Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogging Not The Same Anymore...

Way back when I started this blog in early 2006, I was like staying in an empty room, talking to the wall. Not until when I began to bloghop at the end of 2006, I met a lot of wonderful bloggers who gave me the drive to keep on blogging.

Curious to know who are those bloggers? Let me list them down:

  1. Firehorse

  2. Aunty Judy

  3. Aunty Alice

  4. Ilene

  5. Yenjai

  6. CC

  7. Dancing Queen

  8. Mum In Miri

  9. Sasha
*The list only includes friends I know from blogosphere.

They are the one never failed to drop a comment or two at each post. At one time, each post I wrote was bombarded with comments. Most of the times, some of them would leave two or three comments, as if the comment box was meant for chatting.

Those were the times I enjoyed the most in blogging. I don't know about the others (bloggers I listed above), at least for me, the bonding with them is stronger.

Now as time goes by, I no longer feel they're as close to me anymore. I don't seem to have the drive to blog like previously. Although you all might say I have new blogger friends, yes I do, I still feel that the time spent with those bloggers was the most enjoyable. Simply because they are the first few who drop by here and sort of give me encouragement to keep blogging.

Most of these bloggers no longer frequent my blog or I should say, make this blog as merrier as last time. I can understand as most of them have their own commitments. Below are the current situation of these bloggers...

  1. Firehorse - No longer blogs

  2. Aunty Judy - Decided to stop blogging recently

  3. Aunty Alice - Very much busy with her daily life

  4. Ilene - A lot of ups and downs for her which I deeply feel for her

  5. Yenjai - Still as active

  6. CC - Just make a comeback after disappear for almost a year

  7. Dancing Queen - Still as active

  8. Mum In Miri - Slows down in blogging

  9. Sasha - Most active but spending more time with his boy
To me, they are the greatest. They made me feel warm in this blogosphere. How I wish Doraemon does exist so that I can ask him to bring me back to those time... The time when I feel blogging is something I am looking forward the moment I open my eyes. I seriously miss it...

That's why for me, I feel that blogging is no longer the same anymore...

P/s: To all my other blogger friends, of course, I do appreciate all of you. And I really mean it. Without you all, I don't even want to write this post. I hope you all would understand...
P/s/s: I wrote this not because I want more people to comment on my post. It's simply a feeling that I want to express at the moment.


cc said...

Just let you know that I really appreciate your friendship kok. Blogging won't be the same without you. I hope you do find the drive to continue, but if you don't, I wish you well. Do whatever makes you happy! At the end of the day, that's what matters. You take care ya!

Chen said...

Most of the blogger that i know initially when i started blogging also had stopped blogging or slowed down or not so active with their writing. I can say might be only around 10 ~ 15% still remain in blogsphere. Just like the popular phrase people come people go..

And as time goes, we manage to get know of more new people. At least via blogging I get to know quite a number of bloggers personally and some of them have actually become my good friends in real life. And many of them also have subsequently stopped blogging eventually, but we still keep in touch. Nice knowing u too, Kok.

Blogging should be something enjoyable and not a commitment. Just do whatever u feel like doing. Well, I still remember what my late friend BH said, "life is just like that". Yeah, do whatever things that made u happy, and not the vice versa. All the best ya :)

Dancing Queen said...

It's funny now that you mentioned it. Blogging is a phase alot of ppl go through. There were times too when I felt like giving up & closing down my blog (esp when I encountered nasty comments). Yet there are times when I can't wait to blog about things that I feel strongly about which I want to share.

No matter what, it's your blog - your way to express yourself. Nobody needs to tell you whether you should or shouldn't do it. Do it for yourself and for those you know who appreciates your blog.

And if not for blogging, I wouldn't haven't gotten to know you. So yes, I'd say, just keep blogging! :)

mott said...

Haiz... i aso dunno what else to say. It changes as your life changes mah...

I aso wonder...when i'll stop. But don't think i can lor.. coz... coz.. i need a place to release tension. if i ever stopped...then u know i died from stress.


eastcoastlife said...

I want to stop blogging too.... so you can dedicate a post to me.

I'll miss :
blogger friends,
blogger events,
meeting celebrities and VIPs, freebies,

jane said...

agree with DQ. sometimes i feel like its time to close. but yet there are times when i feel i just neeeed to blog abt some things, just to get it off my chest. i guess it's also the different phase of life that we go thru. I used to have ideas n motivation to blog, but now not so.

ilene said...

Hello KOK! I'm here. Yes, I also agree with you that the fun is no longer there. I still remember our good old times commenting here and there and 'scolding' you and everyday, each one of us (or perhaps not me) would definitely have something to post. It was so fun reading each other's blogs and tumpang here and there. Ahhh.....those good old days.

Thanks to blogging I got to know you better and also what's life like being in a uni away from home. I've stored your contact no. in my mobile. Thanks for your offer to help.

Sorry dear, am still busy in managing my mum's condition. I know you did tell me not to apologise for not dropping by but I just need to read your blog as well as the others as you all brighten my days. said...

Thanks for including me in the list.

I am one of the more 'stubborn' kind.
Once I started doing something, I will just keep going

Thus I don't think I will stop blogging soon

Do come back to read my blog, as and when you can spare your time, ok?

MIM said...

(...... ) I am so speechless. That was very touching...

Sasha said...

i know u for so long edi ah ? never noticed also. everyone will come to this phase, where u will think -why should i continue blogging eso when the comments are coming in ONLY when u blog hop and leave comments everywhere. Its like we gotto work hard for the comments. Those were the days.But i believe those in yr list, they are also like me now. we blog for ourself. For our own remembrance. Like u, u blog about what u eat. Like me I blog about jayden. Cos i know my brain memory is running low. If u dun blog, where else to put it leh? *pat kok's back*

Shionge said...

Know what you mean Kok, there were times when I don't feel the urge to blog too. Then again, blogging allowed me to embrace new friendship and I do keep in touch with some via emails.

Firehorse said...

I dunno wat I can say to make things better for you...all I know is that I have NO regrets knowing YOU for sure!!

Lynnwei said...

wah..i feel so touched by your post, not because i'm in the list but looking back, i've see the change in me too! feels like bloging has become a part of our lives!

Dalicia said...

people have priorities...sometimes days just passed by so fast. that i don't want to write about it.

we all love you :)

mommibee said...

Kok, i also wanan let u know I appreciate ur comments very much in my cari makan blog eventho i dont expect comments at all.
It's nice of those bloggers u listed to always leave u comments but i guess when u hv a family, time is no longer yours alone, ppl tend to move on.
One day u will too, but when that day comes, we will understand :)
Thanks again for ur support.
U're not just a good man but a very good one.

Kleio the Muse said...

I have similar sentiments too. Made many interesting friends - from all walks of life and geographical locales.

Learned many new things. Really opened up my eyes - especially for a semi-hermit like moi.

It has been a wonderful experience altogether.

But of late, I have been toying with the idea of stopping my blogging too. Due to many reasons of my own and also due to situations. Tho I really am very heavy-hearted to do so - fer real. Hence, the procrastination of writing a goodbye note. I am still hopping I could have the time and resource to continue blogging. I better not say more.

I am really glad and fortunate to have known you. You have certainly brighten up my world. Thanks for being a friend and for being there when I needed it. Hope I could be there for you too when you need it.

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