Friday, November 28, 2008

The Wackiest I Would Do to Race for N96

Nokia is organizing the Nokia N96 Race and they are kind enough to set aside two places especially for Nuffnangers. When I first saw this in, I quickly sent in my slogan for the first round of the contest. And I was so surprised that I was selected to move on to the second round!

The Nokia N96 Race.

Wah! The second round is so much tougher! I need to come out a post with this title, "The Wackiest I Would Do to Race for N96". I know lah, Kok is crazy but, how crazy can he be to race for N96? ;)

Fire walk? [Photo:]

Walk on the fire? Aiyo, that's too common lah. A lot of people has done that. Nothing special with that although it looks quite cool to walk on fire.

Spiderman climbing Petronas Twin Tower? [Photo:]

Then, I thought of climbing Petronas Twin Tower. That's not an easy task which can be considered. However, Alain Robert has done it before lah! I don't want to become copy spider cat!

Piercings? [Photo:]

I thought of "Believe It Or Not" television programme which showed a man with who-knows-how-many-piercings. I think if I do that, it would be the wackiest I would do. Nevertheless, I have to ditch this idea as I don't want to ruin my handsome baby face. :P

Nokia N96.

Haiyo... I really want that gorgeous N96 lah. I would do anything to race for N96! And I'm serious! See? All the above ideas, although quite wacky, I don't want to do any of them. Not because I'm coward, but those ideas are not original.

Now, after thinking for quite a while, this is what I would do...

Smelly butt.

I'll kiss smell the pig's butt while following it all the way to Nokia's office to claim that N96 for the race! How about that? Haha! But of course, not the above pig lah...

Huge pig!

It's this pig! Hahaha! Tell me that's one of the wackiest thing that a person would do! :D

But one thing I'm worried... would the traffic police give "saman" (summon) to the pig on the road? *Scratching head*

P/s: I might have to change the pig to the other animal such as cow, goat or even, monkey! :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Young, Fat and Short

When I worked at my Baba's place (or wherever I go), I get to meet a lot of new people for the very first time. And since most of the people I met are my Baba's friends (or customers), they normally asked me this question, "You're XXX's son? How old are you? Which secondary school do you go to?"

Look young?

My Mama, who's often beside me, would giggle! When I told them that I was already in uni, they were shocked. They commented that I look like a secondary school student!


However, for those who know my age, they'll often focus on my size, my body size. "Wah! You're bigger size than your Baba lah! You get all the good food ah? No leftover for your Baba?", this is what they would say.


When I was younger, most people talked about my height. "Eh, go and play basketball or swim more! That'll make you taller!", most of the people would tell me this. Actually, now there were still people telling me that I'm short.

Aiyor! Out of 3 points, I only get 1. Bad hor? But then, how would I look like if I was tall and slim? Do I still look young? Will people still have something to comment?

I know most of you will tell me, don't care about what others think about you. Just be yourself. Of course, I know! Haha! Anyway, this is just some random thought from me... :D

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Was Conned!

This morning I had my breakfast with my colleagues like usual. Yes, everyday we have our breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop. As usual, some random topic will come out during our makan (eating) session.

Today, one of my colleagues brought up the topic about how RM1 million is a lot and can live for quite a long time. That was the initial topic... then it went on and on till it was about how many people who was millionaire but lost it overnight due to business commitment.

They discussed about this because a lot of people in the company normally earn quite a lot. After they retired, they would use the money to invest into business. Since they didn't have much experience in business, most lost quite a lot and in the end, they had to forget about retirement and went back to work.

Wah! Interesting topic eh?

After makan, I drove them back to the office. While on the way, one of my colleague, who was already retired (he work now based on contract), suddenly said, "In my whole life, I became millionaire twice but I lost it overnight too..."

My first thought was, "Hey! He must be rich! But how come he lost it overnight? Business?"

I bet the other two colleagues of mine thought so too as they let out a big "WOAH! Really?"

Then this colleague continued, "First time was when I went to Rome and the second time was when I went to Indonesia."

I thought that he must have been cheated or lost in gambling...

Who knows, he seriously told us, "The currency for Rome that time was Lira and the currency for Indonesia is Rupiah! Of course I'm a millionaire lah! The currency was so much smaller! Then I spent everything mah, that's why I lost it overnight!"

Haha! All of us suddenly burst out laughing!

Actually, I laughed because I thought I am stupid! I should have thought of that; we'll be millionaire if we have RM1000!

