Saturday, April 26, 2008

Still In Perth

"Oi, some people have time to drop line in chatterbox, but didn't update his own blog leh."

This is what MumInMiri said in Carrot's chatterbox.

Okay, okay. I know I should update and flooded this blog with millions of graduation photos. but I am actually still in Perth, sorting out all the stuff (i.e. packing and sending my stuff back, getting my academic transcript done and etc.) and preparing to go back Miri for good. Moreover, I can hardly online and can only do so when I go to the uni's library to study online.

Anyhoo, I am finally done with my convo. I am quite happy with that as my parents and my sis were with me on that very special day, apart from my friends, of course. Not only that, my family and I manage to travel to a few places in Perth and ate lots of food! Yes, I am fatter now I guess. Thanks to the yummylicious food in Perth. :D

As for photos, I'll definitely upload them in this blog for everyone's pleasure. Not at the moment though cause my laptop is giving me headache now. I try to use him to at least sort out the photos I've taken but he kept on restarting without giving me warning. I think he's just getting too old. And that's not the only thing which fails! My camera, too, went kaput just before my convo! How sad is that as he served me so well during these past few years. Luckily, my sis had her camera to take some of my convo's photos. With two of my gadgets not working good, I think my pocket too is not feeling well as I have to fork out some money to repair or to get new ones. Any kind souls willing to donate to Kok's Gadget Fund? ;)

Anyhoo, I'll be going back to Miri on either next Tuesday or Thursday, depends on how quick I can settle my things here. I can seriously tell you that I'll miss Perth, a place which I called my second home.

Ciao for now!

P/s: I'll reply to the comment in my previous post soon!:)
P/s/s: This might be the last post written in Perth.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Me? Update?

I am supposed to be in my bed now but I decided to write an update about myself. This is due to the fact that, I might not be able to blog for the next one week or two. Why? You'll know if you read on...

Early tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to Brunei for Perth to attend my convocation on the 16th of April 2008. Yes, something to be happy on eh? Finally I get to graduate eh? Actually, it's mixed emotion for me.

I am happy because I finally get myself a degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) after struggling for fours years in uni. Not only that, this time, my parents will be going to Perth with me for the very first time. For your information, they didn't go to Perth with me when I first went into uni. I have to thanks my friend, Danny, for taking over my parents' role. My parents will attend my convo and I'll be able to bring them around Perth (only if I know how to go from one place to one place cause I didn't drive in Perth!). It has been a long time since my family went for a holiday together. So, I'm looking forward for that.

I actually felt more worried than happy for the past few months, from the day I know I have passed all my units and am going to graduate. I am a bit lost, not knowing what to do. I don't know whether I should stay at Perth for work. There are several pros and cons living in Perth which I won't be listing here. This post will get too long if I do so. Besides Perth, other alternatives are working in Miri, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Like Perth, there are also pros and cons working in these places. Maybe it's all about my career, I take this a little bit too serious till it affected my emotion. I was not too happy in these few months seriously, from all the pressure I was facing. Sasha faced pre-natal depression, Mott faced post-natal depression and as for me, I faced post-graduate depression! Is there such thing? Hmm...

Anyway, thanks to Firehorse and few other friends who gave me valuable advices and support on this, I think I've more or less made up my decision; to stay at Miri. Like what Firehorse has told me, "Don't afraid to make mistake. Nobody knows if your decision is right or wrong, only after you've gone through it yourself". This is what I should really learn. I think I'm just too afraid that the decision I made is wrong. Coward? Yea, I admit.

So, this time when I go back to Perth, I'll have a lot of things to settle apart from attending my convo. I'll definitely miss Perth, which is considered as my second home. I'll miss all my friends, uni, food, places of interest etc... I understand that, I'll lose something if I wanna gain something. I guess, I've lost something in this case.

I think I better stop here. This post is getting too long. Aunty Judy is going to say, Cheong Hei Gong (long winded grandpa)! Till then, I'll update when I can. Take care, all!:)

P/s: My convocation is on the 16th of April 2008 in front of The University of Western Australia's clock tower at about 8 or 9p.m.. All of you who are reading this are welcomed to the party! Come and take a photo or two with me! It's going to be a great memory for me. :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Home Cooked Fried Kueh Tiaw

There's a food stall nearby my dad's office at Krokop Road. Located inside a workshop area, it is maintained by two sisters and one brother.

The two ladies are two out of three of the stall proprietors.

It is just a very small and simple stall which sells noodles, bee hoon and kueh tiaw to the workers nearby. Although it is opened from morning till evening, I think they only cook in the evening. Other times, they only provide ta pao (take away).

Only few tables.

They have their noodles, bee hoon and kueh tiaw cooked in either dry or soup or even fried. I personally prefer their fried kueh tiaw wet.

Fried kueh tiaw wet.

This stall's fried kueh tiaw is more towards the home cooked type. The kueh tiaw is first fried with vege. After that, the sauce, which is cooked separately, is poured on top of the kueh tiaw. Finally, slices of char siew and fish cakes topped the kueh tiaw.

A closer look...

Does it taste good? I like the strong wok hei as well as the thick sauce. Apart from that, the char siew and the fish cakes came in a generous amount which is a good thing. Other than that, it's just a plate of normal fried kueh tiaw wet which costs RM3.20.

P/s: I ta pao-ed the fried kueh tiaw back home and thus, a better looking plate.

Friday, April 04, 2008

What's This Bloody ......?

This afternoon, my Baba brought back two of these...

Packed nicely with newspaper.

What's this you might be asking. Pork wrapped in newspaper? A packet of Char Kueh Tiaw? Give it a guess...


Something covered in blood?

Chee Cheong Fun or Scissors Kuih.

No! It's actually Scissors Kuih or better known as Chee Cheong Fun. I know, it looks gross. To me, it's like cotton soaked with blood. Haha! However, this is good stuff I tell you. Lightly topped with sesame seeds and covered with red, sweet sauce, this Chee Cheong Fun tasted awesome! It's a little bit chewy and goes really well with this sweet sauce.

How about a bite?

This Chee Cheong Fun can hardly be found in Miri. Most of the Chee Cheong Fun here is showered with light soya sauce and not with red sauce. My Baba bought this Chee Cheong Fun from the Open Market (one of the stalls which sells kuih). One packet of this is only RM1. How cheap can it be...

Would you like to try this bloody gross sweet sauce Chee Cheong Fun?

P/s: This post is dedicated to WMW, a truly Chee Cheong Fun's fan. :)
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