Saturday, May 13, 2006


Maybe Arbortech is a company which is small in size, but their achievements in engineering have gained them international recognition and reputation. Their main income comes from the sale of these products; Brick + Mortar Saw, Woodworking, Industrial and Airboard technologies.

Arbortech, a small but well known engineering company.

Although the site visit focused more on the Brick + Mortar Saw, I'm much more interested in the Airboard which they have designed and developed.

Overview of the Airboard.

Looks 'fierce' right?

Some of you may have seen this Airboard before but anyway, just a brief introduction about this Airboard. This Airboard appeared first in the opening ceremony of Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Airboard is actually a personal hovercraft which floats on a cushion of air.

Underneath the Airboard.

Users can travel at a speed of up to 16mph and it can turn using a combination of weight transfer and throttle control.

The engine that runs the Airboard.

Airboard is a kind of rich boy's game which costs Aud $10,000 for one. It's a new generation type of game which gives the riders a whole new experience just like when the roller blades are first invented. It might seems easy to control, but the fact is, you need experience to ride it. Even one of the engineer of the company almost crashed the whole Airboard when he tried to demonstrate on how to ride this Airboard.

Airboard and I.

Too bad I couldn't try the Airboard. If not, I'm pretty sure I can show you the skill on how I ride it. ;) Anyway, I'm more than satisfied to take a photo with the Airboard, which is a proud invention of Perth, Western Australia.

I think Arbortech will surprise us with another new invention....

2 in 1?

Harley Davidson + Mountain Bike.

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