Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Because of 5 Cents


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goodbye RV-6A

It's always time to say goodbye. RV-6A has been with my project mates (Danny, Lawrence, Jono, Nathan, Brian) and I since the beginning of the year.

RV-6, a two seaters aircraft.

Construction of RV-6A is actually a project which we have chosen for one of the units covered in the university. There are different kind of projects available to be chosen but our curiosity towards how an aircraft is being built has led us to this decision.

Seductive view of RV-6A.

Every Monday, for Brian, Danny and I, we have to take a bus to the Kent Street Senior High School's Aviation Education Centre. That is the place where we were dealing with this project.

Aviation Education Centre is located at Vic Park.

In the workshop of the aviation education centre, Mr. David Bryant, our supervisor for the aircraft construction, would instructed us with different tasks.

Overview of the centre.

Working in the workshop for approximately 5 hours on Mondays is quite tiring. However, we gained extra experience which we would never get in uni.

Inside the aircraft.

Working in the workshop, especially when you are building an aircraft, can be quite serious. Drill a wrong hole or forget to tighten a nut would lead to unwanted accidents. But we would sometimes entertain ourselves with endless jokes.

What's in front?

Nathan, trying to give instructions.

A 30 minutes break was given to us to "makan" (lunch). That's what we were always waiting for. ;)

Jono with his nasi lemak.

Makan, makan and makan!

4 months, it's fast. It's time for us to leave the aviation education centre. Of course, we couldn't finish construct the whole aircraft in 4 months time. Next batch of students will continue. It has been 6 years for the construction of RV-6, which is owned by The University of Western Australia. According to Mr. David, the construction should be done at the end of the year.

The 6 aircraft constructors.

The 6 aircraft constructors with their "si fu".

Many thanks should be credited to Mr. David Bryant who has given us valuable advices and also shared precious experiences with us. Given us such an opportunity to work actually let us experience what is it to be in a real engineering world.

Kent Street Senior High School's Aviation Education Centre, a place full of memories.

Still a long way to go.

Hopefully by the end of this year, construction of RV-6A would be completed. And hopefully, the university would give us a chance to fly the RV-6A. ;)

Me inside the 70% completed RV-6A.

Goodbye, RV-6A, for the time being.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's Lunch

Danny, Nathan and I went to Wong Hawker Food which is located near Curtin University of Technology, Perth, for lunch today. Somewhere near Bentley?

Wong Hawker Food.

Specialise in Singapore and Malaysia Cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant.

We went there a bit too early. About 11:20a.m. During lunch time, it's normally packed with people.

What to eat?

As mentioned earlier, they speacialise in Singapore and Malaysia cuisines, so, you can a range of Singapore and Malaysia food inside the menu. The price are still reasonable. Average about Aud$6.50. Three of us ordered the fried chicken rice since Danny strongly recommended us.

Served with free water.

Those are actually chilled pipe water. Most of the restaurants in Perth serve those water since the pipe water here is drinkable.

Here comes the fried chicken rice...

Served with blended chilli and a small bowl of soup.

This fried chicken rice has the similarity of what we can find in Malaysia. The rice is cooked with the chicken oil and it smells and tastes extremely good! It costs Aud$6 per plate. I know, if coverted to Malaysia Ringgit, it will cost about RM16 (based on today's rate). But you hardly can find any nice chicken rice with such price in Perth.

Skin of the chicken is crispy.

Overall, an enjoyable lunch. Went back to uni with a full stomach. ;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Onion with 4 Digits

Few years back, Flower Horn Fish (Hua Luo Han) was popular since some of the people claimed that it brings luck to the owner. Some even claimed that they saw words on the fish's scales. When the owner of the Flower Horn struck the 4D (lotto) tickets, he spreaded the news that the fish actually has numbers on its scales.

Black spots on the scales shows numbers?

That's made the Flower Horn so popular at that time.

Yesterday night, I was cutting the onions into slices for dinner when I saw this...

Can you see that?

Yea! It's 4 digits! 0088. The skin of the onion actually shows numbers! I think if those who plant onions happen see this, they will try to spread this news. "Want to get rich? Buy onions!"

So, everyone will try to buy as many onions as they can. And the one who actually gets rich is the person who plants the onions! :P

Monday, May 22, 2006


I'm getting fatter and fatter. And not only me, I just saw in MSN that three persons having the same "personal message" which is 'Fatty'. Two of them, Jono and Lawrence, know each other and another one is Chris who doesn't know who are the other two. What a coincidence! Everyone is getting FATTER!!! Thanks to the cold weather which we tends to eat more...(just give a reason so that I feel better :P)

Should I change my personal message to FATTY, too?

