Thursday, October 09, 2008

Malaysia: Places, People Food

When people ask me where am I from, I always answer them proudly, "Malaysia". Although Malaysia is not really a huge country as compared to the other ASEAN or Asia countries, it's a good place to stay or to visit.

Places of Interest

In Malaysia, we have a lot of places to visit. Every states have their own places of interest. Take for example, in Sarawak, we have Mulu Caves. It is well known for the home to the world's largest and most fascinating caves. If you're looking forward to visit some of the historical sites in Malaysia, you might have to try Malacca. The most popular historical site in Malacca is the Fort A Famosa. It was constructed by the Portuguese way back in the year 1511.

Deer Cave (Photo:

Those are some of the places of interest in Malaysia. That's only 2 states. Imagine there are thirteen states and three federal territories in Malaysia, you have plenty of places to visit!


Malaysia is multi-racial country where all the people live in peace and harmony. There are three largest populations in Malaysia. The Malays form the largest population followed by Chinese and Indian.

Multi-racial (Photo:

Malaysians are friendly in general. If you happened to visit Malaysia, I'm pretty sure you'll like the people here!


Since Malaysia is formed by various races, we can find all different kind of food in Malaysia. To me, Malaysia is a food paradise. Roti canai, Char Kueh Tiaw, Chapati, Rendang, Kolo Mee are some of the famous food here. I personally love Char Kueh Tiaw and Kolo Mee. If you came across my blog before, I did blog about Char Kueh Tiaw a couple of times. In case you don't know, it's flat noodles being fried with several other ingredients such as bean sprouts, eggs, vege and etc. You must try it out if you happened to be in Malaysia. I'm sure you'll never forget the taste of it! Yummy!

Various food (Photo:

The best part is the food here is cheap overall. You can enjoy your food without the fear of burning your pocket.

All of these make me love Malaysia more! :)

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Dav DiDi said...

Hhmmm..I'm hungry now, and when I saw all the foods ... I'm more hungry .... huhuhu...

ilene said...

Wah, KOK now turn ambassador for the tourism board of Malaysia!!! *clap clap*. First, you were a hairstylist, then 'optician' now, tourist guide! Enjoying your new jobs or not?

kok said...

dd: Adui! Come Miri, I treat you eat!:P

ilene: Aiyo, manyak susah lah. Too many jobs but didn't earn much. haha! What else can I do ah? Any recommendation?

WokandSpoon said...

The food is my favourite part!!

ps. Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's been a while!

ilene said...

KOK, for the time being, your job shall be ..... entertaining us on your blog!

Kok said...

wokandspoon: Hah! Everyone sure loves Malaysian food! hehe.

Not a problem. Waiting for more of your cooking and baking. :)

ilene: Hah? I'll try ok? I don't think my blog is entertaining at all leh. How??

Life for Beginners said...

Can't argue with that; the food is my favourite part too! :D

Kok said...

All Malaysians love that part I guess. :D

EastCoastLife said...

I love Malaysian food too! I haven't tried Miri food. :)

Kok said...

Maybe you can come and try our kolo mee, midin, paku-pakis and etc? hehehe.

Dalicia said...

mulu caves looks like a place i would love to go. have u been there?

i love the food...YUM! maybe i should visit sabah and sarawak next time.

QuaChee said...

hi kok wonderful write up on the country lah :) actually while doing the book, i learnt more about our beloved country, especially the many places. so many of them which ive yet to go :) and of course, like most malaysians, food is no. 1 ! haha

Kok said...

Thanks a lot!

Actually I would like to get your book "50+1 Malaysia Book" as I know I still have lots to know about Malaysia. I think it's a great idea to come out with such book. Well done to you too Quachee!:)

kok said...

As a Sarawakian, I feel ashamed that I've never been there before. haha! I think I'll go there some time. hehe.

Come to Sabah or Sarawak! It's quite different from West Malaysia I guess...

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