Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rejected Good

Short note: I just want to rant. Let me do it...

As some of you might have known, I applied for a job with Shell some time in March. Last week, I went for their Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) for their final assessment. There were three exercises/sessions on that day; individual case study, group case study and technical interview. Out of the three, I think I did quite badly in my technical interview. Done with the SRD, I was told that the outcome of the interview would be discussed within the next 3 working days.

After two days of waiting, another guy who went for the SRD texted and asked me whether I had any news from Shell or not. No was my answer. He further told me that two other people had been offered a position with Shell. That got me curious and worried. So, I texted another girl and asked if she received any phone call from Shell. To my surprise, she had been offered too!

With 3 out of 6 people had been offered, I thought they will call me soon to let me know the outcome. However, the next day was Saturday and then, Wesak Day (holiday in Malaysia) was on Monday. I expected them to give me a call on Tuesday.

The more I wait, the more curious I was. At one time, I thought I don't have chance anymore but at another time, I thought they might not be so cruel to reject me. Afterall, I only did quite badly in the technical interview part.

Days after days, I finally received a call from Shell this afternoon. A familiar voice from one of the guy in the SRD. First, I was told about the qualities I had during the SRD and then, it was about the qualities that I have to improve on. Next on, he told me,

"Unfortunately, you didn't meet the benchmark. We couldn't offer you a position. You can apply again with Shell after 2 years."

My heart sank when I heard that. I didn't know if I should be happy or sad. Happy because at least, they called. Sad because I am a rejected good. Frankly, Shell is the only company I have applied for a position so far. I wanted to join Shell very much simply because it is a reputable company in oil and gas industry (my preferred industry) and also because it provides proper training for fresh graduates. Apart from that, I can't deny I am attracted by the salary they offer. In a small city like Miri, it's pretty difficult to find such good company.

I know it's not the end of the world to be rejected by a company. Nevertheless, I still feel quite depressed to be rejected by a company which I have always wanted to join. This is not the first time they rejected me. The last time when I applied for my internship, they also rejected me. Maybe I really have to look at the brighter side or in another words, comfort myself to make me feel not that bad.

Ahhh! Enough with the ranting! Now tell me what are you going to do with this "rejected good"? Any rubbish bin cares to take me?

P/s: If you know any rubbish bin in Miri looking for rejected goods to fill them up, please let me know. I want to prove to them I'm a rejected good which can still be sold for good money!


Lynnwei said...

don't be discourage!!
dont ever doubt ur ability...


Dancing Queen said...

Don't worry, Kok. You may not get it this time but it doesn't mean you're a rejected good. I'm sure God has better plans for you. You may not see it now, but I'm sure you will one day.

How about P****? Can try mah... :)

All the best!

SilkAir Boy said...

Hey Kok Wei,

Don't place all your eggs in one basket. When I joined Singapore Airlines, I had to mentally prepare myself that I won't get the job. If I do, it is a blessing. There is a job somewhere that will suit you so don't give up and work towards your dream.

Somebody said...

don't give up. try more other companies

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

start to apply everywhere boy..miri or out of miri..theres plenty of fishes in the sea to go..

if u want to knw of a inspiring story..i had frens looking for their perfect dream jobs for 2 years..rejected interviews after interviews..but guess wat? they found it at dont give up after 1 interview

Sasha said...

*pat pat kok's shoulder* dun worry la. Rejected doesn't mean u're no good. Not your shoes ma.. slowly find the right size shoes la.. ok?

Sweet Jasmine said...

Don't be discourage by yr is only a job...there are many opportunities out there waiting for are some words of encouragement for you....

"When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us."

Cheer up....

eastcoastlife said...

aiyooooh.... from FB to here. tsk tsk tsk....

Dun take it too hard lah. Must be thick-skinned, be able to take rejections. You are a man now!

ilene said...

KOK, I can feel what you're going through as I felt it with my daughter when she too was not accepted into the universities of her choice in 2007. I saw what Lena went through and now I can see what you are going through too. I know anger and depression would set in but you have to look at things from other angles as well. Please do not feel rejected and unqualified. When you feel this way, your loved ones would feel even worse and they'll worry more than what you're worrying about.

God has not left you and neither has He closed all the doors on you but instead He has better plans for you as only He can foresee what the future holds for you. Experience is not what happens to you but it is what you do with what happens to you.

Treat this as a challenge and carry yourself further by applying elsewhere. Give a go at BHP, ESSO and Petronas. Then 2 years later, apply again to Shell. You'll be surprised at how things may turn out to be!

I wish you all the very best Kok and don't give up.

Dalicia said...

you wouldn't believe it. before i graduated i went to a job fair.
told me that i wasn't qualified enough despite having working experience. what is this man!!! i got rejected right on the spot all in one day.

what i can say tried and you didn't get it. i realized that sometimes things are meant to be. who knows, maybe you wouldn't like SHELL.

there are things out there for you. ah...speaking of rejections, boyfriend rejections, job rejections, project rejections....see the pattern?

just saying that the cycle isn't going to end. so, don't be hard on yourself. if you put it this way. then i'm damaged goods liao

wmw said...

Don't forget what I told you the other day. :o)

Kok said...

lynnwei: Thanks for the encouraging words.

dancing queen: Hopefully that is so.

Ermm... will try to apply for that company apart from some other companies which I've searched for. Have to look for whatever bins which will take me.


chris: Hey Chris!

Like you said, maybe I'm not mentally prepared to be rejected. I put too high hope in Shell and thus, was quite disappointed when I didn't get the job.

