Sunday, November 26, 2006

Summer Holidays

The day before I came back to Miri for 3 months summer holidays, I went to Matsuri again. This time, not with my sister and cousin, but with Danny and his sister.

I just love this restaurant.

The first time I went there was when my sister came back with me to Perth.

Teriyaki Beef.

This time I went there because I decided to buy dinner for Danny and his sister in order to thanks them for helping me with everything.

Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll Set.

I believe we all had a wonderful dinner that day. The last dinner for me and Danny in Perth before we left for Miri.

The next day, I had to wake up at 8 a.m. to collect Apple Strudels, which I had ordered earlier, at Corica.

Corica with the most famous, Apple Strudels.

Thanks to Jon again for the ride to pick up the Apple Strudels.

Just a small shop.

It's just a small shop I would say. However, it's not only famous among the people living in Perth, but also the tourists who come to Perth for holidays.

Various kinds of pastries.

Apart from Apple Strudels, Corica also makes different kind of pastries. I bought Jon a Chocolate Horn and myself a Horn (funny name for the pastry huh?:P).

6 Apple Strudels in a specially made box.

I bought 6 Apple Strudels which cost me Aud$16 each. I know they are expensive but then, when you put it in your mouth, I'm sure your mouth will automatically say, "DELICIOUS!". Corica is kind enough to provide a specially made box so that I can transport the Apple Strudels to Miri. The box is free if you purchased 6 Apple Strudels but I think you have to pay for the box if you buy less.

Apologise for the quality of this photo.

That's how the Apple Strudel looks like. Layer of crispy pastry with custard and apple filling in between. It's aroma is enough to make your stomach growling.


This is the Horn which I have bought for Aud$2 per piece.

Custard filling.

I would say this is a small version of Apple Strudel without the apples filling. I can't find any other word, besides "YUMMY", to describe the Horn.

For those of you who are interested in Corica's pastries, below is the address and phone number:
106 Aberdeen Street,
Perth, 6003 Australia.
Tel: 08-9328-8196

At about 10a.m., Danny's sister sent Danny and me to airport.

Royal Brunei Airlines.

That's the plane which has brought me all the way from Perth to Brunei. The flight took us 5 hours to reach Brunei.

Just a small plane.

Again, this plane does not have an individual screen in front of the seats. Everyone has to share a big screen in front.

Food looks good?

Everything's ok for the flight except the quality of the food they served.

What is this?

I got myself Lamb with Mashed Potato although there was another choice of Chicken with Fried Rice. I am very disappointed with the food they served, honestly. There were only 3 or 4 small cubes of lamb covered mostly with thick gravy. Why not they change the name to Gravy with Mashed Potato next time so that I will get a hint that getting the Chicken with Fried Rice would be a better choice?

I shouldn't have complain so much since the price of the ticket for Royal Brunei Airlines from Perth to Brunei and from Brunei to Perth is considered one of the cheapest you can get out there.

So, here I am, back in Miri. I am going to start my industrial training on Monday for 3 months. That's mean, there's actually no holidays for me this summer. I just hope I can do a good job in my industrial training. Wish me luck, guys...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Red Bull Air Race

Before going back to Miri, I managed to catch the Red Bull Air Race in Perth. It's an exciting and challenging world series competition. This competition requires the pilots to fly their planes low to ground in high speed and have to fly through the specially made pylons in order to collect points.

Road block.

The competition was held over the Swan River. The river side route was closed to enable the spectators to get a place to watch the race.

Left to right: me, Jun, Jon and Samuel.

Jon was kind enough to offer us a ride for the race. We went there as early as 11 a.m. The traffic was quite bad on the way to the city. At first, we planned to head towards South Perth (where the opening ceremony was held) but then, Jon received a call from his cousin and was told that the traffic there was worst. So, he decided to go to city before we walked to the river side to enjoy the race.

Look at the people lining along the river side.

I never expect there were so many people interested in the race. Under the hot, scorching sun, the people waited patiently for the race to begin.

A sight towards South Perth.

Look at those pylons. The planes are supposed to fly in between them with the minimum time. Precision is important in this case.

Planes getting ready.

11 pilots took part in this race and all of them are really experienced in flying.

Plane taking off.

There's a grass runway for the planes to take off and landing.

A hotel facing the Swan River.

Not only the river side was packed like sardine, but also the hotels and apartments facing the Swan River were full of spectators.

It's quite tough to take the photos of the planes during the competition. The speed of the planes were too high for photos.

The planes did some acrobatic moves right above the spectators before flying through the pylons, which are floating on the water.

I only stayed for the first half of the competition. I didn't know there was a second half show behind. I heard from my friends that the second half of the show was far more exciting than the first half.

Frankly speaking, the first half of the competition did not impressed me. All the planes were doing the same stunts. I believed the second half of the competition was far more better than the first since I heard that there were commercial planes doing some of the stunts.

Anyway, for those who has missed the race, worry no more. The race will visit Perth again in 2007 and 2008. Make sure you don't miss it!

Friday, November 24, 2006


I know I should post this earlier but due to some reasons, I have to postpone this till now.

12 November, Chris left Perth for Singapore. That was his last day in the house since we decided not to continue the lease.

I know I know, this is your last day in your room.

Chris woke me up at 4 a.m. as I left a note on the door and asked him to do so. Just a small farewell with him. Nothing much I could do since it's on exam week.

Never again, 29...

I only slept for 2 hours before I woke up and took some photos with Chris. "Emotional farewell" as described by Chris.

