Monday, October 27, 2008

To Keep Or To Tell?

I don't understand why I would end up feeling upset everytime I told someone my honest suggestions/opinions/feeling and etc. Am I being too honest? Or, is there something wrong with me?

Few previous experiences were:
  1. My uncle was telling me that one shouldn't study so much (back when I was in third year). In fact, one could earn more through direct sale. Since he was one of them who told me to study as much as I could when I was in my primary school, I told him back directly, "Why did you tell me to study when I was younger and now, when I was almost finish with my uni, you tell me that I don't need to study." Straight away, an arguement began. After that, I was being told that I was being rude. End up, I was upset...

  2. I was discussing with my baba about his business one day (couldn't remember when) when a debate started. I actually asked him to get another clerk to help with the office works and also to handle some other stuff. He gave all sort of reasons and of course, I, too gave backup to my idea. After few days, my mama told me that my baba was not very pleased with me. End up, I was upset...

  3. When I told one close friend about how I felt towards our friendship, our friendship, as a result, turned sour. This is not what I'm looking forward but, sigh... Anyway, again end up, I was upset...

  4. Just today, my business mind worked again. I asked my baba whether it is possible to do public transport business in Miri. His answer is no. When I asked him again for his reasons, he didn't give but after the second time I asked, this is his answer; "give free lah". Meaning, unless you give people free ride. I hope for a better reason of course. End up, I was upset...

Maybe my mama was right. "It's because they're closed to you that made you tell them everything honestly. I don't think you'll tell a stranger like this because you won't care about a stranger."

Pah! I couldn't care more. Perhaps, it's still the best to keep everything to myself...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pathetic Chicken

Aiyo, when I came back to Malaysia, everything was so small especially the chicken here. Errr... I mean the chicken that we eat ok? ;)

KFC Drumsticks (Photo:

Just look at that bucket of fried chicken! One drumstick is definitely not enough for me loh! I think I need four of those. Hah!

Kenny Roger's roasted half chicken (Photo:

How about this roasted half chicken? Aiyo, so pathetic leh. I think the chicken was not well-fed in the farm, don't you think so? Not healthy lah the chicken, so skinny...

Chris with fresh drumsticks!

Hey hey! Look at what both Chris and I found in Perth! This is what we called drumsticks lah! As huge as Chris' muscular arms! Imagine I have those as KFC snack plate (two pieces of fried chicken)... Wuahhhh!!!!

Hehehe! But too bad, KFC or Kenny Rogers are not going to have those because those are turkey drumsticks. ;)

P/s: I'm not picking on KFC or Kenny Rogers. I'm just trying to over-exaggerate it to make this post a better one.
P/s/s: Anyone tried turkey drumsticks before?

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Am Fat Fat!

No matter what suits I wear...

either a little tiger suit...

or a cute bunny suit...

Adelaide Rundle Mall's pig.

I still look like a big, fat pig!

I've been eating non-stop ever since I came back to Miri! Yes! Non-stop! My waistline has increased so much that my jeans or trousers are getting tighter. *Sigh*

Diet soon? But I love food! How???

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Warranty For Life?

Some people can be very "kiam siap" (stingy) and thick-skinned. I seriously have to call them master!

Few days ago, my baba's customer came in to the office and made a big fuss. He demanded for a warranty claim although the warranty has expired for almost 3 years. When my mama explained to him about the warranty, he stopped my mama and said furiously, "you don't tell me all these! Don't tell me my thing left there would also get spoilt!"

Wah! I couldn't believe there's actually such a person in this world! Why don't he buy his clothes with the receipt stated, "only exchangeable within 3 days only if the product is not in satisfactory condition" and then exchange for a new one only after 10 years? Try give the reason, "I only wore it once and the clothes have changed yellowish". I think people will just give him a I-don't-give-a-damn-look or if he meet a gangster, he will just get himself two panda eyes.

I just don't understand what was he thinking. Warranty for life?

Homer Simpson said, "D'OH!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

18SX: Kok's Sexy Butt Revealed!

Warning: The following post is strictly for readers aged 18 or over only. If you're below 18, please leave. However, if you decided to proceed on, Kok Kor Kor would not hold any responsiblities if you get caught by your Baba or Mama.

After a huge demand from the previous post, I asked my Mama if I could post up a photo of my butt to satisfy everyone. To my surprise, my Mama's answer was "OK!". She even agreed to help me take a photo of it! *Gulp*

My Mama is not good in taking photo, hence, bear with the quality of the photo ok? And and, although I think I've a sexy butt, many might think otherwise. Anyway, you all asked for it! So, I don't bear any consequences ah!

So, you all are very sure that you want to see Kok's sexy butt ah??? If yes, scroll down (slowly if you're viewing this in your office or somewhere public)...















Bouncy and meaty!

Now that's Kok's butt! Sexy? Please say so since I've sacrificed so much for you all! After this, my blog might even be flagged as porn blog. And worst, I haven't actually planned on how to face my friends and relatives after this. But who cares?! As long as my readers are happy!:)




Wouldn't it be better if I can show you all my butt and yet, my blog is still clean, and I can still face my friends and relatives?

The joint at the knee.

Yes, my "butt" actually came from there! ;)


Friday, October 10, 2008

My Ex-Housemate A Pervert?

You know your housemate is a pervert...

Why Chris so happy?

When he used your camera and took a photo of your butt crack!

