Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Everything Also Can Sell?

I was so bored just now that I decided to just check out Ebay and Mudah (Malaysia's classified advertisement website). I was just browsing around to see what's the business opportunities out there. ;)

Nowadays hor, loads of things can be sold online. But almost all the things they sell are the same...

Selling book.

Most common one would be second hand books. It's a good idea to get rid of the books that are no longer worth sitting in your bookshelf.

Selling clothes.

Another common one would be clothes. I've no idea if they're new or second hand but they're quite cheap!

Laptops for sale.

I browsed here and there again and found out that most of the people sell laptops or electronic gadgets. Too bad, gadgets are a bit risky to be sold online.

Aih... Most of them are selling the same stuff! Books, clothes, gadgets, books, clothes, gadgets, books, clothes, gadgets! My life already that boring and yet people in the online marketplace also selling all those boring stuff...

But but... one thing that caught my eye! One of them sell an interesting one...
A cock!

Yes, a penis cock! Can you believe it? Hahaha! Nowadays sellers can really find anything to sell! Even this cock! And hey, not cheap you know? One costs RM350!

Next time I also want to sell cock! But a handsome, cock Kok! :P

Kok for sale (Click to enlarge).

So, anyone want to buy Kok? Cheap cheap! Lelong lelong!


miche said...

what can this Kok do? hehehehe

LadyJava said...

hehehe... wah cock... kok.. all can sell eh.. how much for the KOK!!?? and yes I also want to know.. what this KOK can do??

ychu said...

-_-''' why would u want to sell urself lar?

Tummythoz said...

Kok's specifications please. Y'know, colour, weight, diameter, strength .. the works.

gina said...

Can clean house or not? LOL!

Ok.. here's 50 sen.

Zooropa said...

So how much is this Kok?...


Dalicia said...

hmmm i need a helper for a day :D

Hazel said...

u wanna sell ur self that means u wan find a gflah haha

Kok said...

miche: Errr... I think can do most of the stuff. Just that, cannot give birth lah. hahaha!

ladyjava: You wanna know how much? Click on the last photo... you can view the cost of Kok there!:P

Kok basically can do almost everything except giving birth. hahaha!

ychu: Sell myself to earn money lah. kekekeke.

tummythoz: Aiyo, need to be so specific meh? Enlarge the last photo and you can see some of the "specifications". hahaha!

gina: Can clean house. But 50 cents??? Enlarge the last photo to see how much this Kok cost! hahaha!

dora: Enlarge the last photo to see how much Kok cost. But definitely more expensive than the Cock! hahahaha!:P

dalicia: A day? Can send me airtickets and everything? Thanks!:P

hazel: That would be a great idea too! Any gals to intro?:P

Dav DiDi said...

Hahhahaa... so so so funny .... well , i just donated about 20 books to .. errmmmmm, the charity .. hahaha ....

Phew !! at last i have time for blog hoping..

wmw said...

Ooi yoh! Got reserved price or not? What are your specifications???? Let me ask around for interested SYT (sweet young things) to take up your offer!

Jesslyn said...

Try post it, I want to see the respond!! kekekekeke.....

Sometimes I can see they sell cacing ler! yikes

I also sell cloth at Mudah ler, just that mine is homemade dresses, something different from other, right?


Sweetpea said...

u dont pway pway kok, i want to bid! i need a slave! muahahahahah!!

Kok said...

dd: Wah! So nice of you to do charity! Which charity ah?

So busy ah you? Hmm...

wmw: Spec? I'm not a car leh. ahhaha! Just enlarge the last photos and see. hehehehe. Don't forget to intro some SYT to me ok? hahaha!

jesslyn: Aiks? Cannot lah. Violate the rules. Also, later everyone kept ringing my phone to buy me, how? hahaha!

Sell cacing? Where where? I haven't seen that yet.

Ah! Yours are quite unique! And you design are just nice. I saw that in your blog. How's sales so far? I can help you blog about it at my blog. :)

sweetpea: No need bid. One price only; enlarge the last photo. hahaha! Why you need a slave wor? I'm a fat slave, can? haha!

ychu said...

when u're sold, everything of urs will also belong to the 'oowner'. Hence, the money u earned from the owner will oso belongs to the owner now. haha...!!!

Joy said...

Hahaha! You're so funny, Kok! You should give yourself a higher asking price. :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think i shall save my money, thanks... hahaha

LadyJava said...

No EC Widget yet???

EastCoastLife said...


EastCoastLife said...

lol.... Highest offer. You boh tak lui!!

Ok... follow me home... got lots of work to do! :P

Kok said...

ychu: Hah? Mana boleh like that lah. My $ still my $. hahaha!

joy: Thanks, Dr. Joy! I deserved more ah? hahaha! I'll put a better price then. :P

joe: Aiyo, I'm not asking too much mah. Buy me lah!:P

LJ: I've just put it up. Sorry sorry.

ECL: $10? Not my asking price wor. I where got worth so little? hahahaha!

I can discount you 2% lah. Good enough already! hahaha!

Firehorse said...

Aiya I think I too late to bid liao lar :(
Must be sold by now....

Kok said...

Mudah.com.my is not for bidding. So you still have chance cause I've set one price for it. :D


hahahah.. you sure you wanna sell Kok ah ..?

Kok said...

family first,
Welcome here!:)

You wanna buy ah? Please say yes!:D

sue said...

backside got sell ka...muahahaha...

Kok said...

Backside also sell! Wanna buy ah? hehehehe.

Kleio the Muse said...

Wuah! now Kok whoring himself online like tat ah (LOL). Not cheap also wor.

Did you photoshopped that pix. Wow.

Kok said...

You wanna buy me? hahaha!

Yaya, I actually photoshop-ped that photo. hehehe!

simonlee said...

well yeah lorrr everything also mudah.com.my to sell one.. found this new site also called mysimplifieds.com which has lots of buying and selling done... wonder if kok will sell in mysimplifieds.com and in lelong.com.my.. hehehe.. nice to see people bid for him..

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