Saturday, April 22, 2006

Margaret River, Here I Come!

Although the road is smooth enough for a long journey, it's still quite tired when you have to sit in the car for 5 hours. At last, we arrived Margaret River. I have no idea why it is named Margaret River, so don't ask me. Maybe there was once a mermaid called Margaret living in the river. So, the river is named after her. That's just a story made by me in case someone take it seriously.

Our first stop, The Margaret River Chocolate Company.

Look at those chocolate. Yummy!

We got a chance to grab some chocolate for tasting purpose. Of course, not the one shown above.

Lots of chocolate products.

Not only chocolate products, but also their merchandise.

This is one of the best place we have visited in Margaret River because we got the chance to grab as many chocolate as we can. But of course, you will get 'paiseh' when everyone is looking at you. Somemore, the chocolate will melt in your hand, not in your mouth so you cannot take too much. ;)

Candy Cow, a candy shop with cow as it's mascot was our next stop.

Candy Cow's merchandise. "LELONG!"

Heart shaped lollies.

We stopped by an organic vege farm after that and we saw this.

Shirley, the cute, huge pig.

Does she look cute? She loves to eat. And I mean it. The owner gave us some grapes for us to feed her and she ate it all.

It's getting late after that. We went to look for our motel, Vintages Motel which is just 5 minutes from the Margaret River city, before we check into it. Although nothing special about this motel, the staff are friendly and I highly recommend this motel to anyone who is first timer to Margaret River.

One of the room.

After settling down, our tummy started to rumble. FOOD FOOD FOOD! That's what we want. Everyone was tired after a long day trip. So we decided to go to a restaurant and enjoy our first night at Margaret River. After asking the staff of the motel, we decided to go to Waves Seafood and Grill which is walking distance from our motel. They offer the little lobster, which is known as marrons, and we wanted to taste that since most of my friends recomment a MUST on that.

Pretty good environment for dinner.

I want food, I want food! I ordered "Texas T-Bone" (steak and sausages with bacon, together with chips and salad) and a shared serve of marron (shared with Yoong and Henry). Henry ordered something like salmon with rice. Yoong ordered the same meal as mine. While James and Elizabeth shared the chilli mussels and crabs and marron.

The famous, marrons.

Chilli mussels and crabs.

"Texas T-Bone".

Oh my God. My saliva is dripping now while looking at the photos. The marrons turned out to be not that nice as the sauce they served contains too much coconut milk. I like my "Texas T-Bone" since it's the biggest potion among all the other dishes and it tasted real delicious. Two thumbs up for the "Texas T-Bone."

Finished everything. T-shaped bone, do you notice?

This is my first proper western meal since I came to Perth three years ago. I think Yoong and I were really full after that meal but not the others. They had a smaller portion of meals compared to us.

Quite satisfied with the dinner I had. The staff were friendly. The service was good. The meal was delicious. But.....

After 10% discount, Aud$168.75 for 5 persons!

look at the receipt! Wahlan! It costed us Aud$168.75 for a dinner and I had to pay about Aud$37! It is approximately RM100 (according to the exchange rate on 22nd April 2006). That's the most expensive meal I have ever had in Perth. Or maybe my 20 years living in this earth (of course using Ringgit currency to compare). But, once in a while, my baba won't killed me because of this eh?

That's basically what happened on the first day of Margaret River. 2 more days and 1 more night to go....

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