Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goodbye RV-6A

It's always time to say goodbye. RV-6A has been with my project mates (Danny, Lawrence, Jono, Nathan, Brian) and I since the beginning of the year.

RV-6, a two seaters aircraft.

Construction of RV-6A is actually a project which we have chosen for one of the units covered in the university. There are different kind of projects available to be chosen but our curiosity towards how an aircraft is being built has led us to this decision.

Seductive view of RV-6A.

Every Monday, for Brian, Danny and I, we have to take a bus to the Kent Street Senior High School's Aviation Education Centre. That is the place where we were dealing with this project.

Aviation Education Centre is located at Vic Park.

In the workshop of the aviation education centre, Mr. David Bryant, our supervisor for the aircraft construction, would instructed us with different tasks.

Overview of the centre.

Working in the workshop for approximately 5 hours on Mondays is quite tiring. However, we gained extra experience which we would never get in uni.

Inside the aircraft.

Working in the workshop, especially when you are building an aircraft, can be quite serious. Drill a wrong hole or forget to tighten a nut would lead to unwanted accidents. But we would sometimes entertain ourselves with endless jokes.

What's in front?

Nathan, trying to give instructions.

A 30 minutes break was given to us to "makan" (lunch). That's what we were always waiting for. ;)

Jono with his nasi lemak.

Makan, makan and makan!

4 months, it's fast. It's time for us to leave the aviation education centre. Of course, we couldn't finish construct the whole aircraft in 4 months time. Next batch of students will continue. It has been 6 years for the construction of RV-6, which is owned by The University of Western Australia. According to Mr. David, the construction should be done at the end of the year.

The 6 aircraft constructors.

The 6 aircraft constructors with their "si fu".

Many thanks should be credited to Mr. David Bryant who has given us valuable advices and also shared precious experiences with us. Given us such an opportunity to work actually let us experience what is it to be in a real engineering world.

Kent Street Senior High School's Aviation Education Centre, a place full of memories.

Still a long way to go.

Hopefully by the end of this year, construction of RV-6A would be completed. And hopefully, the university would give us a chance to fly the RV-6A. ;)

Me inside the 70% completed RV-6A.

Goodbye, RV-6A, for the time being.

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