This is the house...

This is the house which we had our good and bad memories.

Chris must be very happy when he got to leave the house earlier!

Chris left the house at about 4:30 a.m. And that's the starting of my "nightmare".

Few days later after I finished my exam, I had to pack everything in the house alone! Yea, I mean alone!

My room.

I cleared everything inside my room. Packed and sent all my stuff away to my friend's house. Thanks to my friends for helping me to store some of my stuff in their house when I am away.

After two days of cleaning by myself...

It's not fun to do all the cleaning by yourself without any help from your housemates. Luckily Chris did clean a bit before he left. If not, I think I would be exhausted from cleaning the house.

All clean.

You won't be able to imagine how dirty was the place before cleaning. Floor full of dust, table full of pots and pans and all the leftover sauces and food were left here and there.

Toilet bowl left uncleaned.

Bath tub left unscrubbed.

Thanks to Danny who has helped me to clean the house. I don't think I can finished cleaning the house within two days without his help.

Run down garage to store some of the stuff.

The owner of the house is kind enough to let us store some of the stuff in the run down garage.

This is a good place to chill out.

Although this house is quite run down, it's still consider a good place to live in. The cheap rent and the location of the house are the advantages living in this house.

Nobody clean the 'garden'.

I couldn't bother to clean the garden. I'll left the owner to find someone to clean it. I'm just too tired to do so.

Lock it safe.

I have done my part in cleaning the house. I'll let the owner to decide whether he wants to find a cleaner to clean the house or not. Most probably he will since I couldn't make sure everything is cleaned.


A year in this house...

I'm sure I won't forget what has happened in this house. Memories will still pin in my head. Sayonara...

P/s : More posts coming up!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

No Updates?

I'm sorry, guys. I am supposed to have update my blog after my exam but then, I couldn't do so since I don't have an internet connection now. I have to come back to uni to check my email and stuff. It's so inconvenient for me without internet! I will update my blog soon, don't worry. Two more days to go for Miri. I'm looking forward to it.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Few More Hours...

Few more hours (actually about 12 hours from now), I'll be having my final paper. But this paper is making me crazy, seriously. I catch no ball out of everything. I couldn't do any question of the past exam papers. Can you imagine how TOUGH it is? :(

I started to list out everything that I need to do after my exam. It's not partying. It's all the things that I need to settle before I get to sit on the big bird peacefully and fly back to Miri. And guess what? Sitting for psychology experiments will continue after my exam. I have signed in for several experiments to earn some cash before I go back to Miri. :P

Anyhoo, I have to leave again for books. I miss blogging. I have heaps of photos to upload. At the mean time, be patient. 12 more hours to go and then, I'm as free as a bird. Same old words from me, wish me luck, guys. I need that badly.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not Prepared...

I am supposed to be on my bed now. The time shows 1.35 a.m. but I just finished taking my shower and I have to wait till my hair to dry before I can sleep. So, I decided to jot some words on my blog.

Monday, I have a paper. Seriously speaking, I'm not well prepared for that. I have loads of things yet to understand. I just couldn't get everything into my brain although Brian keeps on helping me with that. Thanks to Brian. I think without him, I can just barely understand anything.

Although the next paper is so near, I still went for a BBQ with Chris and the others. Chris is leaving tomorrow for summer holidays back in Singapore. Bon voyage, housemate!:) A year ago at this time, I would locked myself in my room and studied non-stop instead of socializing. But I have no idea why I have the courage to spare some time to relax myself this year. I really scare I didn't do enough preparation for my exams. I just hope everything won't turn out to be as bad as I think. Again, I'll say, all pass will make me more than happy.

Today, I had a short talk with my mama on the phone. I haven't talked to her for quite some time due to the hectic schedule of my studies. I got to know that my Baba finally, and yes, FINALLY, has set up broadband at home. When I go back this time, I can update my blog without having to use a 56k connection anymore! ;)

I think I better stop here and go straight to my bed. If not, I'll just continue crapping. Till my next entry, wish me luck, guys!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Down, Two More!

I had two papers done. Yesterday paper was alright. I think I should be able to pass that unit. But for this afternoon paper, I don't know whether I can pass or not. I did a lot of mistakes. Hopefully I can pass it. I don't want to re-sit for any units! Give me a pass and I'll be happy!

So, alright, two down, two more to go.
1) Mechanisms and Multibody Systems
2) Structural Integrity
3) Thermofluids
4) Control and Mechatronics

Wish me luck for the upcoming exams! I think the last two papers are tough too. I guess I won't be able to update my blog till the exams finish, which is on next Thursday.

Gambateh LAW KOK WEI!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I was on my way to dinner at Northbridge when I saw this...

Gigantic statue with his "bird"!

I have no idea why they have this but I supposed this is an art since it is displayed in a gallery.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick Update

Sorry guys, everytime when it comes to exams, I won't have much time to update my blog. Basically, every morning after I open my eyes, the next thing will be to prepare myself to the uni's library, Reid Library.

Reid Library.

That's the place where I can really concentrate on my books. Since everyone around you is flipping through the books, you won't really want to stop reading. (Although sometimes I do :P)

This is where I am camping in.

At home, although I can study, I will tend to miss my bed a lot and then head towards it and sleep. So, the best place for me is still the Reid Library.

Scenery outside the window, cool?

That's another reason why I want to do my revision in Reid Library.

Just a quick and random update. I'll write more when I'm free. :)
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