Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a Name!

Short talk: I haven't decided to stop blogging. The previous post is mainly about my feeling at that very moment. Maybe some of you still couldn't catch "real meaning" behind that post but that's not important anymore...

Ever wonder why I don't get myself a Christian name? Why do I stick with the forever boring Last-Middle-First name given by my Baba? And why I'm always waiting for my friends to give me some funny nicknames for their convenience to remember my name?

Now, I'll tell you why. Imagine a receptionist is questioning me. Below might be the conversation which would take place...

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You might have to view this twice...

Now tell me, do you prefer Kok or No Law? ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogging Not The Same Anymore...

Way back when I started this blog in early 2006, I was like staying in an empty room, talking to the wall. Not until when I began to bloghop at the end of 2006, I met a lot of wonderful bloggers who gave me the drive to keep on blogging.

Curious to know who are those bloggers? Let me list them down:

  1. Firehorse

  2. Aunty Judy

  3. Aunty Alice

  4. Ilene

  5. Yenjai

  6. CC

  7. Dancing Queen

  8. Mum In Miri

  9. Sasha
*The list only includes friends I know from blogosphere.

They are the one never failed to drop a comment or two at each post. At one time, each post I wrote was bombarded with comments. Most of the times, some of them would leave two or three comments, as if the comment box was meant for chatting.

Those were the times I enjoyed the most in blogging. I don't know about the others (bloggers I listed above), at least for me, the bonding with them is stronger.

Now as time goes by, I no longer feel they're as close to me anymore. I don't seem to have the drive to blog like previously. Although you all might say I have new blogger friends, yes I do, I still feel that the time spent with those bloggers was the most enjoyable. Simply because they are the first few who drop by here and sort of give me encouragement to keep blogging.

Most of these bloggers no longer frequent my blog or I should say, make this blog as merrier as last time. I can understand as most of them have their own commitments. Below are the current situation of these bloggers...

  1. Firehorse - No longer blogs

  2. Aunty Judy - Decided to stop blogging recently

  3. Aunty Alice - Very much busy with her daily life

  4. Ilene - A lot of ups and downs for her which I deeply feel for her

  5. Yenjai - Still as active

  6. CC - Just make a comeback after disappear for almost a year

  7. Dancing Queen - Still as active

  8. Mum In Miri - Slows down in blogging

  9. Sasha - Most active but spending more time with his boy
To me, they are the greatest. They made me feel warm in this blogosphere. How I wish Doraemon does exist so that I can ask him to bring me back to those time... The time when I feel blogging is something I am looking forward the moment I open my eyes. I seriously miss it...

That's why for me, I feel that blogging is no longer the same anymore...

P/s: To all my other blogger friends, of course, I do appreciate all of you. And I really mean it. Without you all, I don't even want to write this post. I hope you all would understand...
P/s/s: I wrote this not because I want more people to comment on my post. It's simply a feeling that I want to express at the moment.

Bloggerwave For Blogger

I am currently still searching for job. Since I am jobless and need an income, I decided to fully utilize my blog to make some money. I have actually registered with Bloggerwave some time ago. So, it is time for me to go back to them again for making money through blog. Hopefully I can see more figures in my Paypal soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How's My Birthday?

Some of you might be curious of how I celebrated my birthday this year. I'll tell you how I celebrated my birthday in this post...

There's NO birthday cake for me...

Reminds me of the mud cake given by Chris in 2006.

There's NO birthday gifts for me...

Reminds me of the gifts given by my friends in Perth.

There's NO birthday celebration for me...

Reminds me of the little celebration I had back in Perth.

Yes, basically that's my birthday for this year. Sad, no?

Anyway, it's just another day in my life...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy "Ngau Yat" to Me!

I can't believe it's another year! 13th of June 2008, I celebrate my 23rd birthday!

This year is just another birthday for me. Unlike my birthday in 2006 and 2007 when my friends celebrated my birthday, I won't have any celebration this year. I'll be going to attend my baba customer's wedding dinner with my baba and mama at night. That's the only celebration I guess.

Happy "Ngau Yat" (Cow One)?

I'll just keep this short unless I have last minute surprise, then I'll write more. ;)

Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes from:
  1. Mum In Miri
  2. Sylvia
  3. Chris
  4. Veron
  5. Kopisoh
  6. Anthony
  7. Mian Er
  8. Emilia
I appreciate them a lot!

To me, Happy "Ngau Yat" (Cantonese)! :)

P/s: I've no idea why "Ngau Yat" means birthday in Cantonese.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

*Woots Woots*

Before I write anything, take a look at this...

Taken from Lydia Teh's blog.

I am one of the winners of a contest organised by Lydia Teh! *Woots woots* If you all can remember, it's a contest to thank her readers for her recent win in The Star-Popular Readers' Choice contest. I've blogged about this contest before.

RM20 Popular book vouchers for me!

Anyhoo, I never thought I'll win as luck is always not with me when it comes to this kind of contest. I'll use the RM20 Popular book vouchers to buy Life's Like That by Lydia Teh. Yes! I'm hooked to her books! Haha!

Thanks, Lydia, for the vouchers! :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Expensive lah!

Wednesday night, the petrol stations in the whole Malaysia were packed with vehicles after our kind government announced an increase in petrol and diesel price. Petrol per litre now costs RM2.70 (RM1.92 per litre previously) and diesel per litre is now RM2.58 (RM1.58 per litre previously).

Long queue!

It was a shocking news for everyone as the increase was not expected to be that much. Many started to complain or whine about how tough the life is going to be with such increase.

No longer RM1.91 per litre.

However, it's already a fact now. No matter how hard we complain, we won't be able to pump our petrol at RM1.91 per litre anymore. We just have to accept it...

Chinese New Year ah?

I find it quite true of what Lydia Teh wrote in her blog...

Don’t complain you don’t have money when you still drink coffee that costs RM10 per cup. Or eat a slice of carrot cake that costs RM5. I’m not saying we shouldn’t splurge once in a while for a treat. But if we regularly eat stuff like this, it’s no wonder our pockets will be burned through with a hole the size of Mars.

Perhaps, we just have to cut down unnecessary expenses especially on food. No more eating out? Or we just have to eat grass? :(

HELP! 8 Million Clicks Needed!

This is an urgent tag I recieved from a blogging friend of Rainbow. It is an ongoing campaign in The Breast Cancer Site to get as many clicks as possible by end of June to reach their target of 8 million clicks in order for their sponsors to donate $10,000 more for free mammograms.

We can do our part by just clicking at the pink button as many times as you can. Remember each click you gave will give hope to a poor woman in getting free mammogram. I would like my buddies here to help out by spreading word about this campaign and link it to The Breast Cancer Site:


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Gawai!

To all my Dayak friends,


For everyone's information, Hari Gawai is celebrated on the first day of June every year by the Dayaks (native ethnics) of Sarawak, marking the end of a paddy harvesting season and the beginning of a new planting season. At the longhouses, there are several activities/entertainment to celebrate this big occasion which includes dancing and singing in a traditional way. Not to forget, lots of food and also tuak (rice wine) would also be served.

More information on Hari Gawai, click HERE.
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