Friday, April 21, 2006

On The Way to Margaret River

Before I started to write something in this blog, I travelled down south Western Australia. Margaret River is the exact name. It is about 300 km from Perth. Went there with my housemates, James and Henry, together with Yoong, a friend of mine and James' girlfriend, Elizabeth.

Along the way, we stopped at 2 small towns namely, Mandurah and Bunbury to take a break. Mandurah is quite a well known town (although it's quite small) for its "ketam-ing" (crabbing) activities.

Roundabout clock.

Jetty which leads to some of the buildings.

Great place for photo session especially for couples.

Huge cock pelican welcomes us.

Everything goes fine until I saw this.

Parking sign inside the river!

*Sigh* Vandalism is everywhere to destroy the beauty of the towns. Or maybe not? Is that a parking sign for the boats? *Scratching my head*

From there, we continued our journey to the south. Listening to the music, taking a nap, chit chatting, food and drinks and sight seeing are some of the activities in the car besides waiting for the next stop to visit the toilet. As time goes, we reached our next destination, Bunbury. We stopped to ask for directions to guide us to Margaret River.

I glanced around Bunbury town and did not find anything special to take a photo of. "Cannot be!" I told myself. And indeed, before I left Bunbury to continue the journey, I found this.

Does that look quite familiar to you? If not, see below

Yeah! It looks quite similar to this flinstones' car, don't you think so? I find it quite cool! Maybe you can drift with it just like what Takumi did in Initial-D! ;P

The next entry will be Margaret River, the main destination.

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