Monday, April 24, 2006

Sayonara Margaret River...

Time flies fast. 3 days 2 nights end just in a blink of eyes. I woke up as early as 7am, while everyone was still hugging their pillows and hiding under the warm blanket, to take the final look at the Margaret River town. And of course, took some photos for memories.

Only memories for Margaret River.

Margaret River's first dinner was here...

Volkswagen bangs through the wall!

The Volkswagen is actually a decoration for ANZ Bank but I have no idea how they 'glue' the whole thing on the wall. That's interesting.

I went back to the motel to meet the others before we checked out the motel.

Group photo before we left.

We left the Margaret River town and went to the first destination of our day, Margaret River Venison. We expected to see some deers there but in the end, we only saw deers' meat and skins.

I forgot to see how much it costs.

After the not so fruitful stop at the Margaret River Venison, we again stopped at some of the wineries since we are the "wine experts".;) I mean, expert at free tasting and not buying.

My friend, Yoong likes the dessert wine here.

Antique? And barrel for sale!

There's a funny stuff happens here.

After tasting the wines here, Yoong thought for so long before he decided to grab a bottle of dessert wine here. After he paid for the wine and about to leave....

Lady: Have a nice day. See ya!
Yoong: Ermm... *Scratching his head* Can I just try this wine again just to make sure?
Lady: *Giggles* Oh..ok... *Pour some more wine to the wine glass*

Very funny ok? We laughed all the way and kept teasing him. Poor Yoong! The wine he bought is only 375ml instead of those 700ml one ok? He just wanted to drink a little bit more so that it adds up the original volume of the wine to 400ml. *Trying not to laugh*

Our next stop was the classic winery in Margaret River, Vasse Felix. It is the first vineyard and winery established in Margaret River.

A must visit winery in Margaret River.

A restaurant in the winery.

Another antique to produce wine?

A bottle of wine has its own uniqueness.

Baba and Mama wines.

Kissing in public is common here.

There's even an art gallery here. Paintings and aboriginal arts are available in the art gallery.

We left Vasse Felix after the 'Kiss Goodbye' I have given to the statue. Since the time did not allowed us to visit more places, we decided Bootleg Brewery to be our last destination before we left Margaret River for Perth.

No free tasting here!

Bootleg Brewery is not a winery. It's a place for the beer lovers. However, beware! There is no free beers tasting here.

How beer is born into this world.

After we had enough aroma of the beer, we say sayonara to Margaret River.

Best photo of the trip featuring Fei Mao me and James.

Guys, when is our next trip?

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