Monday, June 26, 2006

Leaving Perth For Miri

After four hectic months, I'm ready for Miri again.

Perth International Airport.

Duty free liquour.

Since nobody could send me to airport that day, I had to spend a night with Zhungyi (don't get it wrong, different room!) cause he's with the same flight as me. Thanks to Chris who fetched me to Zhungyi's house. I was super tired that day cause I slept at 4a.m.

Tag Heuer, I want.

Last minute shopping?

Zhungyi and I reached the airport 2 hours earlier. Thanks to Chau Meng who woke up early to fetch us to airport. :) We can do nothing in the airport. Zhungyi sit there and rest while I wondered around for photos.


Cowboy hats.

How come two hours seem so long that day? I was exhausted. Sleep was the only thing that appeared in my mind.

Perfume on sale.

Which one you want?

Huge Toblerone.

I was so desperate to get into the plane. Give me a break!


Cathay Pacific.

BI 0066, Royal Brunei Airline. Let me get in!

Sayonara Perth.

After 2 hours of waiting, finally, we were called on board.

Brunei, 12:40 p.m., Gate 2.

Gate 2, here I come!

From Perth to Brunei, it will be 5 hours flight.

Looking outside from BI 0066.

Everyone busy with their luggages.

Zhungyi was so excited from the beginning till the end.

Looking forward for Miri.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Flying with you is Captain Mckenzie....". The flight began.

I'll see you again in one month time, Perth.

The flight was not too bad. The stewardess and the stewards was good. Just that, the 'television' inside the airplane did not function properly. I paid that much but I didn't enjoy the facilities that they provided. I hope Royal Brunei Airline can improve that.

"Roasted chicken with mashed potato or fish with rice?"

Roasted chicken with mashed potato for me.

That was my lunch. It didn't turn out to be very nice but then, I finished everything due to the high level of hunger I had that time.

How big is the sky?

I couldn't do much thing on the plane. The television did not function properly and the songs kept on repeating. All I could do is to take out my camera and start snapping the photos of the sky.

How I wish I could do this...

Cloud boarding instead of snow or sand boarding.

After 5 hours, we reached Brunei International Airport. Before we landed, we were welcomed by the rainbow.


When Zhungyi and I stepped out of the plane, we were like "WAHLAO! How come it's so hot here?". That's the first thing that came out from our mouth. Cold in Perth but hot and humid in Brunei. There's not much difference between the weather in Miri and Brunei. HOT! But what's better than home, right?:)

I'm going to enjoy my holidays at Miri for one month. I have to look for job for my industrial training end of the year. Anyone can help? Let me know through my email or leave a message at the 'chit chat corner'. THANKS.:)

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