Friday, April 04, 2008

What's This Bloody ......?

This afternoon, my Baba brought back two of these...

Packed nicely with newspaper.

What's this you might be asking. Pork wrapped in newspaper? A packet of Char Kueh Tiaw? Give it a guess...


Something covered in blood?

Chee Cheong Fun or Scissors Kuih.

No! It's actually Scissors Kuih or better known as Chee Cheong Fun. I know, it looks gross. To me, it's like cotton soaked with blood. Haha! However, this is good stuff I tell you. Lightly topped with sesame seeds and covered with red, sweet sauce, this Chee Cheong Fun tasted awesome! It's a little bit chewy and goes really well with this sweet sauce.

How about a bite?

This Chee Cheong Fun can hardly be found in Miri. Most of the Chee Cheong Fun here is showered with light soya sauce and not with red sauce. My Baba bought this Chee Cheong Fun from the Open Market (one of the stalls which sells kuih). One packet of this is only RM1. How cheap can it be...

Would you like to try this bloody gross sweet sauce Chee Cheong Fun?

P/s: This post is dedicated to WMW, a truly Chee Cheong Fun's fan. :)


wmw said...

Thank you so much!!! But yah lar, looks so red like blood!

Judy said...

Eeew, I am sure the texture of the chee cheong fun is good but the sauce is enough to make anyone go off chee cheong fun.

The sauce should be darkish....with hei ko. Miri got funny sauce one. :)

Dancing Queen said...

I've eaten it before. I still prefer the West Malaysian version lah...;)

MIM said...

I've had that. But mine had the sweet dark sauce, and not bright red like that leh???

kennymah said...

Before you unwrapped it, I really thought it was some bloody body parts... *eeeesh*

I like mine with sweet sauce (dark brown, please --- not blood-red, haha) and lots of sesame seeds as toppings! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

still got rm1 breakfast ar?? so good..

ilene said...

Aisay, I should have taken a picture of chee cheong fun Penang style! As Judy said, Penang wan come with 'hei ko' (prawn paste) added plus the sweet sauce and chillie sauce and top off with lots of sesame seeds and fried onions and sometimes got fried crispy dried prawns too.

Miri's food very colourful lah!

Sweet Jasmine said... red...must be the colouring.....different places had different types of chee cheong fun...i like those with char siew and prawns ...with some thick sauce and a dollop of sambal...i have not yet acquire the taste for penang chee cheong fun with 'hair ko'

jane said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekK!!! I miss that! I haven't eaten that in maybe a decade or more oredi. -_-. must ask my pa to buy nx time i go back! :D

Your gatal mia kawan said...

Baba buy food 4 u sum more ask watz dis watz dis din say tankiu 2 ur baba, if i there by the time u pinis asking i eat all up oledi ler.

Kleio the Muse said...

Thanks Kok. You really ruin my appetite now. But really thank you for ruining it. Cos it comes in handy in my dieting plan.

PS: Just now when I look at what's inside the plastic I told it's some part of a butchered animal or sumthing like tat sorts. Euwwww!!!

alexander said...

haha... Very interesting post.

I happened to surf past your blog and I can't resist myself from commenting . :)

Alex's World! -

Kok said...

wmw: You're welcome!:D Haha! Now, you still dare to eat Chee Cheong Fun?:P

Aunty Judy: But the sauce also good leh. You should try when you're here!:)

Darkish? Hmm...Never try before oh.

dancing queen: Wah, you also tried before? Not bad not bad. hehe. West Malaysian version? The curry?

mim: You should try the one this. It's just at the Open Market. Maybe you'll like it. :)

kenny: Haha! I hope it didn't scare you off!:P

Oh, I love it with lots of sesame seeds. But too bad, here with RM1, you can't expect much. hehe.

joe: Very seldom can find RM1 breakfast. hehe.

ilene: Wah! So much toppings? How much one plate of that costs ah? This Chee Cheong Fun only costs RM1 leh. How does Penang Chee Cheong Fun look like? Next time you take photo, ok? :)

Sweet Jasmine: We also have Chee Cheong Fun with char siew and prawns. Just that, it comes with light soya sauce and not the dark sauce that you have leh.

jane: Better go ask your dad buy you few packets when you're back. Then you won't think of it for a lot time. haha!

ygmk: Haha! I didn't ask what's this what's this lah. I unwrapped and wallop everything. kekeke! You want ah? Come! I belanja you!:)

kleio: Opssyyy!! I'm sorry, Kleio! Hope you'll get back your appetite. If not, you'll get gastric again. hehe.

I didn't scare you off eh? haha!

alexander: Thanks a lot for dropping by. Hope you enjoy your stay here!:)

Shionge said...

Does looked gross coz the sweet sauce is too red....the one we have here is slightly brown so anyway, if it is good ..just gobble it yumyum!

Lynnwei said...

wah...really like blood! aha....erm..maybe the sauce too much red the sauce spicy? said...

When I was young, I used to get this kinda red sauce

But I think they are slowly disappearing, replaced with the usual brownish sauce

Kok said...

shionge: Seems like everyone's chee cheong fun is in dark sauce. hehe.

lynnwei: Not spicy at all. Just sweet. haha! Try it when you're back here. :D

yenjai: You don't get to taste any of this now?

mommibee said...

i've had that with red sauce b4, can't remember where, either KL or Penang, long long time ago. Wah RM1 for whole packet, such good value. I wonder how those ppl make profit :)

Kok said...

Too bad lah I can't ta pao for you. Come Miri and I'll give you a treat. Bring along Lil Bee! :P

Actually, it's quite simple to make. I think RM1, they can make a profit of RM0.50. Anyway, it's cheap! How can you get a breakfast for AUD$0.30 in Australia? haha!

eastcoastlife said...

OMG! I just came back from the hospital and this really looks so bloody! It's gross!

Kok said...

Looks gross but tastes good lah! hahaha! :P

Sweetpea said...

the simplest things... the tastiest!! i want some now!

Joyce said...

it may not looks so nice but i'm sure it taste good. i missed this kind of chee cheong fun, can't seems to find it here in kl..

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