Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fremantle Trip Continue...

Fremantle Trip continued. James wanted to get some Australian's souvenirs at E-shed Market which are much more cheaper compared to other places.

I have no idea where is the E-shed Market. So is Chris. As a navigator of the trip, James told us that it is near Cicerello (place which is famous for it's fish and chips). He led the driver, Chris to Cicerello but hey, where's the E-shed Market? We couldn't even find any place which is similar to the market! James kept on repeating, "I remember it's somewhere here leh...Turn left, turn right". Chris was quite frustrated and asked James to find the exact place.

After few turns and stops, we managed to reach the E-shed Market and that's way too far from the Cicerello. :P

We stopped by the E-shed Market. There's not much to write about the market. I'll just post some photos for the market.

Salon Express. 20 minutes for a hair cut.

The cost for a hair cut.

Any flavours of macadamia nuts.

More nuts.

There's a foodcourt inside the market.

Self service chinese food.

I can hardly find any food stall or restaurant in Perth here which offers self service fast food or in Malaysia, we call it economy rice. Surprisingly, I found one in the market. Of course, one plate of economy rice there is not as cheap as Miri.

Since we did not plan to have our lunch there, we left as soon as we have finished browsing the whole market. We stopped by a fish and chips restaurant, Kaili's, for our lunch break.

Almost full house.

They really sell the finest fish in the sea!

Seafood plater; fish, prawns, chips, squid rings...

Chilli mussels.

James and Chris ordered and shared the chilli mussels and the seafood plater while I had my traditional fish and chips. 2 pieces of fish and plenty of chips made my stomach grow a size bigger. :P

Finished with our food, we went to a 'yacht show' or something like that just outside the restaurant. We can see plenty of yachts parked there for us to look around.

Not everyone can go into the yacht at the same time.

Aud $25 per person for this boat to drives you to the middle of the ocean.

Too expensive for me to get into this boat although I want to try it. Next time, next time. Instead, we tried the free stuff; getting into the yachts.

View from inside the yacht.

People still waiting to go into the Moo Yacht.

I didn't manage to get into the Moo Yacht. Too many people waiting. I think that's one of the best yacht on displayed.

Relac one corner.

Another corner.

Champagne when you can drift successfully with the yacht.

Tired? Take a rest.

Not a couple? Sleep separately lah.

No buy also can take photos, what.

After taking some of the photos in some of the yachts there, we decided to go home. Tired tired. Somemore, it is almost impossible for us to own one of the yachts there. We were told that one of the yachts we went in costed about Aud$2.9 million. And yes, it costs you million of dollars for one of that yacht! I couldn't deny that the yachts there are really luxurious and it would be great for you and your family or even your friends to take a break from outside the world, but don't you think Aud$2.9 million is a bit too expensive? Somemore, if you converted it to Ringgit Malaysia, wahlao! How many houses can you buy at Miri? Jialat....

A very tiring day....

The Little Creatures, a 'must try' beer at Freo.

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