Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Need A Job!

Arghhh! I was supposed to write about the food I had in Sabah but I have to delay again. I haven't sorted out, watermarked and resized the photos. I think I'll have to get my butt off and finish off everything as soon as possible. I started to feel that I'm getting lazier after leaving uni for almost half a year. *Sigh*

Life has been pretty dull for me lately. My routine is almost the same everyday. Seriously, I am not looking forward for the beginning of each day. I can sort of predict what I will be doing every day. It seems like I really need a job to make my life more challenging. Yes, I haven't got myself a job after so long!

I have tried to look for a job but to no available. Everyday, I will check my mailbox, hoping at least one company email me and schedule me for an interview. Unfortunately, disappointment always follows.

Some might say I must be quite picky in getting myself a job. Honestly, I don't know whether I'm picky or not. I have applied to *counting my fingers* about at least 10 companies in Miri but none seem to be interested in me. Actually, yes, two or three companies maybe? Others, no reply although follow-up email has been sent.

What sort of job I am looking for, you might ask. I'm trying to get into oil and gas industry as this is the only industry which seems to be the best in an oil city. I prefer a job which doesn't require me to sit in the office and face the pc everyday. As simple as that, but still, I'm jobless.

*Sigh* Anyway, in case any big bosses from any companies who happened to stumble across my blog and want to employ a fresh grad, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment. I would be more than willing to send you all the documents needed. By the way, I'm a fresh grad in Mechanical Engineering.

Please give me a job, if not, a hope!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tried the numerous websites around?? well there is 2 sides of the story; i have a friend who wanted his investment banking job and took him 2 yrs to finally get the 1 that he wanted..and of course ppl like me who jump at the 1st chance..

try apply to more companies, may be companies u want or not..at least go for interviews and it gives you abit of practice for the 1s that you really want!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi Kok,...do not count with your fingers only, I am sure you will get a chance one day if you keep applying to more companies and do not stick to the oil industry as other industry could be your stepping stones to better opportunities. You need on the job training as well as social skills to made yourself more experience as needed by employers nowadays. So look out for greener pastures elsewhere if the present ones are not available. Good luck to you.

Kok said...

joe: Tried almost all the websites that I could find. But still to no available. Actually I would also jump at 1st chance. Just that, I wasn't even given a first chance! That's how bad it is.

I've tried applied as many companies as possible already. Big or small, all sapu! Still, no reply...*Sigh*

sweetjasmine: I have actually applied to a lot of companies already. Miri isn't big, that's the problem. I'm trying to get myself into oil and gas industry as that's the only industry which has a potential future at Miri here. I also know experience is very important. All the companies are looking for experienced worker, how bout us as fresh grad with no experience? We're not given even a chance, so, how can we be experienced? *Sigh* Thanks for the luck though. I really need that...

jane said...

Wei, despair not. almost everyone goes through this phase of being an unemployed. but u know what, all things will work out well in the end, though you can't see it now. that's how life works. part of life cycle. If you look back, u'll realize it, and u'd be able to "connect the dots" of the flow of things in life; good and bad. Be patient, and i am very sure you'll be where ur supposed to be in time to come. believe and do not lose hope & faith! :D

Tummythoz said...

It's good to pinpoint which industry you want to start of. Like the others mentioned, maybe gather some working/life experience doing something else in the menatime? After graduate I waited tables part time at a few hotels/restaurants (I learned formal dining manners & saw how big kitchen works) then took a full time receptionist/admin assistant position in a furniture factory (learned how to operate office machines and the different types of wood quality). Meagre income but filled my time since friends were all working. All these lessons somehow helped in my current work/personal life.

Another thing, instead of just emailing, why not follow-up by a call? A personal touch here and there goes a long way.

Good luck!

eastcoastlife said...

Take your time lah. You think go market buy fish meh.

In the meantime, learn something else, take up a language course or useful skill....

The right job will come.

Thanks for your votes. I know you won't disappoint me wan. :)

piglet~ said...

cheer up Kok... maybe if you hop over to JB or KL, there will be more opportunities for you =) Anyway, I've heard news about Ranhill wanting to hire more engi lately... jz a piece of info, in case you have not try.

mott said...

Have you tried consulting firms? Like Accenture/Deloitte/Price? I know they're mainly based in KL, but I also know they love engineers..and since you're in Miri.. you may get posted in Miri..to work with an oil& gas co?

heh..just a thot.

Kok said...

jane: Just a bit sien when there's no work. No work, no objectives can be set. Anyway, thanks a lot for the encouragement. I shall see what's going to happened next.

tummythoz: I'm actually helping my dad with his business now. So, I'm not wasting my time. Yes, I did learn a lot in the business but then, it's better for me to get a job outside. I just wanna gain more experience, that's it.

Err, I don't know. Before I sent in application, I called them. And it seemed to me that they prefer email more. However, when I email, they didn't reply to me. At least, give a reply stating that they've received the email but no. *sigh*

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. :)

ecl: Take my time? One or two years? Can't wait that long leh. No job=no objectives can be set.

I've been helping my dad in his business. I guess that's something I'm still learning eh?

No worries. Hope you'll win!:)

piglet: Nolah. KL higher expenses. JB I'm not quite keen. I've tried Ranhill but the insider told me that there's no posts at the moment. Anyway, I've also email them but to get no reply.

mott: I'm not really interested in consulting at the moment leh. I hope I can get some hands-on experience before being involve in consulting.

Accenture, my cousin can recommend me there. Deloitte and Price, err..haven't tried cause prefer hands-on job. Will definitely try to look into it if worse come to worst.

Thanks for your advice though. :)

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi Kok, why not hop over to Penang as your stepping stone as there are many multinational compamies here but not oil in need of engineers....better than wasting time in Miri.

BeautifuL Life said...

Hi Kok, I agree with Sweet Jasmine. Try your luck elsewhere...make life more happening!!!

wonda said...

Leave the nest in Miri and go over to KL or Pg. My nephew's wive and her sister went over to West Malaysia to study and found good jobs there.

Kok said...

sweetjasmine, beautiful life and Aunty Alice: If I were to try other places, I would have stayed in Perth to find a work. I have some personal reasons to stay in Miri to find job... *sigh*

Dalicia said...

it's a tough market out there. but don't give up. working in the office sitting with a pcs isn't too bad. must start from somewhere right?

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