I think no matter how smart we are, the situation might influence our thinking. So, when we read in the newspaper that a lot of people were conned, we shouldn't think they're stupid. If we were in their shoes, I think, we'll fall into the trap too!

What do you think? ;)

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I need your support, guys! :)

Information About Webhosting

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Panda Mama and Panda Baba

One day, Panda Baba came back home after working for one whole day. Just as he stepped his feet into the house, he saw Panda Mama was weeping at the corner of the living room.

Panda Baba calmly walked over to Panda Mama. He saw Panda Mama was holding a photograph of hers. While throwing his arms around Panda Mama, he asked, "Dear, what happened? Why are you crying?".

Panda Mama replied in a very low tone, "I was being cheated..."

Panda Baba started to worry, "What? You're being cheated? Who did that? What did you loss?"

Panda Mama was reluctant to tell at first. But after much persuasion from Panda Baba, she finally decided to tell Panda Baba.

She explained, "This is what happened, dear... This morning, I went to the shopping mall. While I was walking passed a photography studio, I saw a great promotion. For as low as 1000 bamboo (panda's currency), I'll have 50 coloured-high-quality-studio-taken-photographs. Since I do not have a personal album, I decided to give it a go. At least I can still have this album to look at when I am older or getting out of shape."

Suddenly, Panda Mama raised her voice, "But I was cheated!!! Look at this!!!"

She showed Panda Baba the photo which was strongly gripped in her hand...

Pretty Panda Mama (Photo:

"They promised me coloured photos but why am I still BLACK AND WHITE?!?!"

Panda Baba was totally speechless...

Hahaha! Have a great laugh, guys! Hope you all have a wonderful weekends! :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

One Year...

Dearest Gong Gong,

A year ago, you left us suddenly to go to a far far place. Now, it's the day of the year again... How are you doing there? Do you miss us? Did you receive my previous letter? Have you travelled the whole world yet? Did you enjoy your food there? I have so many questions to ask you but I just don't know how to contact you. This is the longest time I haven't seen you. To tell you I don't miss you, that would be the biggest lie.

Gong Gong, while you were away, loads of thing happened here. But don't worry, as a whole, all are good news. Let me just briefly update you ok?

Gong, I've graduated as a Mechanical Engineer last year. I've fulfilled part of your wish to see all of your grandchildren to study till the highest level. Last April, I had my convo at my uni in Perth. Baba and Mama as well as Mei Mei attended my convo. Baba did listen to you to come for my convo and leave all the jobs behind for a moment. Supposingly, I would love you to come along as I know that was the day you were looking forward too. Unfortunately, you decided to leave before you could even see me in my graduation robe.

We took quite a lot of photo. Too bad, they were all without you. Nevertheless, I guess you were there with us invisibly. I know you were smiling while looking at us that time. Gong, that degree that I've obtained would be dedicated to you. Without you, I don't think I'll be able to get that degree. Thank you, Gong. *Hugs*

Not only I've graduated, Mei Mei also helped in fulfilling your wish. She graduated and obtained a degree in Biotech. She had her convo in August. This time round, Baba didn't manage to attend her convo as he had a compulsory meeting to attend. So, I represented Baba to attend her convo.

Both Mei Mei and I didn't manage to send you off the other day because we had our exams going on. I know you didn't blame us for not sending you off but for me, I feel really bad and guilty and am still feeling so. That's why I hope I could make that up by getting a degree for you.

Gong Gong, did you know that I've also come back to Miri for good? I was helping in the shop while looking for an engineering job outside. I am sorry for not staying in the shop and permanently but I have my own reasons, Gong. I am thinking of getting more experience outside before deciding what to do next. I hope you will support my idea although I know, you'll be more happy if I could help in the business.

Gong, I've actually got myself an engineering job earlier this month. Is that your blessing? I was given a position as a trainee commissioning engineer. Working under XXXXX Company, I am seconded to Shell. I am quite happy with my job at the moment. At least, the people there are very helpful to me.

As for business, all are going well, rest assured. While I was looking for a job, I helped out in the business. And guess what? I did close few deals there. I still remember how you used to smile at me when I closed a deal. You would pet at my back and said, "good good". How I wish you could still do that to me again...

Oh yeah, I'm still helping in the business whenever possible despite having a permanent job. It's a bit tiring for me but then, I try to get involve. I know you would be more happy if I could help out.

Baba and Mama are also doing well this year. Baba is fit and healthy, God bless! But Mama is a bit sick this few days. She was admitted to hospital last month due to "woman's problem" and had a minor operation. Don't worry, she's getting better now.

