Monday, June 05, 2006

Have a Break, Have a Tea Cake

Before I get very busy for my exams, I'll just post more in this blog. Actually Chris and I did bake a cake two weeks ago. Banana cake, which turned out to be not too bad.

The ONLY photo for banana cake.

That's the only photo I have taken for the cake since Chris' friend visited him and she would think I'm a weirdo if I kept on taking photos on the cake.

Anyway, we baked another cake last week, Apple Cinnamon Tea Cake.

Apple Cinnamon Tea Cake.

The procedures for making this cake is actually the same as those cakes which I have made earlier. The only difference is that, you need to give a swirl on the surface of the mixture before sending it to the oven/toaster.

The cake still hot in tray.

The effect of swirling can be seen on the photo above.

The camera slut is here again!

Don't you think it's almost the same as what you can see on the box?

This is the most successful cake that we have baked so far. No overbaked. That's a good sign we can bake better cake! :)

Wanna grab a bite?

Ok, here you go.

Is that the last cake of the semester? Before I wrote this, I would answer yes. But then, we baked another cake tonight. That would be the last cake of the semester for sure.

Two famous bakers with their cinnamon tea cake.

Stay tune for the next cake!:)


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Kok said...

haha! this cake indeed is not to bad since it's not so sweet after all..hehe..:)

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