Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy "Ngau Yat" to Me!

I can't believe it's another year! 13th of June 2008, I celebrate my 23rd birthday!

This year is just another birthday for me. Unlike my birthday in 2006 and 2007 when my friends celebrated my birthday, I won't have any celebration this year. I'll be going to attend my baba customer's wedding dinner with my baba and mama at night. That's the only celebration I guess.

Happy "Ngau Yat" (Cow One)?

I'll just keep this short unless I have last minute surprise, then I'll write more. ;)

Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes from:
  1. Mum In Miri
  2. Sylvia
  3. Chris
  4. Veron
  5. Kopisoh
  6. Anthony
  7. Mian Er
  8. Emilia
I appreciate them a lot!

To me, Happy "Ngau Yat" (Cantonese)! :)

P/s: I've no idea why "Ngau Yat" means birthday in Cantonese.


wmw said...

Wish you here also...cover all areas! Except in person only, hahaha...Happy Birthday Kok! Big boy alrready ah!

wonda said...

Happy Birthday Kok and congrats on your winning the book voucher!

Shionge said...

Yo Happy Birthday Kok :D

Dancing Queen said...

Happy birthday, kok!! Big boy already... :)

Where are you celebrating it?

cc said...

Have a great one!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

happy birthday! die which means i also turn 23 in september..

somehow i feel that being 23 is no longer young more milestones till u r 30..

Hazel said...

happy Birthday to you and may ur dreams come true

Kok said...

wmw: Thanks thanks! Old boy already I supposed?:P

Aunty Alice: Thanks a lot!:)

shionge: Thanks!

dancing queen: Thanks!

Where to celebrate? No where to celebrate oh. I'm going to attend my baba customer's wedding dinner with my baba and mama tonight. So, no celebration?

cc: Thanks!:)

joe: At least you're still 22 now. haha!

Don't remind me of 30. :P

hazel: Thank you!

mommibee said...

Happy Ngau Yat young man!
Your Canto vely good!
23 not old yet ... wait till u hit 25 then things will skyrocket from there LOL
Hope u hv a great day :)

+ z e | i n g © said...

Happy 23rd!!! Celebrating by attending a wedding dinner nt bad also leh, nice food at wedding dinner, got shark fin soup summore. Still a young man! Hope u find a great job & a Ms. Right!

Lynnwei said...

yo!! happy birthday!!!!

mott said...


Another coincidence leh!!! I aso a COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! la u know, I. AM. OLD! WAKAKAAKAKAKAKAKA



jane said...

oi cousinnnn.. happy birthday la. go back oso never see u. only see ur head from the window for less than a second nia. hahahaah. another year.. wishing u the best of everything :)

eastcoastlife said...

Happy birthday kok kok kei!!

*Hugs muack muack muak*

Xiu Long Bao said...

Happy 23! U r now of the same age as me :p

Try to combine the words 'ngau yat' in chinese characters. It means 'sang' = birth.

Neo said...

Happy birdday! :)

Chen said...

so did u bully any cows during your Cow One celebration?

hope no cows were hurt during your big day. Hahhaha.. Happie Cow One once again :D

eastcoastlife said...

How was your birthday? Did you get laid? kakaka..... said...

from what I heard:

Ngau yat is basically separating the word of 'born' into two words

η”Ÿ --> 牛一

How many birthday wishes?

keeyit said...

tHappy birthday to you

Kok said...

mommibee: Thanks! My canto? So so only lah. hehe. Don't remind me of 25 years old!:P

tze ling: Thank you! The shark fin soup was bad lah! Not nice... Thanks again. The Ms Right, not quite sure. :D

lynnwei: Thanks! :)

mott: You also cow!? Wah! We share quite some similarities eh? kekeke! Now I know how old are you. ;)

Thank you!:)

jane: You never call me. Aiyor! Thanks a lot!:D

ecl: Thanks! My birthday was the most boring ever! Get laid? Laid egg at home got lah. Want the egg? hahaha! :P

xiulongbao: Thanks! No no, you're going to be 24!:P

Oh... now I know why is this "ngau yat ngau yat". It means birth!

neo: Welcome here! Thanks!:)

chev: Wanna bully your moo moo but it's not here leh. kekeke! Thanks a lot!:)

yenjai: Thanks! And thanks a lot for the "ngau yat" explaination. haha! Never knew that actually. Birthday wishes? 3 only wor. Can have more?:P

keeyit: Thank you!:)

Dalicia said...

hello ah ngau :) haha

happy ngau yat to you! :)

Sasha said...



Kok said...

dalicia: Yea, I'm Ah Ngau!:D


sasha: It's alright. Thanks.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Aiyoh...Kok, I miss out on yr Birtday. Had been very busy myself lately. So please forgive me for wishing you a belated....

And May All Your Wishes And Dreams
Come True As You Grow Wiser And Older And As Happy As Ever.

oceanskies79 said...

I blog-hopped and realised it's your birthday a week ago. Happy Birthday.

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