Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Few More Hours...

Few more hours (actually about 12 hours from now), I'll be having my final paper. But this paper is making me crazy, seriously. I catch no ball out of everything. I couldn't do any question of the past exam papers. Can you imagine how TOUGH it is? :(

I started to list out everything that I need to do after my exam. It's not partying. It's all the things that I need to settle before I get to sit on the big bird peacefully and fly back to Miri. And guess what? Sitting for psychology experiments will continue after my exam. I have signed in for several experiments to earn some cash before I go back to Miri. :P

Anyhoo, I have to leave again for books. I miss blogging. I have heaps of photos to upload. At the mean time, be patient. 12 more hours to go and then, I'm as free as a bird. Same old words from me, wish me luck, guys. I need that badly.

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l y n n w e i said...'s your exam?!?! now that u've finished all of them, do u feel like u want to shout MERDEKA?!?!

so cool..u get to go back miri!! remember to try out all the nice food there!


haf a safe journey home!! keep on blogging yea!!

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