Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Amazing Toilet

The public toilet at a multi storey carpark at Fremantle is kinda high-tech.

Give it a try!

Everything is at your fingertip.

This high tech public toilet is designed for your comfort and safety which is mentioned on a wall beside it. Everything is at your fingertip. From opening the door to washing your hands, you just need to push a button and that's it! Furthermore, after you have used the toilet, there is no need for you to flush the toilet. It will automatically flush when you are washing your hands (means you have finished using the toilet).

One thing weird about this toilet.

10 minutes time limit.

There's a time limit for the users! The door will automatically open after 10 minutes. I understand that it is a public toilet and the users shouldn't take a long time to use the toilet since others might be waiting. But what if you have a stomache and still making your fresh chocolate cake and the toilet door automatically open. Wow! That will be an unforgetable memory for you!

Two Caucasians pushed the button for the door to open but they went off without using it. Curious I guess?

It might not be the most high-tech toilet which you have ever seen but it is one extra ordinary toilet that I have ever used.

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