Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Blog, First Post!

After reading some of the blogs around the World Wide Web (WWW) such as and ,

Stolen Adapted from and

I am finally inspired to start one for myself. This blog will be quite a simple one as indicated on the description of the blog which is "Not so complicated...". Everything is simple! Many will ask, "WHY Kok a doodle?" The answer is: As I have no idea what to write at first, so,I thought of the word "doodle" which means a figure, design or scribble drawn or written absent-mindedly (since one of my friend with the name Jono a.k.a. Botak has been calling me that and I think it suits this blog) and finally I decided to name it

Anyway, let me introduce myself in case anyone who happens to read this blog and does want to know me or maybe want to keep in touch with me! Back to the good old days of kindergarthen, primary school and secondary school which we get to introduce ourselves during the first day of school. My surname is Law and my first name is Kok Wei from Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. As there is Christian name-less for me, there are loads of names given to me but the most popular among friends are Kok (a.k.a. Cock).

Do I look like this, seriously?

Any names will do for me actually. As long as I know you are referring to me :) Currently a third year student of The University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Main interests including photos taking, travelling, cooking and ball games (not those type of ball games ok?!;)).

The University of Western Australia, Perth

Before I forgot, if anyone found any posts, photos, words or anything offensive, please let me know and I'll take it off. And if you would like to download any photos or anything, please let me know before you do so. Thanks! :)

To stop the long winding introduction, I'll start the next post as soon as possible about my trip down Margaret River (south Western Australia). I'm dread tired to write one now....

FINALLY, let me present to you......

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