Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Surprise for Housemate

25th of April is a birthday of my housemate, James. My other housemates and me planned to give him a surprise. No birthday cake, no presents...HOW?

Our mission impossible went like this:

  1. I go to arrange some candles on the floor and on the table.
  2. Chris put an alarm clock in the kitchen so that it will ring on 12a.m. sharp.
  3. Bake pre-made meat pie for him as a 'birthday cake'
  4. Chris goes to his room and starts chatting seriously with him (i.e. Chris' problem) so that he won't be coming out from his room.
  5. I light up all the candles.
  6. Alarm rings and Chris leads him out of the room by asking him what happen to the house.
  7. James will see the SURPRISE!

It was such a rushed when we have to do everything in like 15 minutes. When the clock struck 12 a.m.......

"Wah, so touch lehhh....," James keeps on repeating.

James with his "birthday cake" and the candles with the birthday song by us, the housemates.

Blowing off the candles.

He actually blew off all the candles which had a pattern of "=) 24!" before he blew off the candles on the table.

Crush Cut "cake" ceremony

James' meat pie cake.

After the cut cake ceremony, we made James drink a bottle of beer one go. Accompanied him drinking, of course not me, is Henry. And James is officially one year older now!

Girlfriend called. What's Chris doing?

We light up the candles again for photo session.

Together with the candles again.

F4 Housemates 2006.

Card games begin.

Today is James kor kor birthday. Don't play hide and seek ok?

In the middle of the game, *BOM*

Ouch! He broke back the chair!

James fell down from the chair!


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