Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday 28th?

We all probably heard about Friday 13th (the sixth day of the week which "coincidently" falls on the 13th of the month) means an unlucky day. I don't know it is whether or not a superstition passed from generation to generation but some claimed it is. In a year, there would be one to three times Friday would fall on the 13th of the month.

But, today is not Friday 13th. It's just a Friday which falls on the 28th of the month and it seemed like a lot of unlucky things happened. Of course, not happen only to me but also the people around me. In the morning, one lecture and one tutorial were cancelled today. You can hardly get any classes cancel in the university. The lecture was cancelled as the lecturer has a volcano in his throat and the tutorial was cancelled due to unknown reason.

After I bought my lunch, I went back home and saw James was freaking panicking. He said he overslept and he was late for a 30% test. He wanted me to send him to uni using his car so that he could sit for the test. Wahlao! First time driving in Perth leh... Since it's so urgent, I agreed.

After lunch, I went to uni for the last lecture of the day. The lecture was supposed to start at 2p.m. sharp but the clock showed 2:10p.m. No lecture again?!?! We all waited. Finally, the lecturer showed up on 2:15p.m. He thought the lecture is at 3p.m.

I went to buy some grocery just now. Since I have to walk for like 20 minutes to the nearest supermarket and another 20 minutes to go back home, I was quite tired walking and carrying about 7kg stuff (3kg of muttons, 1 litre of milk, 2 litres of fruit juice and some other stuff). So I took a break under a short tree and put everything down to rest for a while before continue. I bent down and got all the stuff. When I got up, my head knocked one of the branches. Wahlao! Got so unlucky or not?!?!

Aparts from that, one of my friend, Brian didn't come for lecture as his legs are painful and Jono also not coming to uni as he is sick.

Don't tell me there is this Friday 28th!

Anyway, forget all about the bad stuff. Today is the first time I drive in Perth! Lucky enough I didn't bang his car. Thanks to James!:D

Why this is not Ferrari? :P

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