Wednesday, June 11, 2008

*Woots Woots*

Before I write anything, take a look at this...

Taken from Lydia Teh's blog.

I am one of the winners of a contest organised by Lydia Teh! *Woots woots* If you all can remember, it's a contest to thank her readers for her recent win in The Star-Popular Readers' Choice contest. I've blogged about this contest before.

RM20 Popular book vouchers for me!

Anyhoo, I never thought I'll win as luck is always not with me when it comes to this kind of contest. I'll use the RM20 Popular book vouchers to buy Life's Like That by Lydia Teh. Yes! I'm hooked to her books! Haha!

Thanks, Lydia, for the vouchers! :)


Shionge said...

Hey congratulation Kok :D said...

I saw the list on her site
I was like: wah, this kok lucky wor

Sasha said...

20 bucks better than nuthing! haha Congrats!

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! Congrats Kok! What a lovely prize! A book voucher for her book! haha....

You are such a lovely guy.

When things at my side are more settled, I'll visit you. Start thinking where to bring me to see and eat. That's an order! hahaha....

cc said...

U lucky chap!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

congrats..congrats..nothing more then buying a discounted book that you truly want to read.

Kok said...

shionge: Thanks!:)

yenjai: Hehe. I think luck is with me this time.

sasha: At least can buy another book mah. kekeke! Thanks! :)

ecl: Thank you! Yaya, another book to enjoy.

Aiks? Why am I a lovely guy? haha!

Don't worry. I'll also need some time to save more $ so that I can treat you for meals! haha!

cc: Just this time. hehe.

joe: Thank you! Glad to get another book of Lydia. :)

ilene said...

Sooooo.....lucky! Congrats Kok! See, must never give up!

mott said...


Good get a GOOD BOOK!

Congrats!! and thanks for new mottizens!! HA H AHA...I got no more crazy ppl limited my population type!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Woohoo.. Kok..Congrats on your big win.....!!
But I still cannot get hold of Lydia Teh's book anywhere here in Penang...the staff in Popular told me they are not available over here.. it that trrue..? or is it ban here..? pls leave me a note..I have no idea.

Kok said...

ilene: Thank you!:)

mott: Thanks! I already got a new book! Lydia gonna send me the book that I wanna get instead of the vouchers. Yay!:D

Aiyoh, I got add more Mottizens for you leh. Wait lah. More crazy one will come!:D

sweetjasmine: Thanks! Hope you can get the book. :)

Oh for the love of food! said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kok! I'm one day late, but better late than never, right? Hope you had a wonderful and meaningful day with family and friends ;o)
Congratulations on winning that Book Voucher!

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