Monday, May 08, 2006

White Choc Mud Cake

Another experimental cake by Chris and I. And this time, white choc mud cake. Sounds yummy, right?

The pre-mixed white choc mud cake.

After trying the chocolate mud cake the other day, we decided the white one. How to bake it? Simple...

Just follow the instructions at the back of the box.

Extra tips at the side of the box.

Fast forward all the mixing procedures which is basically just mixing all the ingredients. After that, we simply pour the mixture of the cake into the baking tray and later using the aluminium foil the cover the top of the baking tray. Put the baking tray into the toaster and that's it!

No oven, have to use a toaster to bake a cake.

The toaster not big enough for the whole baking tray.

Since the baking tray is too big for the toaster, we had to switch the baking tray here and there so that the whole mixture inside the baking tray is fully cooked. Anyone pity us? Sponsor us an oven!

Time goes slowly...

Arghhh... Over baked!

Although it's over baked, we still decided to continue on the next procedure; the icing. But the icing turned out to be like this.

What happen??

A double blow for us. First, the cake was overcooked. Second, the icing turned out to be not like icing. What went wrong?


The cake is edible and it's taste is still alright. Bad at the outside but good in the inside.

Still alright, what... Looks almost the same as the picture printed on the box except the icing.

Our next cake.........CARROT CAKE!


lawcl said...

try all and see which 1 the nicest and buy 1 more so that we can bake it in miri!

Original Pristian said...

We can do better!!

Kok said...

lee: i hope i can try all...:P

chris: yea man! carrot cake!!!

Jane said...

ISH... i wana eat ler..........

lynnwei said...

how come the cake doesnt kembang one?

Kok said...

jane: haha! can have some cake baking activities with our cousins one day later...:P

lynnwei: kembang meh? u see one side got kembang and one side don't have leh. haha!

l y n n w e i said...

ahha..yea..but reli not bad lor..., how's yr carrot cake going on?? wat's yr receipi..can share share??

Kok said...

cassie: not bad lehh..yummy~!:P my carrot cake ah? The post will be up soon. Stay tune! haha! That cake is one of the best cake I have baked:P

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