EXERCISE, EXERCISE!!! Or why not, Marie France? Let's see what if Chris sign up for Marie France slimming programmes, how will he look like....

Original photo was Christy Chung and taken from

Oh gosh! The usual Chris looks much more better! :P

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why Men Are Happier?

My friend, Brian wore this shirt...

Don't you find it quite true?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Traditional Carrot Cake

After a long delay, here comes the traditional carrot cake.

Green's Traditional Carrot Cake.

Instructions printed at the back of the box.

Let's make the cake step by step. First, pre-heat the oven (toaster for my case). Then, place cake mix into a big bowl.

No big bowl? Use the pot of a rice cooker.

Add an egg into it.

Yea, just an egg will be enough.;)

Add 1/3 cup of oil and 2/3 cup of water into the bowl and mixed everything with a wooden spoon. (Add some walnuts which is optional)

Keep mixing...

Until it looks like this...

After that, lightly grease the baking tray with margarine to avoid the cake sticking to the tray.

Messy right? I grease the magarine with my finger, which is faster.:P

Then, pour the mixture into the baking tray.

60% done.

Wrap the tray with aluminium foil and stuff it into the pre-heated oven.

If you are using a small toaster like I do to bake the cake, make sure you switch the baking tray to the other side after some time. Then, take off the aluminium foil if you find the cake is almost done so that there will be less moisture and at the same time, to avoid overbake it.

After a while, the cake should look like this when it's done.

85% done.

Invert the cake on a cooling tray. If not, chopping board will do.

Now, the icing part comes in.

Icing comes in another packet.

Empty the icing sachet into an electric mixer (Chris used an electric blender since we don't have any mixer). Add 3 tablespoons of margarine into it and start mixing. Mix until everything is combined.

It turned out to be ok with the blender...

Now, I made a BIG mistake here when baking this cake. Chris asked me whether we should straight away spread the icing on the cake or not. Me, being impatient, told him that we just spread on it. And the consequence is, the icing melted when it touched the cake. My bad! I learnt a lesson, should have read the instructions carefully before baking it. We should wait for the cake to cool before we can spread the icing on top of the cake.

Not bad also lah...:P

Thumb up!

The cake can be served after that...

Too thin. Should have used smaller baking tray so that the cake is thicker.

Open your mouth...

This cake overall is quite yummy. My housemates and I finished the whole cake in one night!

Chris...What's our next cake?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant

Tonight dinner, housemates and I decided to eat outside since there are no more vegie left in our refrigerator. No time to buy vegie lah..:P Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant was the place where we decided to dine in.

Before we left for dinner.

Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant is located at Northbridge (something like Chinatown for Perth).

Here we come!

The overall design of the restaurant is rather simple.

The size of the restaurant is considered to be average. Most of the restaurants here in Perth have almost the same size of shop lots actually.

Mahu makan apa? (What you want to eat?)

Varieties of food can be chosen from the menu which includes beef, noodles, chicken, fish, vegie, soup and drinks. All at reasonable price between Aud$6 to Aud$8. There are actually two different sets of menu. One for dinner and one for lunch. Both offers different kind of dishes.

The owner of the restaurant and a camera slut.

The owner of the restaurant is one friendly fella. He always chats with his customers and I think he is one of the most successful businessmen.;)

We ordered 5 dishes actually.

Fried tauhu with sweet chilli gravy. (Forgot the actual name of it)

Ayam Bakar (Baked Chicken) with gravy.

Ayam Bali (Chicken) with satay (thick curry with peanut) gravy.

Ayam Bali is one of the most famous dishes in the restaurant. I strongly recommend that.

Sweet and sour fish.

Semur Daging (Beef with soy sauce gravy).

Semur Daging is a recommended dish if you want to get full. Kinda big portion compared to the other dishes. It's served with some carrots and a boiled egg.

Nothing leftover.

Within not more than 30 minutes, we finished everything. Didn't even left much gravy on the plate. The gravy is actually very nice when you mix it with the steamed rice.

Let's see what did James and Chris say about the food...

Two thumbs up for Chris and one sweet smile from James.

The bill came out to be Aud$36 for 4 person after a 5% discount (Thanks to Singapore Student Society's membership which is owned by James). That's mean each person had to pay Aud$9. It is considered reasonable since we ordered 5 dishes.

But but, I'm BROKE! Overspent! Have to eat more breads for the following weeks.

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