Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lydia Teh Honks Again!

Last few months when I was in Kuching, I finally got myself one of the most famous non-fictional books in Malaysia; Honk! If You're Malaysian by Lydia Teh. I wanted to get hold of this book for as long as I can remember but I just couldn't find one at Miri.


Once I got this book, I couldn't stop myself from reading it. The first day I got the book, I already read 1/3 of it which is about 100 pages. I seldom read this much at one time, not even my textbooks back in uni! Yes, this shows how interesting the book is.

6th printing already!

Honk! If You're Malaysian basically reviews the typical life of Malaysian. When I was reading the book, I thought, "How come Lydia knows what I've done previously?" Haha! Lydia is just too observant that she noticed every single bit of how a typical Malaysian behaves.

There are loads of stories in this book about Malaysian. They are all written in a humorous way. On a particular story, Lydia wrote about how Malaysians would shop. Malaysians are trying all possible ways to avoid paying a single cents when we shop. On another story, it was about Malaysians who love to procrastinate. From studying for exams to shopping, Malaysians just like to leave everything to the very last minute. While reading these, I kept nodding my head. These are so true!

This is the lady behind this book; Lydia Teh.

For a reasonable price at RM29 per book, I would strongly recommend Honk! If you're Malaysian to everyone. This is a book which deserves a place on your bookshelf. :)


Recently, Lydia Teh has won The Star-Popular Readers’ Choice contest with Honk! If You’re Malaysian being the most popular non-fiction local book as voted by The Star readers. To thank her readers who have made the win possible, she organised a contest which anyone in Malaysia can enter by posting in the comment box at her blog HERE. Only one entry per person. Winners will be selected by random draw.

1st prize : RM50 Popular book vouchers

2nd prize : RM30 Popular book vouchers

3rd prize : RM20 Popular book vouchers

Closing date: Friday, 6 June 2008

Let's hop over to Lydia's blog now to congratulate her and also, to try your luck! ;)


Lydia Teh said...

Kok, you finally got the book! Thank you for the great review. Appreciate it very much. I hope luck is on your side this time.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, KOk...I still have not got the book..can sent pos laju over for me or not...???

Kok said...

lydia: Yeah, finally got it at Kuching. haha! Not a problem. My pleasure!:) I also hope so. kekeke.

sweetjasmine: Eh, you can get it at MPH oh. Here in Miri, I couldn't find any. I got my book at Kuching. You can order it online though. Take a look at this website.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well loved the way the book talks about our daily lives..only complaint would be the stories were way too short and when u r used to long novels..u seem to get in and out of different stories in a matter of pages which can be abit irritating..

hsiouling said...

ah, finally u've got the book :)
looks like u r a great Lydia Teh supporter.

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