Monday, May 01, 2006

Burswood International Resort Casino

I have never been to any casino before until last Saturday. I have no idea how a casino looks like and the only image I have for a casino is during the time when I watched this movie ages ago.

God of Gambler 2.

Last Saturday, James asked me to follow him to Burswood International Resort Casino, Perth and since I'm quite curious, I agreed. So, James, Henry and I went Burswood after our dinner at home.

James before the mission impossible.

After a 10 to 15 minutes drive, we arrived Burswood.

Welcome to Burswood.

Burswood International Resort Casino main building.

"People mountain people sea" (means lots of people in chinese). We could hardly find any parking space. It took us quite some time to do so.

Burswood, here we come! Front door of the casino.

No cameras are to be brought inside. So, this is the only photo I have for the casino. Wow, I don't know there are lots of gamblers inside. Most of the people want to try their luck while some of them are just like me, looking around and not gambling. The casino offers free membership and since it's free, I joined without thinking twice.

This is what I got upon joining their membership.

Upon joining their membership, I am given a booklet of voucher which contains a voucher for you to claim 2 Aud$1 coins, a voucher which entitles you to claim $5 when you play any games in the casino, a double pass to their nightclub and a voucher which entitles you to claim a welcome back to Burswood Pack containing more vouchers to play the games for free when you go back to the casino within 2 weeks of becoming their member. Free money is just a bait to catch a bigger fish. ;)

They also provided me a member card. This card can be used to earn points when you play any games and can be later exchanged for cash. Aparts from that, this card can be used in their vending machines to get hot drinks which I used it for hot chocolate and coffee for the entire night.

Other than that, they just gave me a booklet of their news and also a booklet which includes some terms and conditions of their membership.

They were loads of people in the casino. James started off with Black Jack for his mission impossible. He failed his mission. I was quite shocked with the guy sitting beside him. He lost about Aud$1000+ in less than half an hour!

We went to watch a soccer match in a room after that. Packed with people, we managed to get a place to watch the match between Manchester United and Chelsea which Manchester United lost 3 to nil. Chelsea claimed the English Premiership title for the win.

James tried his luck with the roullette. Not bad with it, he got his modal back which he lost earlier. Those uncles and aunties bet all over the table. I wonder how they got so much money to bet. Curious curious. We left after 2 hours with the roullette.

**Sorry for all the words. No photos are to be taken inside the casino. So, all I can do is to describe with words.

Finished with the casino, we went to the hotel, which is just inside the same building as the casino, for couple of photos.

Intercontinental Burswood Resort, a really high class hotel.

The design is simply marvellous.

This is one of the best hotel I have ever been. Too bad, no money to spend a night there. Have to wait James to become God of Gambler so that he can sponsor me that.

A dining room? A restaurant?

At the lobby, there is this room which can only occupies one family for meal at a time. That's weird.

A florist at the hotel's lobby.

Time to go home! We headed towards the carpark.

Passed the nightclub, The Ruby Room.

Although I didn't gamble at the casino, I'm still one of the winner of the night. I got Aud$2 and some hot drinks which cost Aud$1 per cup!

Anyway, a night with new experience!:)


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