Sunday, June 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Gawai!

To all my Dayak friends,


For everyone's information, Hari Gawai is celebrated on the first day of June every year by the Dayaks (native ethnics) of Sarawak, marking the end of a paddy harvesting season and the beginning of a new planting season. At the longhouses, there are several activities/entertainment to celebrate this big occasion which includes dancing and singing in a traditional way. Not to forget, lots of food and also tuak (rice wine) would also be served.

More information on Hari Gawai, click HERE.


Lynnwei said...

yay!! happy gawai to all!!

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Gawai to you! :)

I'm so touched by your messages and prayers for my son. My family and I are very grateful. Thank you. :)

Jaymes is recovering. Still has pain but can eat normally now. I'm so relieved. yippee!

Shionge said...

Hey cool! I didn't know that until now, thank you Kok.

Happy Gawai day to everyone :D

The Horny Bitch said...

The girls are supposed to be pretty right?? Pic pic!!

cibol said...

hepi hepi gawai to me and to u .. ha ha ha. how was gawai in miri?

Kok said...

lynnwei: Same to you!

ecl: Thank you!

Not a problem. Hope Jaymes will get well very soon. :)

shionge: Hehe. New knowledge eh?:P

THB: They're pretty but I got no pic this year. Didn't manage to go any long house. :(

cibol: Same to you! Gawai here was so so. I didn't go any long house, so I don't know how big the celebration is. hehe. Lots of people from Sibu and Bintulu come to Miri though. :)

Dalicia said...

happy gawai :) i remember the dayak know how to do that? :) what kind of food do they have?

Kok said...

I don't know dayak dance leh. Somemore, you wanna see a potato dance or not? haha!

Ermm...they have all sort of different food. Maybe wild boar meat? Or sago? haha! Too much to list down.

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