Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

FINALLY, I have finished my exam. It's so difficult and you can see everyone shaking their head when they came out of the exam hall. Anyway, as I have promised earlier, I would write a post about my birthday. I know, it's a bit late but, EXAMS! That's why I have to postpone this a bit late.

My 21st birthday started off with this Brumby's bread.

Baked today!

I was still preparing for my exam that day and I thought I would be nice to have an instant lunch instead of having to cook it myself.

Garlic with 'don't know what' bread.

It costed me Aud$2 (with guild member) and it is such a huge bread. I couldn't manage to finish it all. That's the difference between the bread in Malaysia and Australia. The bread maybe a bit more expensive but then, just look at the size and you will think it's worth your money.

Not cooking at night. So, I went to Northbridge (Chinatown in Perth) to have superb chinese meal with my fellow housemates (James, Chris and Henry) and Yan.

Malaysia Singapore China Town Restaurant.

Since we have not been to this restaurant before, we decided to give it a try.

What's Singapore delicacies?

It's my birthday. So, everyone kept asking me what I wanted to eat. I had no idea, but I suggested one of the dishes. The sweet and sour pork.

While waiting the dishes to be served...

Yan's approved photo.

Guessing my age?

Finally, here come the dishes. First one was 'ma po to fu'.

Some kind tofu with spicy gravy.

The second dish was fish with spring onions and mushrooms.

Little bit of fish, lots of spring onions.

The fish here are too expensive, so, that dish contains spring onions mostly.

The next dish, SWEET AND SOUR PORK!

One of my favourite dish which I like to order back in Malaysia.

Although it's good, I still prefer the one cooked by my mum. ;)

Another dish to come. Kangkung with belacan (shrimp paste).

Back in Malaysia?

This Kangkung, don't play play I tell you. Malaysia, you can get a whole bunch of this for RM1 or 2. But this dish costed us about Aud$9 here in Perth. This is actually the most expensive vege in the menu.

Four dishes altogether?

Actually there is another dish. The deep fried squid.


This dish might look simple, but it tastes good! Thumbs up for this.

Don't fight, don't fight. Enough food.

What a nice dinner we had. The bill came up to be Aud$58. Still consider reasonable. Now what?

Full moon today.

My birthday did not end like that. Here is the best part.

When we reached home, Chris actually brought this out.

A chocolate cake, fresh from the toilet fridge.

Wah, so touched! Chris bought a cake for me! He told me it was from the toilet.

How old am I?

So nice right? Chris, our goal for our next cake. Bake one better than this. :P

So happy. :)

Before everyone got back to study for their own exams, here is a group photo.

Power of 4.

Thanks a lot everyone for the wishes and for all the things you all have done for my birthday. This is definitely one of the best birthday I have ever had.

All from my friends.

Thanks a lot everyone. I will keep this memory forever in my mind:)


Jane said...

shiiit la.. u just made me drool!!!

Kok said...

LOL! Nice right?:P

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