Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Second Day of Margaret River

The second day of Margaret River began with a simple breakfast. This breakfast was provided the day before by the motel's staff.

Cereal, bread, coffee, tea, milk, jam and butter.

After breakfast, we started our whole day trip. Our main destination is Augusta which is on the extreme south west point of Australia. Wineries were the places which we visited most since Margaret River is famous for it's wines. There are about 80 plus wineries there!

One of the biggest vineyards we have seen.

The grape tress.

Grapes which are later turned into wines.

That is the first wineries we went. Too bad we were too early for them and they were not yet opened for us to taste their wines. Most of the wineries open at 10 a.m. and closed at 5 p.m. We visited quite a lot of wineries today and of course, we bought some good wines after the free tasting in every wineries.

Redgate Wines presents a huge barrel in front of the main entrance.

Some of the displayed wines.

Too much wines in the morning. We continued our journey to some other interesting places. We passed by one of the cave's and decided to take a look. Free entry, we will go in. If not, continue our journey. That's our decision.

Entrance fee is Aud $16 (approximatedly) per adult!

Can you see the ant?

So expensive for the entrance fee. I might as well go back Malaysia for the Mulu Caves or the Niah Caves. We stayed for a little while before we continued our journey. We went through a so called 'scenic drive'. It's just a road and trees on the left and right. The road is so bumpy along the 'scenic drive' which might be caused by the 4 wheel drive. The 'scenic drive' lead us to the top of the 'mountain' (somewhere quite high).

Bush fire which destroy all the trees and bushes.

On top of the world!

Our destination is near to the ocean. Without wasting our time, we hopped into the car and "VROOOM".

Coastal drive to Augusta.

We managed to stop by for photo session of the beautiful scenery. Rocks with crystal clear water. And the strong wind and waves accompany. That's really amazing.

After a drive of an hour or two, we arrived Augusta. We headed straight to the main tourists' attraction, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. There, you can see the Indian and Southern Ocean meet.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse since year 1896.

It costed us Aud$9 to go to the top of the lighthouse. Nobody is allowed to go to the top of the lighthouse without a tour guide. If you think it's too expensive, then, browse around the the surrouding of the lighthouse since it's FREE.

On top of the lighthouse, everything seems so tiny.

Where two oceans meet.

On top of the lighthouse, you can really see the place where two oceans meet. How to identify? The waves flow in opposite direction. This is kinda interesting. This lighthouse is strongly recommended by me. This is a place with nice scenery and somemore, this is the extreme south west point of Australia. It's really worth the time and money spent on it.

After that, our tummy started to rumble again. We decided to find something to eat at the city of Augusta. We had fish & chips for lunch that day.

"Shiok" chalets and mooncake restaurant?

After we filled up our tummy, we went back north again towards Margaret River city.

We went to The Berry Farm, Margaret River Horseback Tours and another winery, Watershed Premium Wines.

The Berry Farm with lots of berry products.

I managed to grab a bottle of mango dessert wine which is the only bottle of wine I bought at Margaret River. 375ml for Aud$18. I know it's EXPENSIVE but you came all the way down to a wineries heaven and you didn't buy a single bottle? That would be a waste

Prince riding a white horse, every girls' dream.

We didn't manage to catch a ride on the horse since they need a reservation and of course, some fees for that.

Watershed Premium Wines is a new and grand winery.

Huge vineyards. How many bottle of wines can they produce using all the grapes here?

At the end of the day, we went to Margaret River Mouth, which is a popular surfing point, to enjoy the sunset.

The wonderful sunset, perfect for couples.

The Margaret River's trip to be continued.....


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