Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank You, MumInMiri!

Arghh! So many overdue posts in my folders. I think I better finish off those before coming up with my Sabah food posts.

I should have blogged this earlier I know. It has been staying in my folder for almost 2 months.

Dried mangoes, fresh mango and potato-chips-alike-snack!

MumInMiri gave me dried mangoes, fresh mango and a packet of potato-chips-alike-snack after she came back from a trip to Philippines about two months ago. She's just too kind and generous. :)

Philippines mango.

I was particularly interested in the Philippines mango and the potato-chips-alike-snack. Since I never taste any Philippines mango before, I was quite curious with it.

Guess how it taste like?

The mango taste a bit sourish although it was quite ripe already. I think it's just a better grade of the local mango, Kuini. MumInMiri, my mama said she'll give you some of our mangoes when she has more. :)


When MumInMiri blogged about a snack which taste almost like potato chips, I was scratching my head. Why? Because she said it's made of pork skin!

Chili Vinegar flavour.

Product of Philippines.

I think there are a few flavours for this snack just like the potato chips. I had the chili vinegar flavour while MumInMiri blogged about the salted flavour.

Pork Skins.

Once I unwrapped the package, I could see pieces and pieces of pork skins which were deep fried. If I was not told about this, I wouldn't even realise these were pork skin.

How about a piece?

How did it taste like you might be wondering? Indeed, just like what MumInMiri has described, it taste like some typical keropok (cracket) junk food! It's very crunchy and nice, just that, there's a bit of oily aftertaste. Nevertheless, I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried this before. It's something new which is not in Malaysia or in many other countries.

I gave a few pieces to my baba and he didn't realise these were pork skin! If he knew, he wouldn't have eaten it. This shows how similar these pork skin as compared to those junk food in the market.

MumInMiri, thanks a lot for all these awesome gifts which traveled all the way from Philippines. I appreciate it very much. :)


mott said...

wahhhh..pork skin?! Must be damn delicious!!!!! *droolssss*

Lynnwei said...

yummy!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna try the pork skin toO! ahaha..

Sasha said...

ooooo my bil's favourite, Baboi. That's what they call pork in tagalog.

cbenc12 said...

wah pork skin! thats really something different.. must be yummy!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think thailand nearer..can get in bangkok..

cc said...

Those dry mangoes are yummy!!! Can get in Asian grocery here. :)

Kok said...

mott: You must try it. Don't always eat chips at Melb. haha!

lynnwei: You want ah? See Miri got or not. hehe.

sasha: You mean this cracker is called Baboi?

cbenc12: Thanks for dropping by. :)

Yea, this is really something different. Try it if you have chance.

joe: So where's the origin of this product leh? Thai?

cc: I eat fresh mango here! kekeke!:P

wonda said...

Hey, that Cebu mango is sold here in Japan! Ate it before twice.

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