Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Onion with 4 Digits

Few years back, Flower Horn Fish (Hua Luo Han) was popular since some of the people claimed that it brings luck to the owner. Some even claimed that they saw words on the fish's scales. When the owner of the Flower Horn struck the 4D (lotto) tickets, he spreaded the news that the fish actually has numbers on its scales.

Black spots on the scales shows numbers?

That's made the Flower Horn so popular at that time.

Yesterday night, I was cutting the onions into slices for dinner when I saw this...

Can you see that?

Yea! It's 4 digits! 0088. The skin of the onion actually shows numbers! I think if those who plant onions happen see this, they will try to spread this news. "Want to get rich? Buy onions!"

So, everyone will try to buy as many onions as they can. And the one who actually gets rich is the person who plants the onions! :P


^SpRInG^ said...

dat is so true....

Kok said...

yo mr billy! welcome to the blog!:P

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