Tuesday, June 13, 2006

21 Years Old

Today is my big day! Maybe someone out there would be curious what's this big day. Ok, it's the day where I have been living in this earth for 21 years. In short, my birthday.

Since most of us are having exams these days, including me, I'll just post a short birthday post of mine. After exam, I'm going to post what happen during my birthday.

Ok, actually 2 weeks ago, I received the first birthday wish. I'm sure no one would believe. She's someone I don't know. And she, too, doesn't know me. Just happen that, she got my Perth's home address, she sent me this.

What's in this big envelope?

"Who sent me this?" I'm too lazy to guess at that time, so, I just took a scissors and opened up the envelope.

Miss Candy Cow?

A welcome to Candy Cow's membership letter. It's from Candy Cow! A shop with all the candies and a cow as their icon. Still no idea?

Candy Cow (Margaret River).

Now, remember? I visited this shop two months ago when I was at Margaret River.

So, what else did Miss Candy Cow send me?

Certificate of Membership.

I'm officially a Candy Cow's 'Cow' now. It's so special, no? I only received membership card from the clubs which I have joined but not a certificate. And to be honest, I have not even bought anything from them. :P I join their members simply because it's FREE!

Not only did Miss Candy Cow send me those, she also sent me this.

Birthday card from Miss Candy Cow.

Nice right? I never expect such a shop would send me this. Most of the shops nowadays would take advantage of the new technology, the e-card, to send us a greeting.

This is not an ordinary birthday card...

Free Candy Cow FUDGE.

This card entitles me a 100grams of FREE Candy Cow Fudge.

This is what I called, BUSINESS. No doubt, I'm impressed with how the people here (Australia) do their business, not only Candy Cow. No matter you buy or not buy their products, they still treat everyone their customers. That's what I like.

Anyway, thanks Candy Cow for the card and the gift. :)

Candy Cow, I like.

P/S: I will post more about my birthday once my exams end.


Jane said...

Happy belated b'day wei! i only remembered ur b'day on the 14th :P hehe sorry la.. busy man. finally ur LEGAL! take care.

Kok said...

haha! thanks a lot! I'm busy too..preparing for my exams..anyway..thanks!:)

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