is strongly recommended to order a bowl of kolomee or any other food at the other stall while waiting for this bowl of porridge. It'll definitely take quite some time for the bowl of porridge to reach your table. Moreover, a bowl of porridge is definitely not enough. ;)

P/s: Sabah's food soon...


Sweet Jasmine said...

I woke up at 6.00 am this morning to cook porridge as TNB will shut down electricity from 10.00 am til late evening....:)

mott said...

Aiya....the Teh-C-Peng is sooo damn nice lookin...

pratically drooling......more!

mommibee said...

the teh made me lau hau sui :)~~~

lynnx01 said...

Hey, I never knew got such place exist in Lutong. Must try out some time. Thanks for bloggin about it. :D

Dalicia said...

D60 is not a compact camera. depends what you like? a compact one where it's easy for you to put in a bag?

i heard good reviews about panasonic lumix.

wmw said...

I like your idea of ordering both kolo mee and porridge! Hehehe

Xiu Long Bao said...

Isit a norm to add a raw egg into the porridge? I've only seen it in miri.

piglet~ said...

hmm... lutong... hmm... will definitely try that when i'm back in miri!! hahaha...

Kok said...

sweetjasmine: Wah! Wake up so early? I thought cook porridge very fast only?

mott: Come visit me lah. Then I belanja you. :)

mommibee: Come come with mott. I belanja!:)

lynnx: Try when you're back.

dalicia: Which model Panasonic Lumix is good ah?

wmw: You tried that before? ;)

xiulongbao: Huh? Really? I don't know leh. I thought it came from West Malaysia. haha!

piglet: Far eh?:P

Sasha said...

yeha agree with mott *drool at teh c peng*

carr0ts said...

zhi dek going to adelaide?? wow, nice... for?? wake up at 6am for porridge, err... i really salute you :P

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