Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant

Tonight dinner, housemates and I decided to eat outside since there are no more vegie left in our refrigerator. No time to buy vegie lah..:P Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant was the place where we decided to dine in.

Before we left for dinner.

Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant is located at Northbridge (something like Chinatown for Perth).

Here we come!

The overall design of the restaurant is rather simple.

The size of the restaurant is considered to be average. Most of the restaurants here in Perth have almost the same size of shop lots actually.

Mahu makan apa? (What you want to eat?)

Varieties of food can be chosen from the menu which includes beef, noodles, chicken, fish, vegie, soup and drinks. All at reasonable price between Aud$6 to Aud$8. There are actually two different sets of menu. One for dinner and one for lunch. Both offers different kind of dishes.

The owner of the restaurant and a camera slut.

The owner of the restaurant is one friendly fella. He always chats with his customers and I think he is one of the most successful businessmen.;)

We ordered 5 dishes actually.

Fried tauhu with sweet chilli gravy. (Forgot the actual name of it)

Ayam Bakar (Baked Chicken) with gravy.

Ayam Bali (Chicken) with satay (thick curry with peanut) gravy.

Ayam Bali is one of the most famous dishes in the restaurant. I strongly recommend that.

Sweet and sour fish.

Semur Daging (Beef with soy sauce gravy).

Semur Daging is a recommended dish if you want to get full. Kinda big portion compared to the other dishes. It's served with some carrots and a boiled egg.

Nothing leftover.

Within not more than 30 minutes, we finished everything. Didn't even left much gravy on the plate. The gravy is actually very nice when you mix it with the steamed rice.

Let's see what did James and Chris say about the food...

Two thumbs up for Chris and one sweet smile from James.

The bill came out to be Aud$36 for 4 person after a 5% discount (Thanks to Singapore Student Society's membership which is owned by James). That's mean each person had to pay Aud$9. It is considered reasonable since we ordered 5 dishes.

But but, I'm BROKE! Overspent! Have to eat more breads for the following weeks.


lynnwei said...


Kok said...

lynnwei: yea! it's yummy~! but then, now my wallet also yummy! haha! sponsor me some $ to taste more food so that I can take photo and post it here:P

l y n n w e i said...


but it's nice u get to taste food tat are similar to msian food!!

i'll be able to taste real msian food in 2 months time! huahhaha~


Kok said...

cassie: ohh..you are lynnwei. I thought is who. haha! Russia no food taste like Malaysia food? Cannot be ehh..:P

So, you'll be going back Miri eh?

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