Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fremantle a.k.a. Freo

I have delayed this post for such a long time. Peak time for assignments and projects to due and some more, exams around the corner. Anyway, I'll just break this post into two parts. Too many photos and also too much to share. ;)

Fremantle or well known as Freo, was the first port established in Western Australia. Established in 1829, it is now a 'MUST GO' place for the tourists.

Chris, James and I went to Freo last Sunday. Just to look around. Actually I have been there for a few times. So as James and Chris. Sunday, nothing to do what. Study, study and study? Can become siao (crazy) you know? Fremantle Market is our first destination. The market is not open 24/7. It only opens on Fridays to Sundays and also public holidays.

Opened at 1897.

The markets are divided into two parts. We went to the main markets first. The only requirement before you enter the market.

Smoke outside!

Basically this market is just like the Tamu Muhibbah or Open Market at Miri, Sarawak. The products you can find there includes Honey, Coffee, T-shirts, food and many more.

Packed with people.

Fresh coffee, anyone?

Cheese, I like. But I'm not a cat.

"Kak, sarong, sarong! $8..murah murah!"
(Sis, sarong sarong! $ cheap!)

We thought there will be more interesting stalls ahead, so we walk through to the other part of the market.

Through to Fruit & Vegies Stalls.

Honey or darling, all sold here.

"Uncle, don't steal the sausage roll."

Here comes the fruits and vegies stalls.

Lots of fresh fruits and vegies are sold there. Grab some when you are around.

Since the only different between the main market and the other part of the market is just the fruits and vegies shop, we decided to make a U-turn. James didn't have his breakfast. So, Chris suggested pancakes for breakfast.

As if they owned the pancake stall.

Two camera sluts with their pancakes.

Me poor poor. So, no pancakes for me. Nah, actually I had my breakfast before I go to Freo. I ended up pancakes-less.

We decided to leave the market after that since James wasted most of the time eating. He eats too slow. If there's a eating competition, I bet he'll get last forever. :P

We went to the city centre after that. Most of the shops are still closed. Most of the shops only open after 12p.m. Nothing to do, we just wondered around.

Parking over there.

Everyone's having breakfast along the street.

"James, Chris! So curious ah?" :P

I have been to Freo for a couple of times but I have never been to the Fremantle Prison. We decided to walk there since all the shops were still closed.

Fremantle Prison.

Admission is not free for the prison. Chris told me there's nothing to see inside the prison, so I didn't bother to spend the money. We just walked around and see the surroundings. In front of the prison, there's a railway for the train and there is a tunnel underneath the prison.

The railway is just like our life. Although it's long, it's not always straight.

The exit of the tunnel.

Behind this prison, there's this beautiful beach. I managed to grab some nice shots of the beach.

Look further. Look wider.

Sea rambutan?

James just escaped from the prison. Not get used to the sun exposure.

Don't play play with the canon.

Enough with the Fremantle Prison, Chris said he wanted to buy something for his sis. So we stopped by the shop he wanted to go. While he's busy with his stuff, James and I went to a more interesting shop.

Kakulas Sister Grocer.

Kakulas Sister is a kind of oriental shop. But the most interesting thing in the shop is, it is full of spices. Curry powder, basil leaves, rosemary leaves etc. Other than that, you can find red beans, barley, macadamia nuts etc. There's another branch of the shop at Northbridge which is called Kakulas Bros.

Inside the shop.

Any curry powder you want, you can find it here.

Barley, barley. Consider quite cheap already.

We bought some green beans and some barley here before we went to the multi-storey carpark to take our car.

I noticed something funny at each level of the multi-storey carpark.

Prawn level.

Ketam level.

Quite strange right? Why don't they named it laksa level, nasi lemak level or kolo mee level? That sounds more interesting. I don't know about the names of other levels as our car was on level 2. I would like to check it out when I go there some other time.

After we took our car, James suggested to go E-Shed Market which he claimed to be somewhere near Cicerello. That would be the next part of the trip.

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