Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exams Coming!

I hate June and November although June is my birthday month. When it comes to this two months, you'll see lots of people in the library, cramping their head, trying their very best to study, study and study, to get at least a pass in their exams.

I've been in the library for these past few days. Went to the library at 11a.m., went home at 5:30 or 6p.m. Dinner and straight away, to uni again till late. That's my daily routine till the end of the last paper which is on 21st of June.

The more I study, the more worried I am. It seems like there's still loads of things which I don't know or understand. It's too much things to memorise unless I have a 100Gb hardisk in my head. And my progress is quite slow due to the fact that I'll feel sleepy sometimes after I read the book and in the end, taking a nap on the table for few minutes. I hope I can have a CPU in my head which is few GHz fast.

I don't know what am I crapping actually. But anyway, I hope I'll do well in my exams and all the best to those who are sitting for their exams soon.

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