Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Down, Two More!

I had two papers done. Yesterday paper was alright. I think I should be able to pass that unit. But for this afternoon paper, I don't know whether I can pass or not. I did a lot of mistakes. Hopefully I can pass it. I don't want to re-sit for any units! Give me a pass and I'll be happy!

So, alright, two down, two more to go.
1) Mechanisms and Multibody Systems
2) Structural Integrity
3) Thermofluids
4) Control and Mechatronics

Wish me luck for the upcoming exams! I think the last two papers are tough too. I guess I won't be able to update my blog till the exams finish, which is on next Thursday.

Gambateh LAW KOK WEI!


lawcl said...

u always ask for a pass but they always give u a distinction or credit..sure can want la..hai..

l y n n w e i said...

jia you!!

all the best!!!

God be with u!!! said...

The only thermofluid I know, is the water I keep in my Thermo Flask :P

Kok said...

lawcl: it's not as easy as you think lah. somemore, this semester i think is the toughest than the previous semesters. hopefully i can pass everything this semester...

lynnwei: thanks a lot!:)

yenjai: haha! that's something to do with thermofluids too!:P

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