I think that's all for now, Gong. You must be yawning looking at such a long letter. You take care of yourself there ok? Send my regards to Po Po, too. I miss you a lot, Gong...

Forever your grandson,

Cry! Cry Somemore!

While I was eating with my family at a café here, suddenly, I heard a sound of a glass falling on the floor. It was a toddler who dropped the glass.

The father sitting next to him was so furious. You know lah, kid doesn’t behave, the father or mother sure gets very angry. So, the father stared at the toddler, as if the toddler had committed a serious crime. The toddler was so afraid that he started to cry.

The father couldn’t control anymore. He raised his voice and said, “Cry! Cry somemore!” When the toddler heard that, he cried even louder!

Now, this is the part I don’t understand. I don’t know whether this applied to only Chinese family or to the other family as well. Whenever a kid cries, the parents would always say this phrase; “Cry! Cry somemore!”. Then the kids would cry even more (although the initial intention is to tell them to stop crying)! But you can’t blame them. They’re just obeying their parents, don’t you think so? The parents ask them to cry somemore, so, they cry loh!

I just think that's one of the wrong ways to "teach" the kids but somehow, it's still being used from one generation to the other generation. How do you or will you tell your kids to stop crying? And is there anything which you disagree in teaching the kids but parents are still practising it now?

Save on Eyeglasses

Economy is so bad these days. Just look at the stockmarket, it only goes downwards and no upwards. A lot of employers are having a hard time and have to retrench some of their employees. With economy this bad, I think most of us have to try our best to cut down on our monthly or daily expenses.

Take for example, my sister who wears eyeglasses. She normally spends hundreds for her eyeglasses a year. So, I suggest her to buy a cheaper frame at to cut down the spending. Although it’s not much, accumulate with the other stuff, it will be a lot. You may ask why Now I will tell you why. is an online eyeglasses store which sells stylish prescription glasses from as low as $8! You might say the glasses must be of poor quality since the price is so low. No! They provide high quality glasses, I assure you. This is due to the fact that there are no middlemen involved in their own manufactured frames business.

I know it might not save you much but then, it is better than none. This is especially useful for a large family who needs several pairs of eyeglasses for each family member. They can indirectly save hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Everything Also Can Sell?

I was so bored just now that I decided to just check out Ebay and Mudah (Malaysia's classified advertisement website). I was just browsing around to see what's the business opportunities out there. ;)

Nowadays hor, loads of things can be sold online. But almost all the things they sell are the same...

Selling book.

Most common one would be second hand books. It's a good idea to get rid of the books that are no longer worth sitting in your bookshelf.

Selling clothes.

Another common one would be clothes. I've no idea if they're new or second hand but they're quite cheap!

Laptops for sale.

I browsed here and there again and found out that most of the people sell laptops or electronic gadgets. Too bad, gadgets are a bit risky to be sold online.

Aih... Most of them are selling the same stuff! Books, clothes, gadgets, books, clothes, gadgets, books, clothes, gadgets! My life already that boring and yet people in the online marketplace also selling all those boring stuff...

But but... one thing that caught my eye! One of them sell an interesting one...
A cock!

Yes, a penis cock! Can you believe it? Hahaha! Nowadays sellers can really find anything to sell! Even this cock! And hey, not cheap you know? One costs RM350!

Next time I also want to sell cock! But a handsome, cock Kok! :P

Kok for sale (Click to enlarge).

So, anyone want to buy Kok? Cheap cheap! Lelong lelong!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Celebrity In My Uni!

Do you know why students are always complaining about their boring lectures in uni?

Because most of their professors are either look like this...


Or this...

What if they have Rowan Atkinson @ Mr. Bean at their uni, would they still complaining?

Rowan Atkinson @ Mr. Bean (Photo:

I bet they wouldn't. This is due to the fact that, Rowan Atkinson was in my uni as an invited lecturer and lectures were definitely not the same!

Mr. Bean at The University of Western Australia's 2008 convocation!

A lot of jokes, a lot of laughter! I guess that's what students want most instead of the boring E=mc², right?

Haha! Ok, I bluff about the Mr. Bean's part. He's actually a lecturer from my uni, Dr. Pawel Podsiadlo.

Don't you think he looks like Mr. Bean? Haha!

Note: This post is for entertainment purposes only. In case any individual finds that the photos are not allowed to be put up, please contact me at kokadoodle [at] gmail [dot] com.

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