Sunday, November 26, 2006

Summer Holidays

The day before I came back to Miri for 3 months summer holidays, I went to Matsuri again. This time, not with my sister and cousin, but with Danny and his sister.

I just love this restaurant.

The first time I went there was when my sister came back with me to Perth.

Teriyaki Beef.

This time I went there because I decided to buy dinner for Danny and his sister in order to thanks them for helping me with everything.

Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll Set.

I believe we all had a wonderful dinner that day. The last dinner for me and Danny in Perth before we left for Miri.

The next day, I had to wake up at 8 a.m. to collect Apple Strudels, which I had ordered earlier, at Corica.

Corica with the most famous, Apple Strudels.

Thanks to Jon again for the ride to pick up the Apple Strudels.

Just a small shop.

It's just a small shop I would say. However, it's not only famous among the people living in Perth, but also the tourists who come to Perth for holidays.

Various kinds of pastries.

Apart from Apple Strudels, Corica also makes different kind of pastries. I bought Jon a Chocolate Horn and myself a Horn (funny name for the pastry huh?:P).

6 Apple Strudels in a specially made box.

I bought 6 Apple Strudels which cost me Aud$16 each. I know they are expensive but then, when you put it in your mouth, I'm sure your mouth will automatically say, "DELICIOUS!". Corica is kind enough to provide a specially made box so that I can transport the Apple Strudels to Miri. The box is free if you purchased 6 Apple Strudels but I think you have to pay for the box if you buy less.

Apologise for the quality of this photo.

That's how the Apple Strudel looks like. Layer of crispy pastry with custard and apple filling in between. It's aroma is enough to make your stomach growling.


This is the Horn which I have bought for Aud$2 per piece.

Custard filling.

I would say this is a small version of Apple Strudel without the apples filling. I can't find any other word, besides "YUMMY", to describe the Horn.

For those of you who are interested in Corica's pastries, below is the address and phone number:
106 Aberdeen Street,
Perth, 6003 Australia.
Tel: 08-9328-8196

At about 10a.m., Danny's sister sent Danny and me to airport.

Royal Brunei Airlines.

That's the plane which has brought me all the way from Perth to Brunei. The flight took us 5 hours to reach Brunei.

Just a small plane.

Again, this plane does not have an individual screen in front of the seats. Everyone has to share a big screen in front.

Food looks good?

Everything's ok for the flight except the quality of the food they served.

What is this?

I got myself Lamb with Mashed Potato although there was another choice of Chicken with Fried Rice. I am very disappointed with the food they served, honestly. There were only 3 or 4 small cubes of lamb covered mostly with thick gravy. Why not they change the name to Gravy with Mashed Potato next time so that I will get a hint that getting the Chicken with Fried Rice would be a better choice?

I shouldn't have complain so much since the price of the ticket for Royal Brunei Airlines from Perth to Brunei and from Brunei to Perth is considered one of the cheapest you can get out there.

So, here I am, back in Miri. I am going to start my industrial training on Monday for 3 months. That's mean, there's actually no holidays for me this summer. I just hope I can do a good job in my industrial training. Wish me luck, guys...


l y n n w e i said...

yummy!!! more food!

wow...brunei airline food reli tat terrible? wat's tat yellow squarish thing?

my opinion, best food on plane is served by Qatar Airline and second place is Emirates!
very nice~ their dessert is superb!!

Kok said...

Yea yea! The food is the worst I had so far with Royal Brunei Airlines! The yellow squarish thing? MASHED POTATO! hahaha!

Aiyo, me no chance sit in such an expensive airways lah...haha:P said...

Kok, thousand apologies (and maybe after the question, another thousand apologies...)

but ...


I dunno what you were studying there.
What kind of industrial training are you getting?

Kok said...

yenjai, no worries. I am currently pursuing an engineering degree. I am not quite sure what kind of industrial training I am getting. I think I'll only know by tomorrow. However, the company I will be working for is an engineering company. Petra Resources Sdn. Bhd. Anyway, if you know any better deal for engineer, do let me know so that I have more choices after I graduate next year (ONLY if no 'accident':P)

lawcl said...

the mashed potato looks like a a piece of cheese to me.

carr0ts said...

yeah, agree with u dat the food isnt nice =( but cheap tickets!! =) n yeah, emirates' food's yummy! i love their breakfasts.. hehe..
have fun doing ur industrial training! shud b interesting if u can learn new things. p.s. if u dont mind, can help ask around whether they offer internships for chem. engineering? =P hehe..

Kok said...

lee: I thought you eat that before?

carrots: Industrial training...hmm... I'll blog about that later. You can try Shell for the chemical engineering. There are actually quite a number of companies you can try but then, I couldn't remember which one. Anyway, I'll try to look for you. At the mean time, visit ...That's the best choice!:)

lawcl said...

no, never eat before. the last time i ate is curry chicken or something else. not that big block of mashed potato

lynnx01 said...

I remember my cousin buying back Apple Strudel when he studied in
Perth too. Tidak sangka it's that well known. RBA isn't too bad. Cheap bah.. and no need transit in KL.. straight away drive down to Miri.

Kok said...

Apple Strudel is well known in Perth. When you go to the airport, most of the people will hold one Apple Strudel in hand or more. :) Cheap is cheap but then...quite lousy leh!:P

carr0ts said...

16 aus dollars for dat pc of strudel?!?! *me thinks it's crazy* although it wont be totally the same, with less than 3 euros (=rm12) i can make a VERY similar one for u ler... hmm.. maybe i should jus quit here and open a shop selling strudel in perth's airport! hahaha.... "kua-zhang" la..

btw, strudel is a i-hate-to-say-it-german word. and there are two dots above the "u", meaning it shud be struedel. with the e after the u. *gags at the thought of it being german*

Kok said...

Really ah? So cheap at German? Never mind lah. I'm waiting for you to made one and treat me! haha!

Alamak, just a simple strudel only leh. Why need two dots above the "u"? Ma fan lah...hahaha!

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