Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's Lunch

Danny, Nathan and I went to Wong Hawker Food which is located near Curtin University of Technology, Perth, for lunch today. Somewhere near Bentley?

Wong Hawker Food.

Specialise in Singapore and Malaysia Cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant.

We went there a bit too early. About 11:20a.m. During lunch time, it's normally packed with people.

What to eat?

As mentioned earlier, they speacialise in Singapore and Malaysia cuisines, so, you can a range of Singapore and Malaysia food inside the menu. The price are still reasonable. Average about Aud$6.50. Three of us ordered the fried chicken rice since Danny strongly recommended us.

Served with free water.

Those are actually chilled pipe water. Most of the restaurants in Perth serve those water since the pipe water here is drinkable.

Here comes the fried chicken rice...

Served with blended chilli and a small bowl of soup.

This fried chicken rice has the similarity of what we can find in Malaysia. The rice is cooked with the chicken oil and it smells and tastes extremely good! It costs Aud$6 per plate. I know, if coverted to Malaysia Ringgit, it will cost about RM16 (based on today's rate). But you hardly can find any nice chicken rice with such price in Perth.

Skin of the chicken is crispy.

Overall, an enjoyable lunch. Went back to uni with a full stomach. ;)


bamboo said...

u didnt goto the $3.50 chicken rice shop opposite wong's? hehehe!

Kok said...

Wahlao bamboo! You don't know that near UWA here or to be exact, just a few steps out my house which is at Hampden Road, also got this $3.50 chicken rice leh...haha! I'll blog bout that sometimes later.... haha! Or yea, it is called 'STUDENT CAFE'!

l y n n w e i said... nice...yummy!!!!

i wan to eat also!!!!!!

Kok said...

lol! You are going back Miri soon what..can eat that time:P

Anonymous said...

u paid $6 for that?!?! hey, come my house, i can make for u, for free!! wahlao.. maybe i should consider goin perth and open a shop like dat, i can earn all d students' money. hahaha! okay, so maybe i cant make the skin as crispy as that, but i can make d steamed ones just as nice!! kok wei n danny... again.... nx time, cook yourselves! ;)

the panda(ask danny for identification)

Kok said...

who is panda? hahaa! tara panda is it? hmmm....panda panda...coming from china? hmmm..yea..i cook la..who say i don't cook? i should have post all my cookings here next time. stay tune! hahaha! okie..i think i better go your house and taste the steam chicken before i make a post..where's your house?!!?!:P

Anonymous said...

if u can cook d chicken rice, then dont spend 6 whole dollars on it la! =P

i said ALREADY, for clarification of my name, contact danny


Kok said...

Aiyo, just like in Miri. Although you know how to cook kangkung at home, when you go out, you still will eat kangkung right? hahaha! Outside food is always better:P

Hmmm...Let me guess... I think I know who you are...Stephanie? Am I right? hahaha!

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