I think I just have to look for other jobs for a stepping stone. Beggar cannot be chooser now...

lee: Thanks.

joe: Since my first priority has gone, I've to look everywhere now. But at the time being, Miri is still the place I hope I can work due to several reasons.

My dream job is gone. So, I don't need to wait for 2 years. Now I've to start searching for any companies that are willing to take me.

Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words, bro. I will definitely keep trying. :)

sasha: Thank you, Sasha. Ermm...put it this way. Maybe I'm really not good for them. So, what to do? Like you said, just keep trying to find the right shoes loh. *sigh*

sweetjasmine: Actually not discourage. I'm just disappointed. Mainly because Shell is a company that I really wanted to join.

Thanks for such encouraging words! It's really true. I will look for the open door for me. I'll definitely remember this words. :)

ecl: Just disappointed lah. Not that I couldn't take it. Just like what I've told SweetJasmine, it's because Shell is a company that I really wanted to join.

Kok said...

ilene: I just feel disappointed cause afterall, Shell is the company that I wanted to join most. When I got rejected, it's like you don't get a High Distinction in a subject. Since Shell rejected me, I just feel that maybe I'm really not good enough for them.

I think you're right. God may have a better plan for me which I still can't seem to see now.

I think I just have to keep applying for more jobs. Miri is a small city with limited good companies. At the mean time, I still prefer jobs in Miri due to several reasons. BHP and Esso? No, there's not in Miri. Petronas, I'll try to apply although I'm not really keen to join this company. I don't think I'll apply to Shell in 2 years time again. Unless, I am not very happy with my work, if not, I won't hop over.

Thanks for everything, Ilene. Don't worry, I'll keep trying and definitely not giving up. :)

Kok said...

dalicia: It would be better if they rejected me before even giving me any interview (a hope). Once I had high hope to get the job but was rejected, I feel quite disappointed.

Hmm... yea, maybe I won't like Shell too if I was given a chance. Like Ilene or dancing queen has mentioned, God may have different and better plan for me. All I can do is to hope it's true.

Wah, don't say that you're a damaged good. At least, you're better than me ok? Anyway, don't worry, I won't give up. I'll get over with this soon, hopefully. Thanks for those encouraging words. I appreciate it very much. :)

Kok said...

I still remember. Don't worry. :)

mommibee said...

Kok, it's their LOSS!!!
Maybe u're destined for better things or better things are in store for u.
Sometimes negative things are a blessing in disguise.
I also got rejected by Shell HQ in KL (but for small fry job lah) many many years ago.

SilkAir Boy said...

Now it is time to move on and look for better revenue. There is no turning back and harping on it. Life moves on, earth still spins and the cycle viciously spins. So pull up your socks and get going...

Anyway, the bond is here. It has been split into half thus the other half is with the f**ker.

piglet~ said...

cheer up. There's soo many O&G companies in Miri. Maybe can give Halliburton a try. The company is as good as Shell. Or maybe better, I dont know. What about Schlumberger? Haha... thr's soooo many and Shell is only part of it. I've been through Halliburton's interview and it was smooth sailing =D If you want Shell so badly, then go elsewhr work and get tht experience. After 2 years, apply Shell again. Failure is the key to success, you know =D

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hi Kok, Sorry you didn't get the job at Shell, but don't be discouraged - I'm sure you will find something better, so chin up my friend, ok?
Too bad we didn't get to meet this time, perhaps next time you're in Perth? Don't forget to give me a buzz then.
Thanks so much for the Mother's Day wishes ;o)

د/أبا يحيى وادم said...

So thanks for you
Very good post
Your friend
Dr_ Ahmed Gamal

mott said...

Kok oh Kok..

Do not despair.

Do you know, failure is the mother of all successes? Do you know that Shell might have lost out on a fantastic opportunity?

Perhaps your life is meant for greater things and this is just a small test for u.

I too was rejected by many companies I wished to join..but in the end, I did get to join a good company that recognised my efforts and I achieved all my objectives whilst I was there. That's why it was easy for me to quit my job for good..... I reached all my goals (yes..I reached mgmt level in unprecendent levels)..and now, I'm just a SAHM. That's my life. And I am happy!

Don't despair k? Life has better things for you!

Sweet Jasmine said...

I've got a love link for you..Kok. Care to tag along...then pop into my place to claim it. Thks.

Kok said...

mommibee: Maybe what you said is right. There might be better opportunities out there. I'll keep trying to look for it. :)

Chris: Yea, I guess I shall move on with it. No more looking back.

Really? I'll email him...

piglet: I am trying to apply for both Halliburton and Schlumberger. Oh, you're with Halliburton? Good good! Like you said, it's a good company as well. All the best to you there!:)

carol: Don't worry. I'll keep going. Too bad we couldn't meet up. Anyway, I'll visit Perth again some time later because Airasia is flying to Perth!:D Then, we can meet up. :)

mott: Thanks for the encouraging words! Needed them. I will keep trying and like you, achieve all the objectives that have been set. :)

Kok said...

Thanks! I'll get it from you soon!:)

suesue said...

Aiyor, why you said your are rejected goods. Take this as a challenge. At least you are there for the interview. Bear in mind a lot more out there wanted to go for the interview but wouldn't have that chance to called up too. Aiyor small boy, you said u rejected then I mah more rejected?

Clockwise said...

Nothing to say that has not already been said on msn. :)

+ z e | i n g © said...

Shell very hard to get in one. Anyway, at least u gave it a try rite? Join other oil&gas companies in Miri 1st. Get experience then re-apply Shell again when u r a certified engineer. It's never too late!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Chin up. It is not the only company that u can work with. Who knows, u'll get bttr opportunities elsewhere (like singapore).

Gambateh :)

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