My butt crack!

Arggghhhh! I miss my life in Perth!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Malaysia: Places, People Food

When people ask me where am I from, I always answer them proudly, "Malaysia". Although Malaysia is not really a huge country as compared to the other ASEAN or Asia countries, it's a good place to stay or to visit.

Places of Interest

In Malaysia, we have a lot of places to visit. Every states have their own places of interest. Take for example, in Sarawak, we have Mulu Caves. It is well known for the home to the world's largest and most fascinating caves. If you're looking forward to visit some of the historical sites in Malaysia, you might have to try Malacca. The most popular historical site in Malacca is the Fort A Famosa. It was constructed by the Portuguese way back in the year 1511.

Deer Cave (Photo:

Those are some of the places of interest in Malaysia. That's only 2 states. Imagine there are thirteen states and three federal territories in Malaysia, you have plenty of places to visit!


Malaysia is multi-racial country where all the people live in peace and harmony. There are three largest populations in Malaysia. The Malays form the largest population followed by Chinese and Indian.

Multi-racial (Photo:

Malaysians are friendly in general. If you happened to visit Malaysia, I'm pretty sure you'll like the people here!


Since Malaysia is formed by various races, we can find all different kind of food in Malaysia. To me, Malaysia is a food paradise. Roti canai, Char Kueh Tiaw, Chapati, Rendang, Kolo Mee are some of the famous food here. I personally love Char Kueh Tiaw and Kolo Mee. If you came across my blog before, I did blog about Char Kueh Tiaw a couple of times. In case you don't know, it's flat noodles being fried with several other ingredients such as bean sprouts, eggs, vege and etc. You must try it out if you happened to be in Malaysia. I'm sure you'll never forget the taste of it! Yummy!

Various food (Photo:

The best part is the food here is cheap overall. You can enjoy your food without the fear of burning your pocket.

All of these make me love Malaysia more! :)

If you would like to know more about Malaysia, you can get yourself a copy of this 50+1 Malaysia Book at It is an awesome book not only for the foreigners but also for the Malaysian. Grab yourself a copy at discounted rate of RM 19.90 (normal price at RM51.00) now! Or else, you can be like me, blog about it and get a copy FREE! More info HERE.


Nowadays, spectacles or eyeglasses are not only used by those who have problems with their eyesights, it's also used as a kind of fashion. However, spectacles can cost you a bomb if you do not know where is the right place to get a pair of. And also, some stores do not offer a lot of selections.

Zenni Optical is an online store to get stylish prescription glasses from as low as $8. What a great deal, don't you think so? Are you worried of the low quality due to the low prices? Worry no more. This is due to the fact that they sell their manufactured frames direct to the customer without involving any middlemen. There are lots of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens to be chosen from. Below is the one which I would like to get for myself. I think I'll look great with that, what do you reckon? ;)

What are you waiting for now? They have new frames arrived recently. You'll be amazed at their wide range of selections at a very low price! Head over now and choose your own eyeglasses!

For customers' reviews, you can see for yourself here.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shit Hairstyle

I know all these while, people often come out with new hairstyle to grab attention from the public.

Just look at the hairstyle of a famous footballer, Ronaldo, when he played for Brazil in World Cup 2002. He had his "half-moon" hairstyle back then...
Half-moon hairstyle.

And not to forget, another hairstyle of a handsome and talented footballer, David Beckham. He is more famous with his faux mohawk hair...

Faux mohawk hairstyle.

If you were following National Basketball Association (NBA) games in the 1990's, I bet you must remember this "gangster" basketballer, Dennis Rodman. Everytime when I saw him playing, he would have a different colour for his hair...

Ever-changing hair colour.

The latest Beijing 2008 Olympic Games also saw a group of kids having their hair cut with Beijing 2008 Olympic logo. Their pictures were spreaded in the internet straight after their haircut...

Beijing 2008 Olympic hair cut.

Since I also want to get more attention (who wouldn't want, right?), I think again and again on what hairstyle should I have. Still no idea, until one of my friends told me after a haircut, "my hair looks like shit now lah!" (She defines "shit" as ugly).

Ah! Shit! That's interesting. I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who has shit hairstyle before.

Meaning to say, I can be famous if I was to have a new hair style like this???



Friday, October 03, 2008

Sasha's Handbag Meme

Remember the handbag meme's which I've done earlier? And remember one of the three pretty ladies I've tagged? Yes, Sasha is one of them.

She has actually done this tag before and I totally forgot about it until she showed me again. I would like to show you all what's inside her handbag. But before that, I have to warn all of you that you might vomit blood. That's the worst case. Or you might laugh out loud! Or perhaps, you might also call the police!

Are you ready to see what's inside Sasha's handbag? Let's countdown...





Yes! She always has his son, Little Jayden, in her handbag! Believe your own eyes! Hahahahahaha!

Have you fainted yet? :P

P/s: Sasha has recently given birth to her second son, Baby Justin. My heartiest congratulations to her!:)

Aussie Car Drivers Rated

Remember my final year project about Road Safety Factors of Elderly Drivers? Recently, there's a survey done to rate the Aussie car drivers, similar to what I've done. The survey result is in this link;Interactive Driving Survey. It can roughly give an idea of how Australians conduct their everyday driving. Not bad huh? I'm amazed at the results.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


To all my Muslim friends and readers, I would like to wish you all a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin. :)
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